Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Greetings from Charlaine and other authors at Project Paranormal

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Dead and Gone cover released

We can expect the 1st chapter early next week!

Sookie Stackhouse has finally settled into a relationship with the Viking vampire Eric, and her errant brother Jason seems to have his life in order, too. But all the other people in Sookie’s life – Eric himself, her former lover Bill, her friend and boss Sam – are having family problems. Eric’s maker shows up with Eric’s ‘brother’ in tow, the ailing Bill can only be healed by a blood sibling, and Sam’s brother’s marriage is about to take place …or will it? The furor raised by the coming out of the two-natured has yet to settle; some people are just not ready to sit down to dinner with a man who turns into a dog. And Sookie herself is still recovering from her last ordeal. She’s definitely improving, physically and mentally, but she’s always going to have some dark moments now. The werewolves tell her that there have been strange and ominous passers-by in the Stackhouse woods; now Sookie is about to come face-to-face with one of her more distant relatives…

HBO promotes Blu-ray True Blood

HBO has launched its first TV campaign dedicated entirely to Blu-ray Disc, covering such new release and catalog titles as True Blood, Band of Brothers and John Adams.

The channel wants to communicate the expansiveness of its library of Blu-ray content as many consumers buy or receive Blu-ray players during the holidays.

HBO’s TV spots will run through Christmas. The ads are running on male-centric shows and networks, including during NFL games on Fox and NBC, and on channels ESPN, Spike, G4, FX and others.

In the spot, a man is concentrating on watching Blu-ray content as some sort of angry beast has torn up his apartment. The tagline is “Unleash HBO on Blu-ray.”

“We traditionally advertise HBO DVD titles in the fourth quarter to promote top-of-mind awareness during the holiday retail period,” said Meredith Vincent, VP of marketing at HBO. “This year we have shifted our holiday campaign focus to Blu-ray. Our goal is to build awareness for HBO on Blu-ray, and specifically for shows like True Blood, Band of Brothers, Rome and John Adams.”

Overall, TV on Blu-ray is proving a slower sell at retail than relatively cheaper-priced high-definition films. However, HBO is having success in the category with its audiences demanding the top-quality product, said Vincent. Many HBO shows feature particularly cinematic TV imagery, which is best shown in Blu-ray.

“Where possible we provide the consumer with more than enhanced picture and sound—we provide robust, immersive content that allows the fan and Blu-ray buyer to dive deeper into the program they love,” she said.

To boost the allure of Blu-ray, HBO does try to pack in exclusive extras into its titles. For example, the first season of True Blood includes a separate viewing mode that gives fresh insights into the story line from certain characters, as well as offers hints to future plots.

Blu-ray for $27 bucks !

Singer Jace Everett talks about how vampires have given his career fresh blood

Jace Everett's True Blood Singer Jace Everett talks about how vampires have given his career fresh blood after his track 'Bad Things' was chosen to be the theme to hit show 'True Blood.' (Dec. 9) From: AssociatedPress Views: 130 3 ratings Time: 01:46

True Blood Music Video of the Day : Roses by Poets of the fall

Roses by Poets of the fall
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