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Tunica native & author of the Sookie Stackhouse series, Charlaine Harris, will be recognized and signing copies of her books

Now I would really like to go to this anyone up for a road trip from Dallas ? Hhmm how would i do the radio show ?
Visit Tunica: Tunica native & author of the Sookie Stackhouse series, Charlaine
Harris, will be recognized on the Tunica Museum's "Sons & Daughters
of Tunica County" wall. She will also be signing copies of her books and
doing a special reading.Charlaine Harris books will be available for sale in the museum gift shop.

Location:Tunica Museum
Time:2:00PM Sunday, July 11th

Charlaine Harris | Dead in the Family: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel Q&A session audio Philadelphia May 2010

Charlaine Harris | Dead in the Family: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel
Recorded 5/5/2010
Listen to MP3 audio

Dead in the Family is book 10 of Charlaine Harris's no. 1 New York Times bestselling Sookie Stackhouse series. The basis for the hit HBO series True Blood, the novels follow telepathic barmaid Sookie Stackhouse as she navigates a southern Louisiana world full of vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, and fairies. The books have garnered an Agatha Award nomination and an Anthony Award for best paperback original; the television series has won Golden Globe, People's Choice, and Emmy awards. Harris is the author of three more mystery series (Aurora Teagarden, Lily Bard, and Harper Connelly), as well as the stand-alone mysteries, Sweet and Deadly and A Secret Rage

Charlaine Harris author of the Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries behind “True Blood offers a writing prompt for writers

Charlaine Harris, the author behind "True Blood," offers an exclusive writing prompt

This year, Jessica interviewed Life of Pi scribe Yann Martel, and I profiled the awesome Charlaine Harris (author of the Southern Vampire Mysteries behind “True Blood”). We’ll have some more exclusives in the next few weeks, but for the time being, here’s a prompt direct from Harris.

As a bit of background, Harris and mystery author Toni L.P. Kelner have created three anthologies together, and when they do they provide their contributors with topical prompts (werewolves + Christmas, vampires + birthdays, and so on).

Harris’ prompt for us?

"Write a story involving sorcery and lawyers."

Feel free to take the prompt home or post your response (500 words or fewer, funny, sad or stirring) in the Comments section below. If you’re having trouble with the captcha code sticking, e-mail it to me at, with “Promptly” in the subject line, and I’ll make sure it gets up. We’ll also draw up to five commenters’ names Monday to snag a copy of the new issue of WD featuring Harris and Martel.

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New True Blood Photos released and they reveal more of Season 3 !

Wow-- from Popsugar!

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Sinking Our Teeth Into Season Three Of 'True Blood' by David Bianculli NPR audio

  [Spoiler Alert: This review touches on some details from the upcoming season of True Blood.]
I have a friend who teaches a college course in vampires in literature and pop culture — and he teaches a theory that at first I laughed at but have come to accept.
His idea is that on film, from the silent-screen Nosferatu to the still-creepy Dracula with Bela Lugosi, vampires were depicted as predatory creatures without a conscience, with a thirst for killing as well as for blood. Then, in the 1960s, along came a screen vampire who changed all that, who injected angst into the mix and presented a vampire haunted by his own immortality and appetites.

This new approach, of course, worked well for Frank Langella's swoony vampire in the '80s, and for every undead sex symbol since. On TV, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel wouldn't otherwise exist. Nor would the hunky antihero of TV's Moonlight, or the brooding teens of the cinematic Twilight saga. And who was this pop-culture vampire who changed the undead zeitgeist in the '60s? According to this theory, it was Barnabas Collins, the moody vampire played by Jonathan Frid in Dark Shadows.

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Listen to Club Dead as a lead up to Sunday night True Blood Premier

Dallas is a huge fan of the Sookie audio books! I promise you will hear things you've missed in reading!

Audio Book Review: Club Dead by Charlaine Harris
By Charlaine Harris
Narrated by Johanna Parker
Length 7 hrs and 54 mins
I have made an annual tradition out of listening to the audio version of the next Sookie Stackhouse novel that serves as the basis for the next season of True Blood. Albeit a short tradition in its infant stages of only 2 years, I have enjoyed comparing the last 2 seasons of True Blood with their respective novels. True Blood Season 3 is based upon, or atleast begins with the premise of the 3rd novel in the Southern Vampire Series, Club Dead. I know, the show does not follow the book and I know that Alan Ball takes many liberties with one of may favorite stories. But I enjoy them both in their own right. I don’t compare them to disparage either one, I just like to be able to say “No, Eric’s maker did not meet the sun in the second book.” Or “No, Bill did not propose to Sookie in the books.” I just like having the knowledge of the differences.

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audio download here for $23

Ponder the greatest questions of our time with the new book, True Blood and Philosophy

Check out the fantastic new True Blood book, TRUE BLOOD AND PHILOSOPHY, a look at the philosophical underpinnings of the show that answers questions like:

Does God hate fangs?
Is Sam still Sam when he turns into a collie?
Is coming out of the coffin the same as coming out of the closet?
Are all vampires created evil?

The first look at the philosophical issues behind Charlaine Harris's New York Times bestsellers The Southern Vampire Mysteries and the True Blood television series
Teeming with complex, mythical characters in the shape of vampires, telepaths, shapeshifters, and the like, True Blood, the popular HBO series adapted from Charlaine Harris's bestselling The Southern Vampire Mysteries, has a rich collection of themes to explore, from sex and romance to bigotry and violence to death and immortality. The goings-on in the mythical town of Bon Temps, Louisiana, where vampires satiate their blood lust and openly commingle with ordinary humans, present no shortages of juicy metaphysical morsels to sink your teeth into.
Now True Blood and Philosophy calls on the minds of some of history's great thinkers to perform some philosophical bloodletting on such topics as Sookie and the metaphysics of mindreading; Maryann and sacrificial religion; werewolves, shapeshifters and personal identity; vampire politics, evil, desire, and much more.
  • The first book to explore the philosophical issues and themes behind the True Blood novels and television series
  • Adds a new dimension to your understanding of True Blood characters and themes
  • The perfect companion to the start of the third season on HBO and the release of the second season on DVD
Smart and entertaining, True Blood and Philosophy provides food—or blood—for thought, and a fun, new way to look at the series.

More on the website at

True Blood: 4 days until premier video

True Blood Premier Fashion from OMG to WTF?


Lots more photos  here 
I think maybe the boys looked best but ...
My favorite was Kristin "Pam" Bauer Can you say perfect ?

Deborah Ann " Jessica" Woll Offers a Taste of True Blood‘s New Season

Last we saw new vampire Jessica Hamby — Deborah Ann Woll‘s character on True Blood — she was feeding on an unsuspecting truck driver at a gas station. As HBO’s supernatural hit begins its third season, don’t expect her to suddenly go vegetarian.

“She has to deal with the fact that she went off and ate a man, and then deal with the desire she has to eat even more human beings,” Woll, 25, told PEOPLE Tuesday night on the red carpet during the season premiere at Arclight Hollywood’s Cinerama Dome in L.A. “How do you balance desire with what she is told is wrong? How do you say when it’s okay and when it’s not okay?”

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Charlaine Harris and Alan Ball at #TrueBlood Season 3 Premier!

‘True Blood’s Alan Ball: ‘There’s a Big Body Count This Season’ interview with fancast

Bill and Sookie Find Absence Does Not Always Make The Heart Grow Fonder
Bill [Stephen Moyer] and Sookie [Anna Paquin] are torn apart when Bill is kidnapped.  Eric is an immediate suspect, but is he actually the culprit?  “Somebody took Bill and obviously she’s trying to find him. It gets way more complicated from there.  It’s not necessarily who you thought might have taken him.  There are different reasons at work.  It all comes together at the end.  But I will say that Bill and Sookie’s relationship is tested to a degree it has never been tested before.”  Ball is alluding to the arrival of sexy werewolf Alcide.  “He’s just broken up with his girlfriend. He’s single.  Sookie’s heartbroken because Bill’s been kidnapped and she can’t find him. And, hello, they’re two gorgeous people in tight quarters.  Sparks will fly.”
Lafayette Finds Jesus (No, Not That Jesus)
“This season we’ll see a different side of Lafayette [Nelsan Ellis].  We will meet his mother [played by Alfre Woodard]. Lafayette will find himself in an actual relationship, not a transaction where money is crossing hands. But there’s actually somebody he’s met who is interested in him, and is interested in him enough to sort of chip away at those big walls of defense that exist around Lafayette’s heart… Lafayette and Jesus  [Kevin Alejandro] are pretty damn sexy together. That’s his new boyfriend.”
Tara Does Not Put All Her Eggs In One Basket
“When we first see Tara [Rutina Wesley]  she is grieving the loss of Eggs.  She’s questioning if life has any meaning.  She gets involved in a new relationship which is going to be quite a journey for her.”

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Acting is in Nelsan Ellis' blood

True Blood's resident drug-dealing, fang-banging Internet-pornographer/prostitute Lafayette can get anyone just about anything he desires.
And he has managed to do just that for Nelsan Ellis, the actor who plays him.
"I don't think my agent has to beg to get me in the room for an audition anymore," says Ellis, who can also be seen this fall on the big screen in Secretariat.
But playing such a wildly flamboyant character has caused some tension in his family. "They accept that I'm an actor and I can now pay my rent, and that's about as far as that goes," says Ellis, 32. "I don't necessarily think they appreciate Lafayette."
Ellis' mother hasn't seen the show, and only one sister out of "about eight (siblings), give or take," is a fan, Ellis says. "Lakeiya never misses an episode: She texts me before or after. I took my brother to a premiere and he sort of disappeared. I think he was a little embarrassed."

True Blood Season Premier ! What you haven't heard ? Vampwich photo

The event looked great and all our favorite stars were there ..enough said!

The stars of "True Blood" gathered together at the ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome in Hollywood on Tuesday night (June 8).

Becca Wilcott is ready to get meta on True Blood

Yippeee great interview with our friend !

True Blood’s 3rd season premieres this Sunday and will pick up immediately following the kidnapping of Bill Compton, played by Stephen Moyer. The show promises to amp up the narrative with a slate of new characters and complications including the introduction of werewolves and Becca Wilcott will be with you during the whole journey.

Ms. Wilcott is the author of Truly, Madly, Deadly: The Unofficial True blood Companion, a 263-paged book compiling biographies, interviews with the cast and in-depth analyses of Alan Ball’s latest cult hit.

After 8 months of slaving until 4 a.m. working on the book, Ms. Wilcott is ready to stretch her meta-analysis skills again in weekly True Blood recaps for The Ampersand.

We caught up with the Toronto-based writer to talk about the show that has garnered millions of fans and fang-bangers.

Q: What initially drew you to True Blood?

A: It truly started with Alan Ball and Six Feet Under. I remember the closing five minutes of Six Feet Under. I think it just wrecked every television viewing experience…because it was just this brilliant departure and goodbye to this big ensemble cast. That’s the sort of stuff I love.

Q: Were you a fan of the original books?

A: I didn’t know anything about Charlaine Harris. I had no idea that there was this little telepathic character out there featured in this massive best-selling series.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Show me your teeth

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>Show me your teeth