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A little mistake here and there : Dead and Gone

Some mistakes and errors spotted in Dead and Gone

Claudette is mentioned as the third triplet of Sookie's cousin fairies, but in previous books and short stories Claude and Claudine's sister's name was Claudia not Claudette.

The Witch Hallow's messenger is killed by who ?
The witch messenger in Book 4 is killed and that activates Hallows spell which removes Eric’s memory, but who kills the messenger?

Hallows messenger is killed by Chow in book 4, Dead to the World

"You two did something, didn't you? You messed up. What did you do?" Both Eric's arms wrapped around my legs, so I was pinned in place. I suppressed a little ripple of panic. He was just insecure. "Chow lost his temper with the witch," Pam said, after a significant pause. I closed my eyes. Even Jason seemed to grasp what Pam was saying, because his eyes got bigger. Eric turned his face to rub his cheek along my thigh. I wondered what he was making of this."And the minute she was attacked, Eric vanished?" I asked. Pam nodded."So she was booby-trapped with a spell." "Apparently," Chow said. "Though I had never heard of such a thing, and I can't be held responsible."His glare dared me to say anything.

Eric tells Sookie about the spell in book 9, Dead and Gone

“The curse contained within the witch, the curse that activated when Clancy killed her . . . it was that I would be close to my heart’s desire without ever realizing it. A terrible curse and one that Hallow must have constructed with great subtlety. We found it dog-eared in her spell book.”

others ?

Vanity Plates seen in Bon Temps

Crystal: 2TIMER
Sookie:. VKNGSQZ
Magister: BACKITUP

Sheriff Dearborn Hates Them Vamps

May 12, 2009 - Although his name might not readily rush to the tip of your tongue, you definitely know William Sanderson. As a TV and film veteran in projects that range from Blade Runner to Deadwood, Newhart to The X-Files, Sanderson has made a career of playing offbeat characters. You can catch Sanderson on HBO's bold and bawdy vampire series True Blood when it returns for its second season on June 14th. Playing the Sheriff of Bon Temps, Louisiana, Sanderson is one of the few "normal" characters wading in a sea of supernatural sex and unwashed prejudice.

Sanderson also popped up on IGN's radar when he appeared on Lost this season as Oldham, a DHARMA wing nut who tries to get a few answers out of Sayid in "He's Our you." No one's sure if Oldham will be back, but we do know that on the same episode, during "the present," we were shown a building that had a sign that read "Oldham Pharmaceuticals."

IGN TV: Some of the characters on True Blood head off to Dallas in Season 2. What about your character, Sherriff Bud Dearborn? Does he get to leave town, or does he stick around the home front?

William Sanderson: Heh, I've got to be careful. They've told me not to reveal too much. I get emails from True Blood, and from Lost, telling me not to talk too much about it. But he (Bud)…well, I don't know if they really need him in Dallas. It's a good question though. I don't mean to be evasive. Bud's a little lazy, if that helps at all. I don't want to say anything to get me in trouble with HBO, they've been very good to me (laughs). I did Deadwood with them and they were so great. I'm just so happy. He (Bud) is a normal character. Yes, I'm playing a normal character right now and it's the hardest thing I've ever done.

Read on http://tv.ign.com/articles/982/982074p1.html

True Blood Season 2 2nd Promo stills

some great still from the 2nd True Blood Promo...

New True Blood Season 2 promotional photos

True Blood is Back : 2nd True Blood Season 2 Promo video


May 11th, 2009

Humans are not alone in this world. They never were.

While their ancestors were exploring New Worlds, founding countries and cities, pushing the boundaries of discoveries and progress, we were there. The history they teach their children, the stories of what came before, many vampires have seen it first hand. Participated in countless ways in what has been, as well as what will come to be.

In many ways, this planet has always belonged to us more than them. Our span reaching across eras, not the singular generations that make up one human’s brief life.

Of course, humans and vampires are not entirely different. Each of us was a human once. I, myself, was one until quite recently. And like other humans, I was curious about vampires, wanted to know as much as I could about them. I even thought I had made progress. Then I met a woman who gave me the chance to see it for real. A woman who, at my insistence, made me a vampire. She and I have since parted ways, but I will never be the same. I see the world quite differently. And I have decided it is time to share that vision.

This website will be a place for all, human and vampire alike, to see this ever-altering landscape. The era of humans and vampires. A time when the world begins to see vampires not as mere curiosity, but a visible part of the mainstream. Or perhaps at least less on the fringe of it than we were before. Just as we have changed and allowed humans to see our true selves, their world is changing too. In the end, I would like to believe this is a good thing for both parties. But only time will tell.

This site will cover all topics, good and bad. The ways vampires and humans learn to help each other, and the ways they seek to feast on each others blood. While my own voice will provide one point of view, in the end it is up to you readers, live and undead, to make your own judgments.

This era is not written yet. It is still coming to pass. And no creature on this Earth can say with certainty what this future holds.


'Twilight' Sequel Script Found In Trash

Wow- You guys in L.A. scour around in the trash for TB scripts!
**I've closed comments because ANYTIME I post anything about Twilight fights break out in the comment area..

ST. LOUIS — A St. Louis beauty salon owner accidentally happened upon one of the hottest Hollywood scripts _ the pages from an upcoming "Twilight" sequel _ in a trash bin.

Casey Ray found two scripts, one for the vampire sequel "New Moon" and one for a different movie titled "Memoirs." She decided to return them to the studio making the films. In return, she was invited to attend the movies' premieres, her lawyer said.

Ray recently was waiting for her fiance to finish work when she spotted two scripts in a trash container. She was outside a hotel where actors were staying during a St. Louis shoot for the upcoming George Clooney movie, "Up in the Air."

It's not clear how the scripts wound up in the bin.

The Clooney movie includes actress Anna Kendrick, who is also in the "Twilight" vampire movie. A spokeswoman for Kendrick, Lisa Perkins, said the actress wouldn't have left scripts lying around.

When Ray found the scripts, she considered leaking them to a national tabloid but decided against it, said her lawyer, Al Watkins.

"My client didn't really want to get paid," he said, but she was interested in hanging onto the scripts as collector's items.

Watkins helped her return them to Los Angeles-based Summit Entertainment LLC, the studio making the movies. He said the studio invited Ray to premieres for the two films, and will certify the scripts as authentic after the movies are released.

"Summit doesn't comment on any of the deals it does," Summit spokesman Paul Pflug said. But he added, "We thank Ms. Ray for doing the right thing."

The "Twilight" movies are based on the novels of Stephanie Meyer , so many of the plot turns are well known to readers. But keeping the "New Moon" script written by Melissa Rosenberg out of the public eye preserves which elements of the book will be included in the films, Pflug noted.

Last year's original "Twilight" film grossed over $350 million worldwide

Go ask Dallas : Why is Dead and Gone such a short Book ?

Dear Dallas

Dead and Gone
is such a short book, it's almost a novella in length ? What gives ?


Thanks 'A' for the question: actually Dead and Gone is NOT the shortest of the Sookie Stackhouse books, Club Dead is, and DaG is about the same length as the other books in the series.

As to the novella question: The book has 80,069 words in it and the common definition of a novella is a written, fictional, prose narrative longer than a novelette but shorter than a novel. While there is disagreement as to what length defines a novella, the novella generally has a word count between 17,500 and 40,000 so it's much longer than a novella.

Here is a run down on pages lengths (these are hardback lengths were available)

1. Dead Until Dark 320 pgs
2. Living Dead in Dallas 304 pgs
3. Club Dead 258 pgs (only out in paperback)
4. Dead to the World 304 pgs
5. Dead as a Doornail 295 pgs
6. Definitely Dead 324 pgs
7. All Together Dead 336 pgs
8. From Dead to Worse 368 pgs
9. Dead and Gone 320 pg

True Blood Recipes: Caroline Holliday Bellefleur’s Famous Chocolate Cake

Caroline Holliday Bellefleur’s Famous Chocolate Cake

(Caroline Bellefleur’s is Vampire Bill Compton's gr-gr- granddaughter)

Yield 12 servings

• 4 (1-ounce) squares unsweetened chocolate
• 1/2 cup shortening
• 2 cups sugar
• 2 large eggs
• 2 cups sifted cake flour
• 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
• 1 teaspoon baking soda
• 3/4 teaspoon salt
• 3/4 cup buttermilk
• 3/4 cup water
• 1 tablespoon vanilla extract

Preparation Place chocolate in top of a double broiler; bring water to a boil. Reduce heat to low; cook until chocolate melts. Beat shortening at medium speed with an electric mixer until creamy; gradually add sugar, beating well. Add eggs, one at a time, beating after each addition. Add chocolate, mixing well. Combine flour and next 3 ingredients; add to chocolate mixture alternately with buttermilk, beginning and ending with flour mixture. Mix at low speed after each addition until blended. Add water, mixing well. Stir in vanilla. Pour batter into two greased and floured 9-inch round cake pans. Bake at 350º for 30 to 35 minutes or until a wooden pick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool in pans on wire racks 10 minutes; remove from pans, and cool completely on wire racks. Frost as desired.

Rich Chocolate Butter cream icing

Yield 3 3/4 cups
• 2 (1-ounce) squares unsweetened chocolate
• 2 (1-ounce) squares semisweet chocolate
• 1 cup butter or margarine, softened
• 4 cups sifted powdered sugar
• 1/4 cup cocoa
• 1/4 cup milk
• 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Preparation Place chocolate in top of a double boiler; bring water to a boil. Reduce heat to low; cook until chocolate melts, stirring often. Remove from heat. Beat butter at medium speed with an electric mixer until creamy. Add chocolate, powdered sugar, and remaining ingredients; beat until spreading consistency.

Description in bk 2 Living Dead in Dallas

Compton / Bellefluer genealogy here

"There's a message on the answering machine," I said, as I put on some coffee. The most important thing done, I rolled back the aluminum foil and saw a two-layer cake with chocolate icing, studded with pecans in a star pattern on the top. "That's old Mrs. Bellefleur's chocolate cake," I said, awe in my voice. "You can tell whose it is by looking?" "Oh, this is a famous cake. It's a legend. Nothing is as good as Mrs. Bellefleur's cake. If she enters it in the county fair, the ribbon's as good as won. And she brings it when someone dies. Jason said it was worth someone dying, just to get a piece of Mrs. Bellefleur's cake." " What a wonderful smell," Bill said, to my amazement. He bent down and sniffed. Bill doesn't breathe, so I haven't exactly figured out how he smells, but he does. "If you could wear that as a perfume, I would eat you up." …. Bill pressed the message button on my answering machine. "Miss Stackhouse," said the voice of a very old, very Southern, aristocrat. "I knocked on your door, but you must have been busy. I left a chocolate cake for you, since I didn't know what else to do to thank you for what Portia tells me you've done for my grandson Andrew. Some people have been kind enough to tell me that the cake is good. I hope you enjoy it. If I can ever be of service to you, just give me a call." "Didn't say her name." "Caroline Holliday Bellefleur expects everyone to know who she is." "Who?" "Caroline Holliday Bellefleur." Bill could not get any paler, but he was undoubtedly stunned. He sat down very abruptly into the chair across from me.. Read on Living dead in Dallas

'Bad things' dance moves

Now Jace Everett should check out some of Aidan's moves here
* looks like Aidan also has Quinn locked up ;-)

Blood Copy Volume 14: Murder in Bon Temps

** this is the last Blood Copy from 2008 ( they are also no longer listed on the BloodCopy site anymore so this is the best way to see them all) I will post the newest Blood copy 2009 later today!

This is even more important since they have started again as a lead up for Season 2.

See all Blood Copy for Season one HERE
See all Blood Copy for Season two HERE

We are revisiting the Blood Copy videos which were part of the HBO True Blood viral marketing campaign that helped introduce the True Blood television series in the summer of 2008. We will be doing a radio show on this topic soon.
Previously we have see the mysterious packages were being received, the gatekeeper awakened on a mysterious website, .... Blood Copy website http://bloodcopy.com/

The blog and videos not only were a marketing ploy but they also served as a prologue to the series ...
Here is the blog entry for that time period HERE ( September 8th, 2008)
It's great to watch these videos but you also must read the blog entry for that week.

True Blood Season One Free Dvds!

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Alexander Skargard and Metropia

Another clip from Metropia the Alexander Skarsgard film, he does the voice for Stefan in this animated feature

I did a 'True Blood goes to the movie' about this movie a few months back here ..

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Never Be Free by Garbage

Never Be Free by Garbage LYRICS

Thanks Lawliettte