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Eric and Russell Episode 3.11 Video spoiler

Lindsay Pulsipher Talks True Blood Revelations- Huffington Post

I’m a huge True Blood fan. I’ve read the books, I’ve watched every episode. As far as I’m concerned, vampires have not overstayed their welcome. Alright, maybe the Twilight vampires. I just got a chance to chat with Lindsay Pulsipher who plays Jason Stackhouse’s love interest, Crystal. (I did her makeup for the upcoming film, Do Not Disturb.) She had a pretty big revelation this week. And yes, we do mention what it was. If you’re afraid of spoilers, I’ll mark it in the question so you can skip that one. Lindsey gives us all the info about playing a character who is constantly sporting a black eye, nudity on camera and what it’s been like to work with an engaged couple planning a wedding on set. Of course I’m talking about the recently married Anna Paquin and Steven Moyer. She also lets us know what it’s like to have wild animals on set. No, I’m not talking about her co-stars. (Please, Charlaine Harris fans. If you’ve read the books, don’t spoil plot points in the comments section without a spoiler alert!)
Did you watch the show before you auditioned for True Blood?

I did! Yeah.
Did you know what character you wanted to play?
Well, you know I hadn’t ever read the books. I hadn’t read the books yet, so I didn’t know who Crystal was. And when I got the audition, she was described as this mysterious girl who runs through the woods. That was all I knew. [laughs] So I really didn’t know where they were taking her and what was happening. I was surprised when I found out who she was in the books. I thought, oh this will be a really fun character to play.

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True Blood Episode 11 " Fresh Blood" : Video spoilers Sam drunk and Crystal gets a little "catty"

‘True Blood’ Character Spotlight: Five Reasons To Love Lafayette Reynolds

Lafayette Reynolds is quirky, charismatic and careful. Undoubtedly, he’s one of the most interesting characters on “True Blood.” Like most of the characters on the show, Lafayette has been irrevocably shaped by the supernatural experiences of Bon Temps, Louisiana. He’s handled it with style and class, which is part of his charm. Here are five reasons to love Lafayette.
What you see is what you get. There are certain things that everyone knows about Lafayette. He’s gay, he’s a dealer, sometimes he sells his body and he’s really good with makeup. There are things most people don’t know about him, too: his mom is institutionalized and he’s very spiritual in the privacy of his own home. Although he has a private life like most people, he doesn’t exactly hide things—Lafayette’s just really good at keeping things chill and avoiding trouble. In return, he’s able to be himself in an otherwise conservative environment and he doesn’t have to apologize for who he is.

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Ebay bidding is open for True Blood Sock of Destiny - Stephen Moyer/Bill Compton

There are lots of sites that are doing some kind of charity work connected to the varied interests of the stars themselves. But there are sooo many going on at any time that I don't really post about them.
But this is a great item on ebay with all proceeds going to benefit the gulf coast aid.

Up for auction is a piece of True Blood memorabilia known as "The sock of Destiny." The sock was donated to the Battle of the Fang by Stephen Moyer, who plays Vampire Bill on the hit TV show True Blood. The sock will be signed before it's sent to the winner!

This piece of fabric is used when filming nude scenes so that the man's dangling parts are secured. Moyer has mentioned the sock in many interviews and the sock has become a staple in most of the interviews with the cast. This is your chance to own this extremely rare item.*

Important: This auction is for the True Blood "Sock of Destiny" included in the picture only. The picture is the exact item that the winner will receive. The script and DVDs are not included in this auction (although we are auctioning the script this week as well). Stephen Moyer will be providing us with the sock when the third season of True Blood completes its televised schedule. Winner should expect the sock be shipped in early October.

This purchase will be non-refundable. 

*Stephen did not say whether the sock had been used or not... we're not asking.

100 % of the profits (less ebay fees) will be donated to Gulf Aid.

Charlaine Harris: In her blood -Writers Digest

Q/A: Charlaine Harris, the author behind True Blood, shares her writing insights - and even the scoop on her custom vampire fangs

In the current issue of Writer’s Digest, we have a profile of Charlaine Harris, the delightful and hilarious author behind the Southern Vampire Mysteries—the basis for the HBO series “True Blood.”

But even though the story is on newsstands, I still have a mountain of leftover notes from the interview. So rather than let them sit dormant in my WD vault forever (insert egregious vampire-stuck-in-coffin pun here), here are some of the highlights and outtakes from the interview with Harris—in which she talks about everything from why she tends to stick to first person to the future of her vampire series and, yes, how she owns her own custom fangs. As always, a regular writing prompt follows. (And for a prompt directly from Harris, click here.)

How old were you when you first felt the need to write, or where did it come from in your history?
“That was always my secret identity. Other kids want to be other things, but all I ever wanted to be, really, was a writer.”

[You became a full-time writer after your husband presented you with an electric typewriter and an offer to stay home and work on your material.] Is writing full time an important development for a writer?
“It is. It was for me. I know a lot of writers who are still coming home in the evening from their day jobs and writing. That would be incredibly hard.”

Did you ever feel compelled to give up over the years?
“Oh, no. No, that’s where just burying my head in the sand had its uses. Because I thought, well, I’m just gonna keep going, I’m just gonna keep on doing whatever I can think of to do and it’ll just work out somehow. And it did. But of course I had the luxury of doing that because my husband’s a chemical engineer and he was able to support me and the kids. If it had been my income that was my sole means of support, I certainly would have reacted differently.”

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Walk This Way (Run DMC & Aerosmith)

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Walk This Way (Run DMC & Aerosmith) : True Blood ( Eric, Sookie, Jason, Lafayette, Ect...)

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