Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Vampires Take Over The Paley Center!

Think Halloween is over? Think again. From Friday, November 13 to Sunday, November 15, our friends at the Paley Center in NYC are hosting a selection of fangtastic screenings and events. Paley’s vampire weekend events are free to Paley Center members and $10 for non-members. Here’s the menu…

Friday Screenings, 2:00 to 4:30 pm
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reunion (2008) - The cast and creative team of Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunite to discuss the groundbreaking series. With Sarah Michelle Gellar and Joss Whedon.

Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horrors (1922) - The German Expressionist silent vampire classic -- on the big screen!

Saturday Screenings, 12:00 to 2:30 pm
Angel (2001) - Angel’s actors, writers, and producers on everybody’s favorite brooding Irish bloodsucker. With David Boreanaz and Joss Whedon.

True Blood (2009) - The cast and creators of television’s hottest vampire series take you behind the scenes of steamy Bon Temps. With Alan Ball, Anna Paquin, and Stephen Moyer.

Saturday Event, 2:30 to 4:00 pm
TV Vampire(s)Takedown - Our panel of expert fans will debate the relative merits of different vampires across media in an appropriately spirited and irreverent fashion. Special attention will be paid to the rankings of TV vamps determined by the Paley Center's TV Vampire Poll (Spike won!). Come argue for your vamp of choice. Trivia, special gifts, and a bloody good time for all!

Panels: Angel Cohn, Senior Editor, Television Without Pity, Sammy Buck, Blogger,, Chelsea Doyle, Freelance Writer, , and Jim Pierson, Author/Producer, Dark Shadows DVD releases. Moderator: Ken Tucker, Editor-at-Large, Entertainment Weekly

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Why teenage girls are suckers for vampires...

From The Irish Independent

Isn't it time vampires went back in the coffin? Our fanged friends are in serious danger of outstaying their welcome.

A new Twilight movie is almost upon us (wasn't the last one in cinemas, like, the other week?); the hilariously over-sexed vampire soap True Blood just started on terrestrial television and has critics foaming at the chops; and vampire novels continue to swamp our bookstores with over-written prose and stilted dialogue .

In other words, vampire mania is approaching saturation point. Frankly, somebody ought to stand up and yell 'stop' (preferably while twirling a string of garlic and hefting a hammer and stake) Actually, someone has.

The prominent comic book and horror novelist and screenwriter Neil Gaiman -- his most recent movie, Coraline, was recently released on DVD -- has expressed the wish that vampires would do the decent thing and disappear from the cultural landscape for a quarter century or so.

"Vampires go in waves," he says. "And it kind of feels like we're now finishing a vampire wave, because we're at the point where they're everywhere, it's probably time to go back underground for another 20 or 25 years."

As you would expect, his comments were greeted with shrieks of fury from vampire devotees, who, as is the way with geeks with too much time on their hands, have lit up the internet with their criticisms. But that doesn't mean he hasn't got a point.

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12 big-ass spoilers for True Blood season 3

From Scifiwire -these are ones we already know !

It'll be a while before HBO's True Blood comes back for its third season and we all find out what happened to Bill (Stephen Moyer). But if you can't wait that long, we talked to executive producer Alan Ball and writers Raelle Tucker and Alexander Woo, who probably told us more than they should have about what's going to happen:

We spoke to the writers before they participated in a panel at at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Spoilers ahead!)

THG's Top 10 Favorite TV Couples: Sookie and Bill & Stefan and Elena

From The Hollywood Gossip

4. Bill and Sookie (True Blood)

This HBO twosome definitely wins most R-rated! Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Bill (Stephen Moyer) have lots and lots of sex. They may be madly in love, although another vampire, Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) poses a potential threat.

Stephen Moyer and Anna PaquinAn Impossible Love

Two very different but equally appealing vampire couples make our list.

3. Stefan and Elena (The Vampire Diaries)

Mystic Falls high school student Elena (Nina Dobrev) is attracted to Stefan, a vampire more than 150 years old (Paul Wesley) but after Elena learns what he really is, she recoils. There's enough tension here to carry The Vampire Diaries for years!

Charlaine Harris in Houston: Books, authors and fun

From Houston Chronicle

Bookworms had reason to boogie Sunday at the Houston Chronicle’s 30th annual Book & Author Dinner. (And we’re not just referring to the cocktail and book-signing music by bluesman Milton Hopkins and cheeky dinnertime oldies by the El Orbits.)

More than 400 fans of the written word turned out for the event at the Hilton Americas grand ballroom, which raised funds for the Houston Public Library Foundation and the Readers are Leaders Foundation.

Authors Lee Child, Oscar Casares, Julie Powell and Charlaine Harris entertained with witty insights into their lives as authors. Sponsors got more than the usual thank-yous from the podium when the other featured author, stand-up comedian David Cross, turned the program listings into his, uh, remarks. Mayor Bill White voiced his support for journalism as well as libraries, and Chronicle editor Jeff Cohen, the night’s emcee, bridged it all with good humor.

Susie and Joe Dilg, Jesse H. Jones II and Chronicle publisher Jack Sweeney co-chaired.

Also in the crowd: Spectra Energy’s Greg Ebel, E. Fred Aguilar and Jennifer Miller, Ed Smith, Susan Bischoff and Jim Barlow.

Everett shows True Blood in concert

From Daily 49

People who craved post-Halloween music watched Jace Everett perform at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach.

More than 100 people came to watch Everett perform Sunday night, including the theme song of the HBO show about vampires, “True Blood.”

Alex’s Bar, also known as Fangtasia on the HBO series, is a punk rock/dive bar and is definitely not where just-turned-21 youngsters will be found.

It is a great bar where people can go to drink a good beer or cocktail and listen to live music. It has an original autographed portrait of Johnny Cash and a portrait of the king of rock and roll, Elvis.

Everett’s performance in the bar, filled with fans dressed up as “True Blood” characters, felt like an alternative world where vampires hung out.

“It was good timing,” said June Bonakdar, a fan of the show. “I am a big fan and we have wanted to come to Fangtasia for a while.”

Everett’s music has an irresistible charm that will make people want to sway or tap their feet to the music. He sings like Chris Isaak and
he knows how to control his baritone voice to hit high and low notes.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: The funeral by Band of horses

The funeral by Band of horses

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