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Breaking News: True Blood stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer Get Married!

True bliss!
True Blood stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer wed Saturday evening at a private residence in Malibu, Calif., has confirmed. Guests -- many of them bearing gifts in purple boxes and with purple bows -- included Elijah Wood and True Blood costar Carrie Preston with husband Michael Emerson (Lost).  Paquin, 28, and Moyer, 40, exchanged their vows beneath a tent across the street from the beach.

The couple announced their engagement last August. Connecting over daily breakfasts at a West Hollywood cafe, they began dating a few months after filming first began in 2008 for HBO's smash vampire series, now in its third season. On the show, Paquin (a 1994 Oscar-winner at age 11 for her role in The Piano) plays Sookie Stackhouse, the psychic, mortal lover to vampire Bill Compton (Moyer); their first kiss occurred onscreen.

But the duo waited until February 2009 to debut their real-life romance -- a delay that was "very intentional on both our parts," British actor Moyer explained at the time. "It was very important to me that the cast and crew we were working with didn't feel it was fickle....We didn't want to take anything away from the show."
Moyer proposed to Canadian-born, New Zealand-raised Paquin on a Hawaiian beach, presenting her with a ring -- a rustic diamond set in an antiqued platinum inset -- he helped design with jeweler Kathy Waterman. Why Hawaii? "There was a song in the first season, 'White Sandy Beach in Hawaii,' which was kind of funny and ironic," he told Access Hollywood last year. "[It] all started out as a joke and then we decided to go to Hawaii with my kids," says the actor, who has a son, Billy, and daughter, Lilac, from two previous relationships.

These days, Moyer splits his time between his native London and the Venice, Calif. home he shares with Paquin.
"With Anna it's just about pure trust, on camera and off," Moyer gushed in the July issue of Playboy. "I have never trusted anybody like I trust Anna."
"I feel so lucky right now," Paquin says in the latest issue of Rolling Stone. "Life is pretty great."

My favorite headline has been :
Sookie Stackhouse & Vampire Bill Get Hitched


"Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin were married on Saturday evening in Malibu surrounded by their family and friends," the couple's reps tell PEOPLE.
Paquin – wearing a white halterneck gown and Neil Lane jewelry with her hair in an updo – and Moyer, clad in a dark suit, exchanged vows at sunset under a white tent at a beachside villa.
"It was a beautiful evening to get married and the sunset was gorgeous. Anna and Stephen seemed very excited to celebrate their wedding day," a source tells PEOPLE.
Celebrity guests included True Blood creator Alan Ball, costars Ryan Kwanten, Sam Trammell, Rutina Wesley and Carrie Preston as well as actor Elijah Wood.

'True Blood' Saturdays': 'We will eat you after we eat your children'

The big "True Blood" story this week was the show ending up on the cover of Rolling Stone. Only it wasn't a particularly chaste cover. The series' three stars -- Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyers and Alexander Skarsgard -- appeared completely naked, with hands and legs covering the parts you can't show on a newsstand and blood drenching everything else. If you want to look at it, you can see it here. It's slightly not suitable for work, but, honestly, if your boss gets upset that you're looking at a Rolling Stone cover that's in the news, it may be time to find a new boss (and good luck with that).

Anyway, if you like your sex all mixed up with implied violence -- and this being "True Blood," there's a good chance you do -- then you probably love this cover. And, indeed, most of the fan reaction I've read online is really in favor of this. I guess I can see why. It essentially encompasses much of the show's cheekily sexy and bloody aesthetic, and it doesn't hurt that all three stars look good naked. But -- and maybe this is my former print media employee talking here -- I found it all kind of tawdry. The sex and violence on "True Blood" are so fun because they're so over the top. Everybody's getting naked, and everybody's getting drenched with blood. To try to encompass all of that in one image that flirts with the edge of good taste is probably an impossible task, but this one is winking a little too hard. There's basically no subtlety to it, and while I suppose that may be true of the show as well, much of the time, at least the show is rarely coy about anything. It's all right there, out in the open.

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True Blood Crossword: S3 ep 07- "Hitting the ground"

Hitting the Ground s3e7(2)
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Vampire dolls from the makers of Barbie ?

Barbie Meets the Bratz on 'True Blood'? 

Between Twilight and True Blood, vampires have a vice-grip bite on women from 14 to 40. The makers of Barbie are hoping the same monster-love can take hold in younger girls, too.
Mattel is rolling out Monster High, where the children of vampires and werewolves can hang without getting hassled. The toy line and imaginary world (sure to find it's way to TV if it sells) mixes the Twilight series with a heavy dose of Harry Potter, a bit of Archie Comics and a dash of X Men. If it seems like they're trying a bit too hard to be all things to all kids, the character descriptions sound that way, too.
Here's a rundown on the characters from the LA Times:
"There's Draculaura, daughter of Dracula, who is vegan and faints at the sight of blood. Her best friend Clawdeen Wolf, whose father is Werewolf, spends much of her time plucking and shaving her excessive, fast-growing hair."
I have to admit I'm intrigued by the lone male, Frankie Stein, son of uh, Frankenstein, who is into shopping for "scary cute clothes that are absolutely to die for," in what sounds like an admirable attempt to bring an effeminate male into kid culture.
And after years of battling with Bratz in the courtroom (Mattel says Bratz creator developed the idea while working for them), this looks like Barbie's attempt to reclaim some of that territory.
And that's where Monster High goes from innocently lame to just wrong.
The mostly female dolls share most of the Bratz dolls' worst qualities: Smeared-on make-up, bodies that make Barbie look healthy, oddly huge heads, and sexed-up outfits. When did the scary and the sexy become inseparable? I blame Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

Alternative True Blood Rolling Stone cover

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EXCLUSIVE: 'Star Trek' Actor Walter Koenig Returns To Comics With 'Things To Come' And New 'Raver' Tales

Actor Walter Koenig is best known for playing Pavel Chekov, the navigator for the U.S.S. Enterprise in the original "Star Trek" television series and films, but over the course of a career that has spanned more than 50 years of acting, writing, and directing, he's managed to carve out a niche for himself in other areas, too — including the comics world.

The author of Malibu Comics' early-'90s series "Raver," Koenig returns to the comics world next year with "Things To Come," a four-issue miniseries he's scripting that will be published by Bluewater Productions. Set in a post-apocalyptic world in which vampires have become the dominant species, Koenig's tale promises to feature a very different take on the vampire stories that have become all the rage these days.

I spoke with Koenig today to find out more about the series, as well as Bluewater's plans to re-issue the original three-issue "Raver" series next year with a brand new story featuring the character.

In "Things To Come," Koenig presents a world in which vampires are searching for identity and purpose in a world destroyed by their human predecessors. They've evolved to withstand the harsh environment, but remain uncertain of whether they're the next step in civilization or the precursor to something else.

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Antonia and Alex recap Ep 8 and 9 "read the damn books " Exactly what Dallas has been saying ...

True Blood Sneak Peek: Russell Picks Up a Hooker

Last week’s episode of “True Blood” had one of the most disturbing yet hilarious endings we’ve seen from the show thus far. It featured Russell Edgington going cuckoo for coca puffs over the death of his beloved Talbot. In the next episode entitled, “I Smell a Rat,” he’ll encounter a street walker who looks likes a dirty knock off of “90210’s” Michael Steger. What a minute, he’s no knock-off, he IS Michael Steger! Watch him get pimped out by Denis O’Hare’s Russell below…

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Jessica & Tommy - Over You

Jessica and Tommy - Over YOU

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