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From Dead to Worse audio review ..a fast way to refresh your memory before 'Dead and Gone'.

Amberkatz reviews the 'Dead to Worse' audio book.

Do you want to read Bk 8 again before Bk 9 comes out on Tuesday ? Download the audiobook from iTunes or your favorite audio book provider. If you haven't heard a Sookie book, you'll be pleasantly surprised, it is as Katz says, a whole new experience.

Sookie Stackhouse is in trouble again and this time it is from all sides. Accidently mixed up in the were war and a vampire takeover she is also confronted with the fact that she has more family than her brother Jason. With the help of Sam and her room mate she manages to survive the newest problems life throws at her but in the end there are even more.

This book only came out last year and I remember being extremely happy that I was home ill when it arrived in the post. However while listening to this audiobook I really have to admit that I hardly remembered any of the story. Sure some bits and bobs seemed familiar but on a whole the story was practically new to me.

I loved every minute of this audiobook and have to say that the narrator is amazing. She really brings Sookie to life and I am longing to get my hands on more of these audios because they are such a joy to listen to. Also the format of the audio is great. No tracks as long as chapters but nice 3 to 5 minute tracks so you aren't forced to finish a chapter or pause in the middle of a chapter.

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Sookie-True Blood Promotion by Borders and Charlaine book signing Oak Brook, IL Chicago July

Vampire enthusiasts can't seem to get enough of these mysterious creatures, found in abundance in the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris and TRUE BLOOD(SM), the HBO(R) series based on the books. That's why - just in time for the May 5 release of Harris' newest book in the series, "Dead and Gone," and the May 19 DVD and Blu-ray(TM) releases of "True Blood(SM): The Complete First Season" - is giving fans access to unique video content as well as exclusive pieces penned by Harris that will immerse them even deeper into this alluring world. In addition to enjoying special video and author content, fans can conveniently pre-order their copies of the DVD and book at

Video Content on

Beginning today only at, fans of the show and the books can visit to enjoy unique video from the first season provided by HBO including:

  • Behind-the-scenes footage - A sneak peek at the making of the TRUE BLOOD series, including interviews with director Alan Ball and actors Anna Paquin, who plays Sookie Stackhouse, and Stephen Moyer, who plays her 173-year-old vampire boyfriend Bill Compton.
  • Character pieces - Video vignettes on favorite TRUE BLOOD characters including Sookie, Bill, Sam, Tara, Jason and Lafayette.
  • Series trailer - Exciting highlights of scenes from the first season of the hit HBO series.

Exclusive Author Content

Understanding that fans often want to delve deeper into the books they love, Borders has teamed with Penguin, the publisher of Harris' novels, to provide fans with special author insider information when they visit including:

  • Chapter excerpt - Advanced access to a unique excerpt chosen by the author - and unavailable anywhere else - of Harris' highly anticipated new release "Dead and Gone."
  • Exclusive Q&A with Harris - In this Q&A, Harris reveals how she feels about her enigmatic leading lady Sookie.
  • Exclusive author essay - Titled "Sookie and Me and HBO," the essay explores Harris' thoughts on HBO's adaptation of her books.
  • Not-yet-published book covers - Fans can get an advance look at yet-to-be released book covers for Harris' other Sookie Stackhouse novels: "Living Dead in Dallas," "Club Dead," "Dead to the World," "Dead as a Doornail" and "All Together Dead."

Author Event - Charlaine Harris Only at Borders July 13-Chicago Area

Harris will be in the Chicagoland market at Borders in Oak Brook, Illinois, July 13 to greet her fans and sign copies of "Dead and Gone."

"We've collaborated with HBO and Penguin to put together an incredible Web page filled with unique video content, book cover images, a special piece written by Charlaine Harris just for Borders and more - all to get fans really excited about the release of Charlaine's newest book 'Dead and Gone' as well as the releases of 'True Blood(SM): The Complete First Season' on DVD and Blu-ray," said Rich Fahle, vice president,

"We're especially thrilled to host Charlaine for a signing and meet-and-greet with her fans at our Borders store in Oak Brook," Fahle added. "This brand is truly exploding and we could not be more pleased to be a destination for all things TRUE BLOOD and Charlaine Harris."

New HBO series 'Hung" will follow True Blood Sunday nights

HBO to Get "Hung" on June 28

LOS ANGELES HBO will get "Hung" on Sunday nights beginning June 28.

The newcomer will air at 10:00/9:00c following the second season of "True Blood" at 9:00/8:00c.

Years ago in high school, Ray Drecker (Thomas Jane) was athletic, popular and destined for success. Now, as a high-school teacher and basketball coach, he's underpaid, uninsured, and embittered that his wife of 20 years (Anne Heche) has left him for her dermatologist. After a fire damages the rundown Detroit home he inherited from his parents, Ray's fortunes reach an all-time low when his twin children, who had been living with him, move in with their mom and her clean-freak hubby. Lonely, run-down and at wit's end, Ray attends a local self-help class whose mantra is to identify a personal "winning tool" to market for financial success. After a not-so-fulfilling encounter with a fellow attendee - an ex-flame and would-be poet named Tanya (Jane Adams) - Ray has a "eureka" moment. With the help of Tanya, Ray resolves to take advantage of his greatest asset, in hopes of changing his fortunes in a big way.

Charlie Saxton and Eddie Jemison also star in the hour, which comes from co-creators Dmitry Lipkin and Colette Burson. Alexander Payne helmed in the pilot.

HBO web page

From Variety HERE

Lynn (Dawn Green) Collins is a hit in new Wolverine movie

Dallas notes that Lynn is a Texan and grew up in Houston!

No joke: Lynn Collins' role was vital to Wolverine' story
By RICK BENTLEY Kansas City Star

LOS ANGELES - Lynn Collins had little time to think once she was cast as Kayla Silverfox, the love interest in the new summer action film "X-Men Origins: Wolverine."

"When I got the job, within 72 hours, I was on a cliff in my underwear kissing Hugh Jackman in New Zealand. I had no time to prepare," Collins says during an interview at the 20th Century Fox lot.

The Texas native was already nervous about being cast in the biggest movie of her career - she is the only major female character in the film. She's appeared in an assortment of television and film roles - from "True Blood" and "The Lake House" - but nothing compared to the kind of notice she's going to get from "Wolverine." She felt like she was representing the entire female audience.

All that pressure looked like it was about to overflow when early in the filming Jackman told her there was a problem with the early footage: Her outfits weren't skimpy enough.

That made sense. Collins' character is supposed to be alluring enough to win the heart of Wolverine.

"So, I was like, '(expletive deleted). OK. Whatever.' He was like, 'So, we found something for you. We put it in your trailer. Can you please try it on?'" Collins says.

She went to her trailer and found a tiny silver Spandex dress - which she describes by forming a box with her hands. The dress was so tiny it didn't cover everything that needed to be covered. Collins had a panic attack.

Finally, after some clever adjustments of the material, she emerged from her trailer.

"I opened the door and everybody was cracking up. Hugh said, 'April Fool's,'" Collins says. "I finally decided it was OK because I didn't have to wear the green-and-black outfits Kayla Silverfox has had to wear in some of the comics."

Collins' familiarity with the character doesn't come from growing up as a comic reader. Friends have filled her in on the character's legend.

Collins spent her youth living in both Houston and Singapore because of her father's work in the oil business.

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Strange Brew : Short story anthology with story 'Bacon' release July 7th

I sure hope you've read the Sookieverse short story 'Tacky' from the anthology My Big fat Supernatural Wedding.

If not your going to need to get it and read it before Strange Brew comes out in July. Strange Brew will feature a story called 'Bacon' with the character Dahlia that you met in 'Tacky' and we also see her serving as judge with Bill on the panel of judges in the vamp court case in All Together Dead...
Ok, we can almost start fretting over the next Sookie book/story! July '09

Strange Brew
: Short story anthology (pre-order below)

  • Paperback: 384 pages
  • Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin (July 7, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0312383363
  • ISBN-13: 978-0312383367
Charlaine on her blog, described it as Pat Elrod's witch anthology. Short story collection about witches and witchcraft.STRANGE BREW, a witchly urban fantasy anthology with nine new stories by Jim Butcher, Charlaine Harris, Patricia Briggs, Karen Chance and others.

Fans of paranormal mystery will love this anthology, which provides plenty of magic and mayhem in conveniently small packages. Charlaine Harris, Jim Butcher and other notables in the field offer nine short stories perfect for brain-melting hot days when even the fluffiest novel is overwhelming. —Rose Fox

Dead and Gone ebook available 12:00am cst May 5th

Can't wait for the book store to open at 9 am,
download the book in e -format at 12 midnight

This book has not yet been released for download.
If you pre-order it, your download link will be activated at 12:00am CST Tuesday, May 5, 2009. $20.58

True Blood goes to the movies: Towelhead directed and written by Alan Ball

Towelhead is a 2008 film written and directed by Alan Ball and based on Alicia Erian's novel of the same name. The film made its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival on September 8, 2007 under the name Nothing is Private.

Towelhead tells the coming-of-age story of a young Lebanese American girl named Jasira (Summer Bishil). When her mother's live-in boyfriend becomes sexually interested in her, Jasira is sent from her mother's home in Syracuse, New York to live with her old-fashioned and domineering Lebanese-Christian father (Peter Macdissi) in Houston, Texas. Thirteen-year-old Jasira begins to have sexual feelings and at the same time must cope with the new men in her life who are sexually interested in her - her adult next-door neighbor (Aaron Eckhart) and a class-mate of her own age. Jasira is alienated from her father as he would rather spend time with his new girlfriend and whenever father and daughter are together, he demands blind obedience. When her father beats Jasira, another female neighbor (Toni Collette) offers Jasira her house as a refuge. Jasira eventually tells her father and the neighbors about having sex with her adult next-door neighbor, whose son she had been baby-sitting, and he is arrested for statutory rape. The film also deals with the racial attitudes of the people in Jasiras' life.

Towelhead the book by Alicia Erian

Yes, that,s Carrie ( Arlene) Preston y0u see in the trailer.

Alexander Skarsgard fan vid from Paley !

Thanks to my friend Beadrbop for the great video!

Loving True Blood in Dallas book suggestion: The Good Fairies of New York

With Dead and Gone, Sookie book 9 only a few days away you would be wise to get very familiar with fairies !! How about trying this book ?

The Good Fairies of New York
by Martin Millar

British author Millar offers fiercely funny (and often inebriated) Scottish fairies, a poignant love story as well as insights into the gravity of Crohn's disease, cultural conflicts and the plight of the homeless in this fey urban fantasy. Due to the machinations of the obnoxious Tala, Cornwall's fairy king, only a few humans can see the 18-inch-tall fairies who alight in Manhattan: Magenta, a homeless woman who thinks she's the ancient Greek general Xenophon; Dinnie, an overweight slacker; and Kerry, a poor artist/musician who hopes her Ancient Celtic Flower Alphabet will win a local arts prize. Fairies Heather MacKintosh and Morag MacPherson scheme to put Dinnie and Kerry together, rescue fairy artifacts and prove that in love or war, music is essential. Neil Gaiman provides an appreciative introduction.

“Read it now, and then make your friends buy their own copies. You’ll thank me someday.”—Neil Gaiman

'Staying Home' by Charlaine Harris from Femmes Fatales blog

from Femmes Fatales blogs by Charlaine Harris

This has been a strange year for me. I’ve been home since January.

I realize that’s the norm for most people, but in today’s book-touting business, it’s almost unheard of for a writer to remain at home for five months. Solid. I don’t know when writing switched over from being an ivory tower occupation to being a traveling salesman’s occupation, but now the writer that doesn’t hit the road is a writer whose sales don’t mount, at least in the normal run of things.

The reason for my unusual stint on the homefront is simple. Our only remaining high schooler will graduate next month. I missed some things in previous years with our older children – not too many events, because I wasn’t much in demand. But with my increasingly hectic schedule of the past three years, I’d already lost out on things I wished I’d shared with our daughter, and I decided to dig in for her last semester at home.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Candyman by Christina Aguilera

This is an Alexander Skarsgard fanvid with TB pics.

Candyman by Christina Aguilera LYRICS

Thanks wickedspice83

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'Let me have another': What Bon Temp drinks

For the story taking place much of the time in a bar there really isn't that much drinking in the Sookie books. Oh yeah, pitchers of beer but this is what I came up with for mixed drinks.
Who drank them and when ...

Soookie says in From Dead to Worse " I didn’t know a single malt scotch from a hole in the ground, but Sam did, of course, and he gave me a shining clean glass with a very respectable shot of it. I serve liquor, but I seldom drink it. Most folks around here drink the real obvious stuff: beer, bourbon and Coke, gin and tonic, Jack Daniel’s."

What did I miss ?
Do we find out in the books what Jane Bodehouse drinks ?

Eggs Benedict Bk2

Bourbon and Coke
Sookie Bk 1 Merlotte's
Anny Bellefluer Bk 2
Catfish Hunter Bk 5
Kevin Bk4

Gin and Tonic

Sookie Bk 1 Fangtasia ( recipe)
Kenya Bk4

Champagne Cocktail

Sookie Bk 3

Scotch (single malt Scotch)
Copley Carmichael Bk8
Father Lintrell Bk6

Rum and Coke

Selah Pumphries Bk 8
Jasper Voss Bk8

Jason Stackhouse Bk2
Liz Barrett Bk2
Whiskey Sour
Sid Matt Lancaster Bk1

Screwdriver Sookie Bk2

Las Vegas True Blood Cast Party invitation

Here is the very cool invitation ..

2010 True Blood Wall Calendar

True Blood Calendar 2010

You can pre -order from Barnes and Noble HERE

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Pub. Date: July 15, 2009
ISBN-13: 978078931989024pp

The Year of Sookie and Charlaine Harris from Penguin books

Sookie Stackhouse Timeline

2009 is the Year of Sookie Stackhouse, the delightfully engaging heroine of Charlaine Harris's best-selling Ace urban fantasy series. Since the September 2008 debut of True Blood, the Alan Ball-produced HBO series based on the novels, readers have been voraciously consuming mass quantities of all things Sookie. And the hunger is only growing! Last month, the mass market of the eighth book in the series, From Dead To Worse, debuted at #1 on the New York Times list. Now May brings the eagerly awaited publication of the brand new Sookie hardcover, Dead And Gone! But there's much more to come —click here to view a timeline of the other exciting things (including personal appearances by the author) that will be occurring throughout the year.

Printable pdf here

True Blood premiers at Edinburgh film festival

New blood at Edinburgh film festival
TV series debut at event under 'Cinematic Television'

LONDON -- The Edinburgh International Film Festival will be sinking its teeth into vampires and Bengali cinema at this year's event, organizers said Wednesday.

The first two episodes of Alan Ball's vampire drama "True Blood" have been tabbed to kick off a new program titled "Cinematic Television," a strand designed to offer festivalgoers U.K. premieres of high-end TV dramas.

"Blood" will be joined by HBO stablemate "In Treatment," with the first five episodes of the Gabriel Byrne starrer set to unspool as part of the program.

A panel event will give audiences the chance to interact with the people behind the success of high-end TV shows that boast cinema-quality production values.

EIFF organizers also have planned a three-day Bengali cinema extravaganza, with a lineup of seven classic titles including Satyajit Ray's "Devi" and "Days and Nights in the Forest," Ritwik Ghatak's "A River Called Titas" and Anup Singh's "The Name of the River."

Cult late-night sidebars Night Moves and Under the Radar also return to the festival. Dario Argento's "Giallo" will screen as part of Night Moves, while Zach Clark's deadpan sex satire "Modern Love Is Automatic" finds its way to Under the Radar.

Additionally, organizers unveiled plans to convert a historic church hall in Edinburgh into a new venue, a plan backed by the British Council and Scottish government.

The festival's full lineup will be announced May 6. The festival runs June 17-28.

Stephen Moyer Works His Bod With the Wii and Gold's Gym

from geeksugar

With HBO's True Blood coming back to our screens this Summer, it's only appropriate that Stephen Moyer would want to stay in shape. And given his affinity for all things Wii (well, on the show anyway), of course he's taking advantage of the newest cardio fitness game to hit the market.

Called Gold's Gym Cardio Workout, this game promises to give us a sweat-inducing, fat-melting workout, and Stephen was spotted getting an up-close and personal look at the game during a Wii fitness event held earlier this week in Southern California.

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I just have to post this ....

Online live chat with Charlaine Harris May 5th, Dead and Gone release day

Charlaine said she is going to be on Berkley's writer chat for an hour on May 5th.

Here is the Berkley Jove Author forum link

Let me know if anyone hears a confirmed time and what exact forum.

Lafayette Reveals 'True Blood' Secrets

From New York Post

If Bill Compton is the "True Blood" character you'd most like to be bitten by and Jason Stackhouse is the one you'd most like to go drinking with, then the fabulously flamboyant Lafayette Reynolds is easily who you'd most like to be friends! Not only is he tapped in to everyone and everything but he isn't afraid to spill some secrets.

And that's exactly what Lafayette does on "True Blood's" upcoming Blu-ray DVD release (May 19). Starring in his own version of Pop Up Video, Lafayette appears periodically throughout the season's 12 episodes to offer up his take on what's going down with the most scandalicious Bon Temps residents. From Tara's crush on Jason to what really goes bump in the night, Lafayette doesn't hold back from getting dishy on his neighbors.

Starting May 4 -- and continuing throughout the month -- HBO On Demand is giving viewers a sneak peek of the DVD's special features as they can watch "True Blood's" entire first episode in "enhanced viewing" mode and PopWrap has your exclusive sneak peek at some of Lafayette's best bits!

Sookie Quizz: When does sookie come in contact with this ?

When does Sookie receive something with this image and from who ?

email me with your answer

Email: True Blood in Dallas

Blood Copy Volume 9: Undead action in Shreveport

We are revisiting the Blood Copy videos which were part of the HBO True Blood viral marketing campaign that helped introduce the True Blood television series in the summer of 2008. We will be doing a radio show on this topic soon.
Previously we have see the mysterious packages were being received, the gatekeeper awakened on a mysterious website, .... Blood Copy website HERE

The blog and videos not only were a marketing ploy but they also served as a prologue to the series ...
Here is the blog entry for that time period HERE ( August 3, 2008)
It's great to watch these videos but you also must read the blog entry for that week.

HBO’S True Blood Season 2 cast party at TABU Ultra Lounge

HBO’S TRUE BLOOD Season 2 cast will sink their fangs into TABU Ultra Lounge @ MGM Grand on May 2 for haunted seduction.

twittered by VegasBill

Go ask Dallas: What's this I hear about a Sookie companion book ?

Hey Dallas I saw something on your blog about a Sookie companion book, what's the name and when will it be out?

Yes, over the last few months Charlaine has been talking about an upcoming Sookie companion book. This is NOT to be confused with the short story anthology, A Touch of Dead which will be out in October. As reported here "Harris sold a Sookie Stackhouse Companion to Ginjer Buchanan at Ace Books. Harris will edit the volume and write a new Sookie novella for it."

Charlaine said on her blog in January 09 "My publisher is hoping to get the Sookie Companion book off the ground this year, though the publication date has yet to be finalized"

In a recent interview Charlaine said..“We’re just calling it the Sookie Companion as a working title, though that may be the ultimate name! It’s going to contain an original novella, a character list, a map, some recipes, synapses of all the books, and possibly some pieces from HBO. I’m very excited about it.”

No name and no final publication date have been announced yet.

True Blood Music Video of the Day: If I Fell sung by Lucy Carrigan [ Evan Rachel Wood ]

If I Fell sung by Lucy Carrigan [ Evan Rachel Wood ] from 'Across the Universe' ( but of course, this is the Beatles song ) LYRICS

Thanks, moonstruckgrl
suggested by PolarVamp

Know also that this is your new Queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Executive for HBO’s Entertainment Division: has high hopes for “True Blood

Really interesting article

Sue Naegle, a veteran Hollywood talent agent who helped bring the series “Six Feet Under” to HBO, was appointed president of the cable channel’s entertainment division on Wednesday and immediately charged with helping it identify and develop a slate of worthy successors to that hit series and, more important, “The Sopranos.”

Ms. Naegle, 38, was co-head of the television department at United Talent Agency in Los Angeles. She succeeds one of the channel’s longest-serving executives, Carolyn Strauss, who is being given a development and production deal inside the company. As president of HBO Entertainment, Ms. Naegle will oversee all series and specials.

Ms. Naegle’s task is a formidable one in which her performance will be measured against that of the executives who shepherded “The Sopranos,” one of the most popular series in the relatively short life of cable television and among the most well received programs in the history of the medium.

Read on New York Times

Fan Art: Denim bag by clairebabydesigns on Etsy

clairebabydesigns on etsy

Pretend you live in Bon Temps or just look like it! I L-O-V-E love Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire (Sookie Stackhouse) book series and am a big fan of the HBO series "True Blood". There is SO much Twilight merchandise out that I decided to do some TRUE BLOOD inspired bags.

I purchased this denim tote bag at a thrift store because it looked Brand New. Everything that is painted on this bag was hand painted by me. The patches were all hand sewn, again by me. The bag measures approx. 14" x 12" x 5".

One side of the bag reads "Fangtasia - the bar with bite" along with some fangs. The other side has a jean pocket along with 6 patches that all relate to True Blood and/or the book series. The patches read: "I heart Eric", "Sookie is Mine", "Merlotte's Bar & Grill", "Fangbanger", "Vampire Bill" with a heart, "Glamour Me". The pocket reads "True Blood" and "I want to do bad things with you" (which is from the theme song of the HBO series).

For this bag, I used acrylic paints, fabric paints and glitter glue. I also attached some gems (the "F" in Fangtasia). The bag probably could be machine washed but I can't guarantee how the washing might affect the paint. I would therefore recommend a light hand washing if necessary.

True Blood Recipes: Quinn's famous bacon sandwich

John Quinn's Bacon Sandwich


4 slices bacon

2 slices wheat bread/ white bread or sliced french bread

1 Tbsp mayonnaise


2-3 slices ripe tomato

Salt & pepper to taste
DIRECTIONS: Cook bacon until crisp then drain on paper towels. Toast the bread. Spread mayonnaise on both slices bread then add bacon, tomato & lettuce. Slice at a diagonal & serve.
TIME: 10 minutes
SERVING TIPS: Add what you want, such as sliced avocado, Swiss cheese.

Quinn makes Sookie and Amelia (and Bob!) bacon sandwiches in Book 7, All Together Dead.

Bob ignored his kibble in favor of watching Quinn fry bacon, and I was slicing tomatoes.
I’d gotten out the cheese and the mayonnaise and the mustard and the pickles, anything I could imagine a man might want on a bacon sandwich.

'Plaisir D'Amour' the title song for True Blood Season One Episode Nine

I recently did a Season 2 Spoiler show for my Blogtalk radio show, where we looked at what we might know about the upcoming episode by knowing examining the title song for that episode.

I can't tell you how many emails I received from folks saying they felt so stupid for not realizing that the True Blood episodes were named for songs. It's OK but I thought it might be a good idea to look back at the song, the artist and the lyrics for each of last season's episode title songs.

So let's look back to Season 1, Ep 9 Plaisir D'Amour which originally aired: November 2, 2008

"Plaisir d'amour" is a classical French love song which is sometimes (falsely) considered to be "pop", written in 1780 by Jean Paul Égide Martini (1741-1816). It was arranged for orchestra by Hector Berlioz.. It could not be a "pop" song because of the style in which it is written and the fact that 1780 was in the "classical period" of music.

In True Blood we hear a version of the classical French song sung by the great Joan Baez.

Joan Chandos Baez (born January 9, 1941 in Staten Island, New York) is a folk singer and songwriter known for her highly individual vocal style. Many of her songs are topical and deal with social issues. It was first recorded by Joan in her 1961 album, Joan Baez Vol.2



(English translation)
The joys of love last but a moment.
The grief of love lasts a lifetime.

I’ve given up everything for the ungrateful Sylvia.
She is leaving me and taking another lover.

The joys of love last but a moment.
The grief of love lasts a lifetime.

“As long as that water flows gently
Towards that brook at the edge of the meadow,
I’ll love you,” Sylvia repeated to me.
The water still flows. She has changed though.

The joys of love last but a moment.
The grief of love lasts a lifetime

Plaisir d'amour ne dure qu'un moment.

chagrin d'amour dure toute la vie.

J'ai tout quitté pour l'ingrate Sylvie.
Elle me quitte et prend un autre aimant.

Plaisir d'amour ne dure qu'un moment.
chagrin d'amour dure toute la vie.

Tant que cette eau coulera doucement
vers ce ruisseau qui borde la prairie,

Je t'aimerai me répétait Sylvie.
L'eau coule encore. Elle a changé pourtant.

Plaisir d'amour ne dure qu'un moment.
chagrin d'amour dure toute la vie.

At about 2:16

Unusual Suspects review

Cassie at Reviews the anthology, Unusual Suspects and we know Sookie short stories are one of my favorite topics.

Lucky by Charlaine Harris

Once again, Sookie Stackhouse has gotten herself wound up in some misadventure. This time, she and her friend Amelia Broadway have been asked by one of their town’s insurance agents to check into some break ins at his office. Little do they know what a tangled web they are about to get involved in. Spell casting, stealing luck, angry competitors and of course a vampire or two fill the pages of this great short story from Charlaine Harris.

read on here

Loving True Blood Blogtalk: It's a man's world, male fans talk about the Sookieverse ( Episode 19)

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in such a great show last night.

Very special thanks to our musical artist, Tchaka Diallo whose music is featured on True Blood Season one. Tchaka said his song, " Rolex " will be out on iTunes soon. You can always find everything out about Tchaka, his music performances etc. by visiting his Myspace or Reverbnation site.

You can find and follow our Twitter characters @HoytFortenberry and @FranciscoIV

And our friend Doug who runs the website

I had one question that I asked all 7 guys " What one characteristic of the Sookie character do you admire most in woman?

If you were keeping tabs, the guys said they loved the Sookie character because she was strong, capable, sensible, mysterious ...Oh Yeah, and that she is well endowed. Ha!
Thanks guys!

If you missed the show podcast link below:

Episode 1 of Season one True Blood Blu-ray Available On Demand May 4th

Ok, I finally understand this - I saw a couple of article about this over the weekend and I didn't get that it was something new to talk about, thanks to Dreadcentral for saying it in a way that I understood.

HBO will offer a blu-ray version of episode one for everyone to see .. got it. Below is a Lafayette sample.
Beginning on Monday, May 4th, and throughout the month on HBO On Demand, viewers will be able to watch the entire first episode from Season One in “True Blood Enhanced Viewing” mode, amplifying their experience with four types of original, interactive picture-in-picture, pop-up features that will be showcased throughout the DVD:

LAFAYETTE – Get the scoop on everyone in Bon Temps with True Blood’s flamboyant and outspoken Lafayette, who dishes up everything from secrets about Tara’s crush on Jason to the history of the Stackhouse family in over 80 clips VAMPIRE HISTORY – Intrigued by the vampire characters? Learn more about how your favorites were "made" HINTS AND FYI’s – Unravel the mysteries surrounding the entire series through helpful hints and FYI pop-ups ANIMATED MAPS – Explore colorful locations in Bon Temps through animated maps Out in stores on May 19th, the five-disc True Blood: The Complete First Season Blu-ray set will offer all 12 episodes in True HD 1080p video and DTS-HD master audio, allowing viewers to engage with storylines, characters, and themes of the show on a higher level through the Enhanced Viewing mode. Along with the exclusive features above, Blu-ray bonus materials include a documentary that chronicles the integration of vampires, Tru Blood beverage ads that market the synthetic blood to “out of the coffin” vampires, and “Vampire Rights” PSAs that service vampires.

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Dance with the Devil by Breaking Benjamin

Dance with the Devil by Breaking Benjamin LYRICS

Thanks summergirl88
I think this is the first music video using season 2 footage

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sookie Stackhouse and True Blood around the world

Agent Joshua Bilmes reports of a slew of Charlaine Harris and "Sookie Stackhouse" news:

Harris sold a Sookie Stackhouse Companion to Ginjer Buchanan at Ace Books. Harris will edit the volume and write a new Sookie novella for it.

Since the launch of the HBO series True Blood, based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels, Bilmes has negotiated numerous foreign deals for the series, which is now available or forthcoming in 23 languages. In France, J'ai Lu has continued with the series, buying rights to the newest novel From Dead to Worse, as did Russian publisher AST (which also re-licensed the first two books), while Estonian publisher Keskus continued with Living Dead in Dallas, Dutch publisher Luitingh moved on to Dead as a Doornail, and Open Book in Korea added books number 3 through 8 to their list. Brazilian publisher Saraiva came on board to the series, taking rights to the second, third, and fourth Sookie novels, while Santillana in Spain took pocket rights to the first three books and volume rights to the remainder of the series. Portuguese publisher Navalha will launch with the first three Sookie novels, Norwegian publisher Cappelen with the first two, Japanese publisher Softbank with the first three, and Israeli publisher Kidmat Eden with Dead Until Dark. In the UK, the Hachette group has decided to consolidate the entire Sookie Stackhouse series under Jo Fletcher at Orion/Gollancz, moving the first four books over from their Little Brown/Orbit imprint. Gollancz will rejacket the books, beginning in early 2009, for the Australian market, to coincide with the launch of True Blood on the Showcase channel. Later in Spring 2009, they'll launch in England, ahead of the British True Blood launch on Fox.

HBO offers other True Blood launch dates around the globe: 23 December 2008 on France's Orange; December 2008 on Canal Plus in Spain; January 2009 in Israeli network DBS; 1 February 2009 on in Belgium; 9 February 2009 on HBO Asia; February 2009 throughout Eastern Europe via HBO CE; and March 2009 for SVY (Sweden) and YLE (Finland) second airings.

In domestic publication numbers, Nielsen Bookscan records that a boxed set of the first seven Sookie paperbacks has been the #1 selling boxed set in the country for four straight weeks, with weekly sales thousands of copies ahead of the next closest title on the list. More than 100,000 copies of the boxed set have been shipped. From Dead to Worse, the most recent hardcover, now has 180,000 copies in print.

And in non-Sookie Harris news, Poland's Fabryka Slow bought rights to her Harper Connelly novel Grave Surprise, and Germany's DTV took rights to the anthology Wolfsbane and Mistletoe, which Harris co-edited with Toni L.P. Kelner.

True Blood premiers tonight in Italy

True Blood Premiers April 27th
Fox/Sky channel 110

TB Italy very cool website here :

The website also promotes the books:
Purchase from Delos books here

True Blood Italiano - Sookie incontra Bill per la prima volta
ahh... Bill's Italian voice is pretty nice , huh ?

12 Actors to Watch in 2009 (And Beyond)

This was one of my observations from Paley - I have said I thought years from now we'll be saying "Gosh, do you remember Alexander Skarsgard when he starred in that little TV show, True Blood? "

The most difficult part of putting together this 'Actors to Watch' feature was whittling down the field to just one dozen. The decision process was made somewhat easier when the criteria was narrowed down to the actors who've generated the most buzz and/or have films coming up in 2009 that are impossible to ignore. Making the cut this year are (in alphabetical order): Emily Blunt, Bradley Cooper, Kat Dennings, Rachel McAdams, Robert Pattinson, Chris Pine, Alexander Skarsgard, Kristen Stewart, Jim Sturgess, Channing Tatum, Sam Worthington, and Anton Yelchin.

Author- Author Shreveport featuring Charlaine Harris June 12-13th

Author ! Author! Book Festival Shreveport, LA-- June 12-13 2009

Municipal Auditorium
705 Presley Avenue
Shreveport, Louisiana ( see map below)

June 12, 2009 Friday - Pre Opening Event
Author Author Prologue
Meet and Greet the Authors
5pm - 9pm

*right now Charlaine is only scheduled for June 13th
so I recommend anyone who wants to see her wait to buy the Meet and Greet tickets until we know for sure about CH, unless you just want to see the other authors.

$20 per person TICKET *Sponsor table and VIP ticket , for $25 each ( or $5 more ) a group of us can get a special sponsor table and I'd like to do that, if anyone else would like to get a VIP pass and be part of a sponsor table email me

We will have a meetup (s) email me if you are coming and want to be included in any "Dallas" LTBiD events! We have quite a few people coming from Dallas.

June 13, 2009 Saturday - Book Festival
To get your FREE festival ticket

Click here for Event Ticket TICKET Good for up to Six Free Admissions

Event web site:

Charlaine Harris

The Sookie Stackhouse Novels ~ Berkley Prime Crime Books ~ The Lily Bard Mysteries

Charlaine Harris was born in Mississippi and lives in southern Arkansas with her husband and daughter and three dogs. Their sons are out of the nest. In her years as a published writer, she’s written four series and two stand-alone novels in addition to numerous short stories and a novella or two. Her Sookie Stackhouse books have appeared in twenty-five different languages and on many best-seller lists. They’re also the basis of the HBO series True Blood written and produced by Alan Ball (“Six Feet Under”).

"Charlaine is an avid reader of genre literature, and she is deeply involved in the life of the small town where she and her family live." Quote from author - web site ~

Hosted By: Friends of the Muncipal Auditorium Shreveport, Louisiana
Promoting Reading and Literacy in Arkansas ~ Louisiana ~Texas

Shreveport Travel information HERE

View Larger Map

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Stupid Girl by Cold

Stupid Girl by Cold LYRICS

Thanks to the always wonderful Nafterlife

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Loving True Blood in Dallas Youtube Channel

All of our True Blood Paley videos are here and more ...

Go tell Dallas : Portuguese translation of 'Dead Until Dark' is excellent

Our wonderful friend, Telma from Portugal (who you met if you listened to the True Blood/ Sookie international show a few weeks back) promised to give us a review of the translation of the book Dead until Dark into Portuguese as soon as it became available. It has come out and Telma writes and she send along the note she received from Charlaine , who always seems to be interested in hearing about foreign language translations of her books.

Hi Dallas,
As promised I'm sending my review of "Dead until Dark" Portuguese's version, that was released on April 9th. I loved it! The translation was good, meaning it was true to the original as well making sense in Portuguese. Some "southern" expressions were lost, of course, but the humour survived. I actually left a message on the CH boards and here is what she answered:
Hello Charlaine,
First of all thank you for your fertile imagination and congratulations for your success.
I came here to tell you that the first edition of "Dead until Dark" was released here in Portugal last Thursday, and I'm so happy about it!
Was worried that some would get lost in translation (and it did) but your sense of humor came across the language barrier and it's really fun to read.

Some words are just impossible to find in Portuguese (for example, being glamored, redneck) and other sound horrible when translated (fangbanger).
But the hole spirit and feel are there and that's what really matters.
Can't wait for the next 8 books!! Big kisses from across the Atlantic, Telma, Portugal
Telma, thanks for letting me hear about the Portuguese translation. Some of my other foreign readers are not so happy with the translations they read.
I guess comparing to other countries I'm lucky! Now I'm hopping that the book becomes a good seller so I can see all the other books published very soon.



True Blood Dallas Blogtalk radio: “It’s a man’s world but it would be nothin’ without Sookie Stackhouse “ 4/27

Dallas talks to men *gasp*. We talk to all men tomorrow night about what they like about the Sookie Stackhouse books and the True Blood TV series.

Is it different from what female fans like ? Let's find out ..

Some of these guys you might know from twitter, some are bloggers, others are fans of my blog, some are posters to True Blood boards but all of them are truly Sookie fans- we also will have a very special musical guest.

Monday April 27th
9:00 pm cst

I am MOST fascinated to see what it’s like to be a male fan of the books and the TV show and what men like about the story and characters that may or may not be different from what female fans are drawn to.

The show is up now here

We pay a little homage to the Godfather of Soul with the episode title but these guys are serious fans and we will find out why ....

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Lovestoned (I Think She Knows It) by Justin Timberlake

Lovestoned (I Think She Knows It) by Justin Timberlake LYRICS

Thanks , MWN22

Saturday, April 25, 2009

True Blood goes to the movies: Anna Paquin stars in 'Margaret': post-production in a courtroom

"You Can Count on Me" was the kind of Hollywood arrival that every aspiring filmmaker dreams about.

Kenneth Lonergan's 2000 directorial debut about two siblings' splintered relationship was a solid art-house hit, the film helped launch the career of costar Mark Ruffalo and was nominated for two Academy Awards -- lead actress for Laura Linney and original screenplay for Lonergan.

It was hardly surprising, then, that in early 2005 Fox Searchlight and financier Gary Gilbert ("Garden State") were eager to back Lonergan's second turn behind the camera, deciding to co-finance his complex account of a young girl's grappling with guilt and adolescence, "Margaret."

But although "You Can Count on Me" seemed blessed at almost every turn, "Margaret" has turned into a nightmarish production that has devolved into a bitter court fight. Despite "Margaret's" initial promise, it is now uncertain when Lonergan's movie, which was filmed more than three years ago, will ever make it to theaters.

Movie studio shelves are filled with troubled projects that have been put on hold for any number of reasons, but rarely do they involve someone of Lonergan's standing working with such quality actors ("Margaret's" cast includes Ruffalo, Matt Damon and Anna Paquin) and an all-star producing team of Oscar winners -- Scott Rudin ( "No Country for Old Men") and the late Sydney Pollack ("Out of Africa").

Read on from the LA Times,0,4472659.story

Pre-order 'Dead and Gone' Audio Book

Dead and Gone (The Southern Vampire mystery series) (Audio CD)
by Charlaine Harris (Author), Johanna Parker (Narrator)

You can pre-order your copy of 'Dead and Gone' as an audio book
Release date is May 19th 2009

Sookie books in Spanish New True Blood tie-in covers !

There are new True Blood tie-in covers to the Spanish language translations of the Sookie books

1.- Muerto hasta el anochecer
2.- Viviendo muerto en Dallas
3.- Club Muerto
4.- Muerto para el mundo

5.- Absolutamente muerto
6.- Definitivamente muerto
7.- Todos juntos muertos

You can see a sample here


True Blood: Evan Rachel Wood to Play Vampire Queen

I know, I know there are mistakes : the start date is June 14th and this guy writes for TVGuide, this is either a changed storyline for TB or another mistake about who sends Bill and Sookie to Dallas, and the Queen does not appear ( in person) in the Sookie Stackhouse books until after Book 5 ( short story: One Word Answer ) and she isn't even mentioned until Book 3 or by name until Book 6.


Evan Rachel Wood will play a vampire queen on the second season of HBO's True Blood, has confirmed.

Wood will play the Queen of Louisiana, a 400-year-old vampire who rules over the undead world residing in the Bayou State. In the Sookie Stackhouse novels on which the series is loosely based, the Queen is a pivotal character in Books 2 and 3, as it's on her authority that Bill and Sookie leave Bontemps for a secret mission to Texas. Wood has signed on for two episodes, but she is likely to recur throughout the series.

The actress' last television role was as a bulimic lesbian teen on ABC's Once and Again, which left the air in 2002. She recently appeared in Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler opposite Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke.

True Blood's second season debuts on June 16.

Vampire Health a Magazine for Healthy Vampires

bsilvia at talks about creating the Vampire Health magazine ..I really love them.

And now something completely different!

Following the rumors on more and more people claiming to be Vampires, I decided to start a magazine “Vampire’s health”, or at least design a cover page in case anyone ever decides to make a magazine for that particular “type” of people.

So, since I took the time and effort to make this cool cover page, thought I might as well show you how it’s done :) so if you are into or plan to become a professional graphic designer this will be funny and cool way for you to learn how to make a cover for the magazine.


This is a part one of the tutorial named: “How to make a cover page layout for the Vampire’s Health magazine” Examine the cover page very closely before proceeding with the tutorial.

Read on HERE

I've posted about them before

True Blood / Sookie Fan Art: Elyon64

True Blood by ~Elyon64 on deviantART

TwitterFic production of 'When Life Imitates Television'

In case you missed the TwitterFic production Thursday night of Terri Botta’s fanfiction When Life Imitates Television that was performed by the True Blood Twitter character.

Twitterfic has put up a transcript

Terri Botta on Fanfic

Sookie - @SookieBonTemps

Eric - @EricNorthman

Stephen Moyer - @VampireBill

Anna Paquin - @JessicaHamby

Alex Skarsgard - @SheiroQ

Alan Ball - @VictorMadden

True Blood Casting

True Blood (Drama/Supernatural). Sookie, a barmaid living in Louisiana who can read people's minds, falls for a mysterious "out-of-the coffin" vampire. From the creator of the hit cable series Six Feet Under, Alan Ball. Casting: Junie Lowry Johnson, c/o The Lot, 1041 N. Formosa Ave., Formosa Bldg., Rm. 94, L.A., CA 90046.

'Twilight' draws vampire fans to a convention in Dallas

Dallas ???

Calling all Twilight fans to the premiere, albeit unofficial, conference on the Stephenie Meyer novels.

TwiCon 2009 will be held at a Dallas hotel July 30-Aug. 2 and will feature a Twilight movie screening, live Twilight-inspired band performances, a Volturi Masque Ball, cast members from the movie, panels, workshops and more. No word on whether all events will be held at night.

For more information, go to

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace

Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace LYRICS

Thanks PiscesCurse

Friday, April 24, 2009

Queen Sophie -Anne what do we know about her...?

I thought with the announcement of the casting for the role this week we'd better look carefully about what we know about Sophie- Anne Leclerq from the books.

In the leaks about Ms Wood's casting we learned that according to True Blood, Sophie - Anne is 500 years old, French and known for being a consummate diplomat who has known many key members from history and SA will appear in two episodes this season.

In the Sookie books, Sophie Anne does not appear until the short story " One Word Answer" which takes place after book 5, Dead as a Doornail.
She is 1100 years old, not 500 and we do not know about her meeting famous historical figures.
This was the casting call from March 11th;

True Blood - Casting Call for Queen Sophie Anne

Vampire Queen of Louisiana. Originally from France (no accent necessary), Sophie-Anne has been a vampire for almost five hundred years. She is charming, wily, ruthless and wise. With one foot in the old world and one in the new, she rules all vampires in the state of Louisiana, engages with Kings and Queens from other states. Brilliant and far-sighted, she is a consummate diplomat, politician and adversary. Incredibly cultured, has known many of history's most famous people personally -- as well as had affairs with many of them -- she is entertaining, funny, dangerous and delightful. Scheduled for one appearance in season 2, she will figure in future seasons. sptv050769 PLEASE SUBMIT STAR NAMES ONLY.

Source: SpoilerTV

Here are other things we know about Queen Sophie- Anne: What have I forgotten ?

Sophie Anne sends Bill Compton back to his hometown of Bon Temp to find and seduce if necessary Sookie Stackhouse because SA knows of her telepathic ability and thinks she is valuable.( dd 104)

She is beautiful, reddish brown hair, pale as milk, large eyes, tilted and the same brown as her hair. Red fingernails and no jewelry. ( One Word answer)

New Orleans's most famous and visible vampire, Sophie-Anne LeClerq,"

If you're call on Sophie-Anne, you can't go in casual; there is a proper dress for an interview with the vampire . one of America's most prominent vampires."

There were fifty other vampires just as prominent. Maybe not as publicly oriented or as colorful as Sophie-Anne Leclerq, but the public didn't know that.

Sophie-Anne, had been brave, strategic, and busy in her career as a vampire leader.

She'd brought Sigebert and Wybert ( her body guards and Anglo-Saxon
warriors) over and kept them with her, in a bond that stronger than any other emotional tie, for a vampire.
Sophie-Anne Leclerq, Queen of Louisiana, must have been, no more than fifteen when she died

She was an elegant woman, perhaps four inches shorter than my height of five foot six, and she was groomed down to the last eyelash. Makeup, dress, hair, stockings, jewelry-the whole nine yards.

Sophie-Anne had a flawless facade

The queen was like looking at an antique silver tray-a shining surface, an elaborate pattern, and hard to the touch.

Her smooth face and clear eyes were as impenetrable as a wall of ice, "I began my life in what became northern France, about . one thousand, one hundred years ago." "in Lotharingia.

She has looked for the place she spent my first twelve years, but couldn't, even if her life depended on it find it .

Her mother was the wife of the wealthiest man in the town, which meant he had two more pigs than anyone else. Her human name was Judith.

"When I was about ten or twelve, everyone in her town dies from influenza. She is left to live with a neighbor boy somewhat older than here named Clovis. He raped her and offered her in exchange for food.

A Vampire named Alain killed Clovis and made her his companion. For three years she traveled with Alain. And he also would sell her for money. He was captured and finally agreed to turn her. He was killed and she escaped.

She later found an orphan roaming in the wood who was also being forced to have sex and she rescued him. His names was Andre Paul and he became the personal bodyguard of Sophie-Anne Leclerq, the Queen of Louisiana

She was lovers with Sookie's cousin Hadley and also her maker. She took Hadley ( Sookie cousin) under her wing. Because she been molested, by her great-uncle Bartlett Sophie-Anne likes to waltz

She gives Andre permission to kill he husband Peter Threadgill, King of Arkansas after he and his people attack her.

BK 7

Katrina damaged her headquarters by taking off most of the roof and flooding the first floor, her entertainment estate in the Garden District is looted. She goes to live in Baton Rouge at the home of the area sheriff Gervaise. The queen can talk to her "children" telepathically, Sophie-Anne is small and extremely pale, with her shining brown hair swept up in a chignon. She wears jewelry that is heavy, gold, and simple.

Sookie thinks Sophie-Anne would have looked more age-appropriate wearing a Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B. outfit. She'd died as a human when she'd been maybe fifteen or sixteen. In her time, that would have made her a fully-grown woman and mother. In our time, that made her a mall rat.

She sometimes wears clothes that are too old for her,

Sophie-Anne was the world's most dangerous teenager, and the second most dangerous one is Andre.

Jennifer Cater brings a lawsuit against Sophie-Anne for murdering Peter Threadgill her husband and King of Arkansas

Sophie-Anne has a special gift of keeping her children Andre, Wybert and Sigebert with her. She says " that closeness is my gift, my talent. Every vampire has a gift: some can fly, some have special skills with the sword. I can keep my children with me. We can talk to each other, as you and Barry can. We can love each other physically."

Andre tries to blood bond to Sookie to make her bound to him and Sophie- Anne

The Ancient Pythoness finds Sophie- Anne innocent of the murder of her husband

The queen looses her legs but is saved at the Pyramid of Gizeh after the explosion in Rhodes by Mr. Cataliades.

Bk 8

Sophie-Anne is killed in the take over by the Nevada king, Felipe de Castro

Her obit read : SOPHIE-ANNE LECLERQ, prominent businesswoman, residing in BatonRouge since Katrina, died of Sino-AIDS in her home. Leclerq, a vampire, had extensive holdings in New Orleans and in many places in the state. Sources close to Leclerq say she had lived in Louisiana for a hundred years or more.

True Blood for Your Sims 2 Game

Amy posts about new True Blood Sims hadn't thought about True Blood and Sims have you ?

True Blood is HUGE and I absolutely love the books. No. Seriously. LOVE them. I’ve read them three times.

So, I’ve been on the lookout for a couple of good True Blood Sims and have finally found them!

Woo hoo!

You gotta love people who can do good “famous” Sims.

You can download the Tru Blood Sims by clicking here and add them to your own game

How exciting is that?!

Dead and Gone Book Release Party Dallas / Ft. Worth

Dead and Gone: Book Release Party

The long awaited Book 9 of the Sookie Stackhouse mysteries by Charlaine Harris will be released May 5th 2009. (The HBO series True Blood is based on these books)

Loving True Blood in Dallas Fan Group will be co-hosting the book release party for the 9th Sookie Stackhouse mystery, 'Dead and Gone' by Charlaine Harris on May the 5th in Dallas, Texas.

. Autographed book plate drawing
. Prizes
. Meet other fans
. Refreshments

Barnes and Noble -Preston Royal Shopping Center

616 Preston Royal Shopping Center
Dallas, TX 75230

May 5th 2009 6-8 pm,

If you can attend please RSVP " Dallas":

If you live in North Texas and would like to get involved with our local fan group go here:

Visit the Charlaine Harris Website: