Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer star in 'Open House'


Alice's (Rachel Blanchard) open house event draws unforeseen interest from a pair of sociopathic house hunters (Brian Geraghty and Tricia Helfer). Hidden away in her own home, Alice becomes privy to the perverse relationship between her captors. She realizes that David (Geraghty) has kept her existence a secret and finds herself involved in a dangerous love triangle where two of the parties just happen to be co-dependent sociopaths.

True Blood Minisode 3: Sookie, Tara & Lafayette

DreadCentral notices a great deal on True Blood Season 2 soundtrack from iTunes

True Blood Season 2 Soundtrack Details

As everyone who watches "True Blood" knows, music plays a key role in the events that transpire in Bon Temps, and come May 25th the soundtrack from Season 2 of the show will be available for your listening pleasure.

The regular CD features 14 songs, but if you order the digital Deluxe Version from iTunes, you'll also receive four bonus tracks as noted (*) below.

1. “Howlin’ for My Baby” – M. Ward
2. “Evil (Is Going On)” – Jace Everett & CC Adcock
3. “Bad Blood” – Beck
4. “How to Become Clairvoyant” – Robbie Robertson
5. “Shake and Fingerpop” – Jr. Walker and The All Stars
6. “Frenzy” – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
7. “Kiss Like Your Kiss” – Lucinda Williams w/Elvis Costello
8. “Gasoline and Matches” – Buddy & Julie Miller
9. “You Did (Bomp Shooby Dooby Bomp)” – Chuck Prophet
10. “You Are Gonna Miss Me” – The 13th Floor Elevators
11. “Fresh Blood” – Eels
12. “The Forgotten People (Bon Temps Remix)” – Thievery Corporation
13. “New World in My View” – King Britt & Sister Gertrude Morgan
14. “Beyond Here Lies Nothin’” – Bob Dylan
15. “Bad Things (Acoustic)” – Jace Everett*
16. “Ain’t No Invisible Man” – Jakob Dylan*
17. “You Can’t Drive Me Away” – Stone Temple Pilots*
18. “Dig” – Headbone featuring Bubba Kendall*


FanCast has a great new interview with Joe " Alcide " Manganiello

The countdown is on to ‘True Blood’s season premiere on June 13th. HBO has released a series of provocative minisodes to whet fans appetites. Much of the pre-season buzz is about the character of Alcide, a werewolf who will be spending a lot of time with Sookie (Anna Paquin) as her bodyguard. Joe Manganiello, known for playing Owen on ‘One Tree Hill‘ and Flash Thompson in the first ‘Spiderman‘ movie, landed the pivotal role. Manganiello revealed why Alcide comes into Sookie’s life, how he prepared for his nude scenes and why playing this role is the culmination of a life long dream.

Tell me all about Alcide.
Alcide is a werewolf. He plays the role of Sookie’s bodyguard in season three.

How close is the TV version to the character that is in the books?
He’s pretty close as far as the description goes. He’s brought by Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) to bodyguard Sookie because Bill’s (Stephen Moyer) been kidnapped and Sookie believes that werewolves have some information to his whereabouts. So Alcide is brought in after his father’s death to escort Sookie into the underground society of werewolves.

Are the two of them going to get romantic?
All I can say is that bonding happens. They bond.

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Lara Pulver and Michael Steger Join 'True Blood' Season 3

Sookie Stackhouse will have plenty of new faces to keep her company this summer on the upcoming third season of 'True Blood.'

In addition to the slew of recurring players and guest stars that have already been announced, the HBO vamp series has now tapped British actress Lara Pulver and '90210's Michael Steger for key roles.

Pulver, Isabella to fans of BBC's 'Robin Hood,' has singed to play Claudine, Sookie's fairy godmother, according to the Ausiello Files. Word is that Claudine is a major player in two of Charlaine Harris' 'Southern Vampire' books, so fans can probably expect to see Pulver supporting Sookie beyond season three.

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True Blood-themed fashion line to launch !

Popular HBO TV show True Blood was the source of inspiration for a recent event held for Australian Fashion Week when Warner Home Video teamed up with fashion label Saint Augustine Academy on the catwalk at the OPT’s Cargo Theatre for Australian Fashion Week.

The vampire-inspired show also promoted the release of Season Two of True Blood on DVD on May 19.

“Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Home Video enjoy significant cross promotional opportunities,” said Roger Clarke, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group MD. “It made sense to have a single agency working across both divisions. We’ve got some really strong titles releasing this year, starting with True Blood Season 2.”

The gothic event saw Designer Alvin Manalo using the True Blood series as inspiration for Saint Augustine Academy’s first individual collection at fashion week with a show called ‘Crystal Ballroom’ featuring a collection of couture of black, white and a splattering of red.

The event, overseen by Sydney based agency One Green Bean is also producing a vampire themed event in Sydney’s King’s Cross tomorrow night (May 12) named after True Blood’s popular vampire nightclub Fangtasia.

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Dying to get a glimpse of how the event happened? Click here:

True Blood 3-D glasses from Playboy

The magazine, which comes out Friday, will come equipped with 3-D glasses to better focus on Playmate of the Year Hope Dworaczyk.

"The 3-D centerfold is also part of a tie-in with HBO, which is promoting it's show True Blood.

**The three-page 3-D image was shot using state-of-the-art, stereoscopic, high-resolution digital photography. When viewed with the "True Blood"-sponsored 3-D glasses included in this collector's edition of the magazine, the image appears to jump off the page and come to life.

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ABC vamps it up: Vampire H'wives

Is the Next Big Thing "Desperate Housewives" for vampires?

Promos for a new summer series, "The Gates," started appearing on ABC over the weekend and -- while the short, little ads left much to the imagination -- sharp viewers began to realize the show was a mash-up of Wisteria Lane meets Bella and Edward, the main characters from the "Twilight" saga.

Originally conceived for the 2008 pilot season -- before the "Twilight" movies touched off vamp mania -- "The Gates" is about the Monohan family, who move into a sunny gated community populated by over-friendly neighbors hiding curious secrets.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Personal Jesus

Personal Jesus
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