Tuesday, November 24, 2009

CampBlood "House of Horrors" Ep. 3: Cannibal Thanksgiving!

We're roasting more than turkey in this very special (and slightly nauseating) Thanksgiving episode of House of Horrors. We take a look at the tradition of family meals, particularly the ones in horror movies like The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Cannibal Holocaust and Serial Mom. And you thought your family was nuts!

But the main course of this ep is our recipe and how-to for a deliciously disgusting - and budget-friendly - alternative to a roast turkey...

A Turkey Meat Face!

Yes, we've taken a tip from our cannibal cousins and whipped up a gory centerpiece that is sure to turn heads (and stomachs!) at your holiday table.

Joining us this week in the kitchen is cartoonist and illustrator Tim Piotrowski (the Glitch series, Kool Aid Gets Fired), who shares some knife-sharpening tips and teaches us how to dice an onion in about 10 seconds.

To watch the episode, check out the CampBlood.org Blog (full link: http://campblood.org/Newblog/?p=1363). Please feel free to share with your friends/enemies/readers/colleagues!

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We hope you enjoy and have a safe and happy Thanksgiving - no matter whom you have for dinner!

All the best,

Buzz and the CampBlood Staff

We're Here, We're Queer, and We're Going to Eat You.

The Vampires in My Life

From Reading Amongst chaos blog

I hate to have to admit inspiration from an E! countdown, but the other day I saw them do 'Top 10 Vampires We Love' and I just couldn't take it. Some of their picks I agreed with but because they were only focusing on TV/Movie vampires I feel like they left out a lot. And, since I'm a girl (duh!) and my vampires don't have to appeal to anyone other than me, I've decided to do a list with just male vampires. Different ages and genres, along with a wide range of different methods of distribution to the public, but here is a list of the Top Vampires in My Life, along with a couple runners up that I thought were definitely worth mentioning.

11. Simon, The Silver Kiss - People love to talk about Twilight as the epitome of teen vampire romance and angst, but I think that's mainly because they haven't read about Zoe and Simon in The Silver Kiss. I think there is no truer expression of love then in this book, where in spite of her desire to be changed, Simon sticks to his guns and his understanding of what being a vampire actually means and refuses to make Zoe a vampire. Instead, in one of the most poignant goodbyes ever, he sits with her to see his last sunrise.

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer wedding set for February in Mexico ?

Meanwhile, Anna Paquin is preparing for her wedding to her True Blood co-star Stephen Moyer, reportedly in just four months. No, there's not going to be a vampire theme - the pair are set to have a low-key event in Mexico, WD reports.

"It feels organic," Paquin says of the couple's wedding plans. "It's more about being family than becoming Bridezilla overnight and wearing some big meringue wedding dress. That would scare the shit out of me."

Wearing a wedding dress scares you, Anna, but dating a 173-year-old blood-thirsty vampire from another century is sweet as? Your priorities are out of whack.


Superhero story lured Kwanten back to Oz

True Blood star Ryan Kwanten could have his pick of projects since his career skyrocketed.

But it was an independent Aussie film by a first-time director that he was begging to be a part of.

Kwanten stars in the title role in Griff The Invisible, which director Leon Ford believes might be Australia's first superhero film and definitely our first superhero romantic comedy.

Griff is a meek office worker by day, but at night he turns into a crime-fighting superhero.

It lured Kwanten back to Australia from the US during a brief break before filming the hit vampire TV series True Blood.

"This film was something that went straight to my core," Kwanten told AAP in Sydney.

"It's the kind of story that you read and, even if I hadn't got the role, it would have stuck with me.

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I'm just saying that sleeping all day looks familiar

From Globe and Mail

What do all these vampires in pop culture resemble? Showbiz types and artists

Yesterday, in the big, important section of the paper, the distinguished professor Mark Kingwell opined on the current vampire fad. He mused in a joking manner on the possible interpretations of the craze, and offered a series of “meanings” for it all. You will note, first, that in the big, important section of the paper, authors opine and muse. Hereabouts we merely rant, harangue and bluster our days away. You should note, secondly, that one possible meaning of the vampire craze was missing from the distinguished professor's list. I put it to you that vampires are stand-ins for performers, showbiz types and artists.

There is good reason to wonder about the meaning of the vampire craze. The critters are everywhere. We're tripping over vampires. There's that Twilight movie franchise. (CBC's The National devoted acres of time to it the other night, presumably because it is of national importance.) There's Vampire Diaries (Thursdays, The CW, A Channel, 8 p.m.) which is one of the few hit shows of this new TV season. There's True Blood (currently in repeats, tonight, HBO Canada, 10 p.m.) which is the best show on TV, bar none.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Oh Fortuna !

Haha this will wake you up!

Oh Fortuna

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