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Blood Work! "True Blood" Vlog 4.1: We Must Have Got Our Drag Queens Mixed Up

Yes and the boys are definitely returning Sunday night to Talk Blood Radio !!

That’s right, witches – Blood Work! is back with the same intoxicated brand of True Blood recappage that you have come to know and make every attempt to avoid when you run into it at the grocery store.
Andy and I went all out to capture the insanity of the season premiere, which included trips to the Fae plane, witches on bean bag chairs, and prancing ponies. We may have blown our wig budget for the entire year and almost burned the house down in the process, BUT IT WAS WORTH IT.
So join the fun below – and be sure to subscribe to the campbloodbuzz channel on YouTube so that you can be the first of your fiends to find out about new eps.

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on True Blood

Question: I have to know — will this season of True Blood have the smokin’ hot Sookie/Eric shower scene featured in the book? Please say yes! —Sam
Yes and No. “There is a shower scene,” explains exec producer Alan Ball. “But it is not a direct re-enactment of the shower scene in the book. It goes to a slightly different place.” Emphasis on slightly. “Sookie and Eric are in the shower together,” confirms Ball, who assures me that, “Everybody who’s been waiting for Sookie and Eric to hook up, this will be a very good season for them.”

Question: Any more details on Scott Foley’s True Blood role? —Anna
“He was Terry’s platoon leader in Iraq,” says Ball of Foley’s character, Patrick. “So they [share] a military history.” (Rumor has it Terry saved Patrick’s life not once but twice.) Foley will debut in the Season 4 finale and then recur throughout Season 5. Ball, meanwhile, confirms that a deal is not yet in place for him to return as showrunner for a fifth season. “I’m negotiating,” he says. Of course, HBO hasn’t renewed the show itself — but Ball isn’t worried. “There are no plans for this show to end,” he assures. “I’m pretty sure there will be at least one more season, if not more. It seems like it has a lot of life in it still.” That’s an understatement given the boffo ratings for Sunday’s premiere.

Question: In a recent Ask Ausiello, you said that there was a very subtle clue for “one of the biggest (literally and figuratively) twists in True Blood‘s history” in the linked trailer. Now that we’ve seen the premiere — and know the twist in question was the yearlong time jump — you have to reveal what the clue was! Was it that Eric said “for the past year” at the beginning of the trailer? —Nancy
Nope. The clue was Tara declaring, “It’s been a while since I got attacked by a vampire, and guess what — it still sucks.” Had the show stuck with tradition — i.e. no time jump between seasons — it would’ve only been a few days since Tara’s deadly run-in with psycho vamp Franklin Mott.


The return of HBO's True Blood proved its worth in the ratings.

The return of HBO's True Blood proved its worth in the ratings.
Sunday's Season 4 premiere matched the supernatural series' series high in the ratings, drawing 5.4 million viewers at 9 p.m. Compared to last year's season launch, which lured 5.1 million, True Blood improved 6 percent.


‘True Blood’s’ Alan Ball Answers the Season Four Premiere’s Burning Questions

Excellent interview !

Fairies lobbing bombs. Dead parrots coming back to life. A doll-decapitating baby. Judging by all the strange things happening in the Season Four premiere of HBO’s “True Blood,” life is back to perfectly (ab)normal in Bon Temps, Louisiana. Where it appears there really is no such thing as a good day for anyone. “Everyone gets an episode to be happy,” jokes executive producer Alan Ball, “but then you have to mess it up because otherwise, it gets boring.”

That’s one word that can’t be used to describe the premiere episode, which brought up plenty of burning questions for fans of the series. XfinityTV asked Ball to deal with some of the more perplexing queries based on what we’ve seen of Season Four so far. Here’s what he had to say.

The first six minutes of the Season Four premiere felt like some summer action blockbuster. Why did you come up with something that big?
It was huge. We did a lot of research about all different kinds of fairies, alien abductions, relativity…..From the time we started writing to the time that episode was locked, it was about four months. What we wanted to do was just jump ahead in time, shake things up and start fresh. The second and third seasons started directly after the season prior. So we wanted to get people to a different place.

And that place is a year later….why leap to that spot in time?
We could pick up this world and shake it like a snow globe. We could make everything different and there’s no real downside. You can make Jason a cop. Andy can be full-out addicted to V. Tara is fully ensconced in her new life. Terry and Arlene are married and the baby is born.

Your fairies seemed more like guerilla fighters. Will they be back?
That’s not the last we’ve seen of them. Time for fairies is different so it takes them a while to react. Our show has 12 episodes, and for them that’s like a minute. They will react (to Sookie’s escape) eventually.

Is there any significance to the watch that Sookie passed along to Jason from their grandfather?
The watch is basically to prove to Jason that she was there with her grandfather in the land of the fairies. The watch has no powers although maybe…now that I’ve got that thought in my head….

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Video: True Blood Premiere's 6 Most Shocking Moments!

'True Blood' Recap: Let's Do the Time Warp

Nice recap from Rolling Stone 

Sookie Stackhouse, Eric Northman, Bill Compton and the rest of the supernatural crew fast forward for season four's premiere

"She's Not There," the first episode of True Blood's fourth season, thrusts us right into the mayhem and supernatural madness we were trying to figure out when last season came to an end. We begin with Sookie Stackhouse crossing over into faerie land, and get adequately briefed on the ins and outs of faeries, witches, werepanthers and shape-shifters — but it's the vampire storyline that remains most compelling (Spoiler Alert: Bill Compton and Eric Northman's power switch has a lot to do with it). Though this season, like its predecessors, closely follows the same numbered volume of Charlaine Harris' best-selling Sookie Stackhouse novels, the series runs the risk of confusion over camp with the ever-increasing number of characters it introduces. Here, the first of our weekly species-by-species recaps of True Blood, season four:

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Method Shapeshifting with Marshall Allman

Marshall takes his animal transformations really, really seriously. ( NOT FOR WORK OR KIDS!)-hahahahah
If I could shapeshift, I'd become a fly on the wall of the "True Blood" set so I could see how things are done. But thanks to Funny Or Die, fans are getting a behind-the-scenes look at the HBO series.
In the hilarious video "Method Shifting," Trubie newbie Janina Gavankar, who plays a new shifter and romantic interest for Sam (Sam Trammell), does her first scene with Marshall Allman, aka Sam's shifter brother, Tommy.

Charlaine Harris: Energised by the supernatural

Stephen Jewell talks to American author Charlaine Harris about why readers must not confuse her True Blood novels with the television series.
Charlaine Harris is happy with the way True Blood's creators have expanded her storylines to involve other character viewpoints. 
For a series rooted in the small Louisiana town of Bon Temps, it's ironic that True Blood's core cast hails from New Zealand, Australia and England. But no one is more impressed with the accents of Wellingtonian Anna Paquin, Ryan Kwanten from Sydney, and Essex-raised Stephen Moyer, who play Sookie Stackhouse, her brother Jason and vampire lover Bill Compton, than Charlaine Harris, the American author of the novels on which the popular series is based.
"I was born and bred in the south, so it took me a while to acclimatise myself but they've all done a trememendous job," laughs Harris, who lives in Arkansas. "I just can't imagine that part of acting. I couldn't do it myself. It's crazy, isn't it? But I get to see them from time to time and they're all such fun to hang around with."

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Bauer Sheds Tears About True Blood

Despite how well she plays the hard as nails Pamela De Beaufort on HBO's True Blood, Kristin Bauer is worlds apart from the fierce and cruel nature of her television counterpart. We were able to sit down with the gorgeous actress just days before the season four premiere of her wildly popular series to get the scoop on the show, the cast and the fairy tale love story that she lives out every day off-screen. 

Check out Charlaine's True Blood Premier Party photos and of her trip to LA

I had fun looking at the photos bff Paula posted for Charlaine- Warner brothers back lot tour, I've done that, check ...Visit to Fangtasia ( Actually Alex's bar in Long Beach) check,  done that, glamorous Hollywood premiere....nope haven't done that !


We have taken some great fan trips check them out here

Third 'True Blood' Soundtrack CD Coming Soon

More good news for True Blood fans and music lovers everywhere: the third volume of True Blood: Music From the HBO Original Series is in the works, and it not only includes music from Season 3, but also some upcoming Season 4 songs, including the track "She's Not There" from last night's premiere.

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'True Blood' Bar Fangtasia: True To Life?

Eric Northman's flashy, provocatively named vampire bar, Fangtasia, is the perfect antidote for Bon Temps' teaming population of bloodsuckers bored up with staid Merlotte's. It's a place where "True Blood"'s vamps and humans can delight in a little mutual admiration over a cold (or warm!) beverage, and it got plenty of play on last night's season four premiere, "She's Not There," in which Eric taped a PSA encouraging dubious humans to stop by for dinner (with the promise that they wouldn't be the main course).

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New eBook : UNDEAD. The Birth of Dracula

Frank Delaney Deconstructs the Myth of the Modern Vampire in His First Kindle Single, UNDEAD. The Birth of Dracula ( 99 cents)

In his first Amazon Kindle Single, UNDEAD, Irish author, broadcaster and literary historian, Frank Delaney, reveals the relationship between blood, sex and everlasting life, and revisits the 19th century birth of Dracula at the hands of his countryman, Bram Stoker. Released on Friday, June 24, by Saturday at midnight it had shot to #1 on the Kindle Single bestseller list, knocking David Baldacci off the top spot.
Poised to meet the timing and interest of HBO's thirsty True Blood fans, Delaney acknowledges the quality of the writing and production values in the ground-breaking Alan Ball series, and uses it to guide his full-bodied literary foray into all things vampire.
From his eye-witness account of a castle that inspired Stoker, to his re-telling of myths from the Bible, to the gothic Victorians, to the modern screen, Delaney weaves a visceral and compelling thesis, contending that the vampire story has been a part of the human narrative from the time stories were first shared.

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From 'Twilight' to 'True Blood': Today's vampire franchises owe everything to 'Dark Shadows'

Without question, without the character of Barnabas Collins, you wouldn't have the vampires of today." 

Let's see. Start with a deeply conflicted vampire irresistibly drawn to a beautiful young human while battling his predatory instincts. Give him a conscience. Give him a tortured back story.
Got it? OK, now surround him with werewolves, ghosts, witches and all sorts of other supernatural creatures. Now put him on the cover of national magazines and use him as the driving force for a pop-culture phenomenon spawning all manner of licensed merchandising.

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