Thursday, June 24, 2010

Grant " Cooter " Bowler : Lycan the transformation

Outrageous Fortune star Grant Bowler's Stateside career continues to truck along nicely. After roles in Lost and Ugly Betty, Bowler joined the cast of True Blood for its third season, alongside another acting export, Anna Paquin.

He also has three movies on the way - when TimeOut finds him he's somewhere between Peru, where's he's been filming prison movie City of Gardens and Melbourne, where he's headed to start on The Killer Elite, a military thriller starring Robert De Niro, Clive Owen and Jason Statham, among others.

So, from Wolf West to a wolfman named Coot. You've lost the beard - what else has changed?
Well, I'm still acting for a living [but] I guess I live mainly in the States these days - that would be a change. And now I shoot films much more than I shoot television.

Is Coot the biker werewolf at all like Wolf West?
One's named Wolf, one is a wolf. They are both more on the working class side of the equation than not, and they pretty much do what they want most of the time. So those would be the commonalities.

The American version of Outrageous Fortune has started this week - have you seen much of David James Elliot?
I've actually never seen him.

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Spoilers from Ask Ausiello

Question: Season 3 has barely started, but I am dying for some True Blood news. Got any to share? —Kelly
Exec producer Alan Ball teases that a big secret Bill’s “been carrying with him gets revealed at the end of the season.” That noise you hear is the sound of me dipping into the Ausiello Files archives and going Hmm…

Question: Have you received confirmation from Alan Ball that Talbot and Eric will get, ahem, down to business on True Blood this season? —Rob
No, but I haven’t received a denial from him, either. “I think one of the things about being a vampire and living for 100 years is you pretty much try everything,” Ball says. “Whether or not [Talbot and Eric] end up getting together I can’t reveal. I’ll definitely tell you that this season is pretty pansexual.” Yeah, got that bit from the first two episodes.

Has True Blood ruined the chances for more vampire TV?

HBO's sultry, silly, sanguine hit show routinely pushes everything to 11 — leaving little room for other bloodsucking fare to make a mark. Which is a shame, because there's one vamp project that should see the light of, er, day.

Alan Ball's televised take on Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse novels is many things — funny, sexy, punchy, twisty — but you'd be hard-pressed to find a show on television with as many bat-shit insane things happening week after week. And it's hard to compete with crazy.

Has True Blood ruined the chances for more vampire TV?Just ask ABC's desperate-vampires show The Gates, which premiered to about the same number of viewers as True Blood (which is a bad thing, given that ABC is a broadcast network, with a much larger potential audience than HBO's paying customers). Or The Vampire Diaries — the CW's highest rated show, but it still pulls down about the same numbers as True Blood — which seems to exist to help vampophiles cope in between Twilight movies and seasons of, yes, True Blood.

So which network — broadcast or otherwise — is going to hatch a new bloodsucker series given such an overwhelming argument not to? Exactly. And that's too bad, because Charlie Huston's Joe Pitt novels are perfectly suited for a long-form serial treatment.

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Charlaine Harris on True Blood and Vampires That Sparkle

Before Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels that True Blood is based on, began signing books, she answered some frequently asked questions for the 100 assembled fans at the Englert Theatre in Iowa City, Iowa on June 17th.
"Yes, I'm happy with Alan Ball's production of my novels," Harris said. "Also, if you ask me where I get my inspiration, I will spit on you," she joked.
Bringing Harris to Iowa was the brainchild of Rob Cline, director of the Metro Library Network's Out Loud! Author Series. "We should pick one of those vampire authors," he told the Out Loud! planning committee. Four hours and a few phone calls later, Harris had agreed to the appearance -- a co-headlining event with Jace Everett, singer of the True Blood theme song, "Bad Things."
It was her first visit to Iowa and the first time that she had seen Jace Everett perform live. The first time the two Southerners met was in Los Angeles. "We had a few laughs about all the pretty people in L.A.," Everett, a native Texan, told me after his 75-minute concert. We ain't that purdy 'round these parts, I said. He agreed, but added, "y'all are more my type of people." *
I sat down with Harris before the event to chat. Not on the agenda: asking her where she gets her inspiration.
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Jace in Iowa

“True Blood” Sucker Punch: Season 3, Ep. 2

Team Talk Blood Radio member,  Mark Blankenship send us his " Sucker Punch" review of TB S3.02 (You can listen live Sunday night's to our radio show  !)

Welcome to Sucker Punch, the only blog post that ranks the gaudiest moments on this week’s episode of True Blood.
(Warning: Spoilers Ahead)

Howdy y’all! I didn’t get around to watching “Beautifully Broken,” this week’s installment of True Blood, until Wednesday night (!), but it was the cap to an excellent day. I signed a lease for a new apartment and made it through every audition round for a popular game show… and then I enjoyed a tasty stew of fangs, fur, and freaks.
But I dig into that, let’s be real for a minute… This season will keep our core characters apart from each other and that makes me nervous. Remember last year, when the “half in Louisiana, half in Texas” stuff made made True Blood feel like two disconnected shows? I don’t want to deal with that again.
That said: This season’s storylines have all been really engaging so far.

For instance, I’m grateful the writers are giving the human characters such interesting things to do. When the humans have human problems—problems that don’t arise from werewolf bites or whatever—then the show becomes much more powerful. To me, at least.

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Ready for More Sookie and Bill? HBO Shops 'True Blood'

'True Blood' fans may soon sink their teeth into more fleshy fun. HBO has begun to shop around reruns of the vampire drama to basic cable networks, according to Broadcasting & Cable.

HBO confirmed the news amid a string of successes for the show. 'True Blood''s third season premiered two weeks ago to a record-breaking audience of 5.1 million, topping its season two premiere by almost 40 percent. The season two opener was HBO's biggest hit since 'The Sopranos' series finale in 2007. Then, on Jun. 21, the network announced that it had renewed 'True Blood' for a fourth season, which is expected to arrive in summer 2011.'True Blood' fans may soon sink their teeth into more fleshy fun. HBO has begun to shop around reruns of the vampire drama to basic cable networks, according to Broadcasting & Cable.

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Nudity No Biggie for True Blood Hunk Sam Trammell

Team Awful loves True all know this. But what we do keep secret from you is who we've each pegged as our No. 1 hunk on HBO's hit show.
Well, Ted's giving his up now: It's all about Sam Trammell, baby. Shocked it's not Alexander Skarsgård, right?
We ran into Sam at last night's BING party at Boa in West Hollywood, and the guy couldn't have been more adorable when we thanked him for giving Skars a run for his money on being naked in almost every scene of season three (which, is something Alex has thanked Sam for too, FYI).
"I'm always sort of stuck in the weirdest places without my clothes," the shapeshifter told Kristin Dos Santos at the True Blood premiere two weeks ago.
As for whether he's used to it now? Sam, who was with his gorge blond girlfriend (sorry, ladies and gents) last night, said the shirtless stuff was recently brought to his attention: "I didn't even really realize I was shirtless in almost every scene until I started reading about it everywhere," Sam grinned, dimpled and all.

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Everything I Want by Jace Everett