Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Video: Anna Paquin Glows at the Golden Globes

Our Mark Steines is on the Golden Globes red carpet with "True Blood"'s Anna Paquin, who shares her excitement about her nom -- hours before winning her category later in the night!

"This is really exciting. I'm really excited. I've never been to the Golden Globes before," Anna gushes.

She went on to win the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Television Series (Drama) for "True Blood."

Click the video for more from Anna, as well as 'Mamma Mia!''s Amanda Sayfried!

a kiss by any other name ...

Herve Leroux designed Anna's gown

On a red carpet full of shimmer and beads, Anna Paquin stands out for her minimalist approach. Her aubergine Herve Leroux gown is simple, chic, and to the point — are you feeling it?

Pretty in Purple

A bevy of Hollywood beauties made a united front for earthtones on the Golden Globes carpet, showing out in strong numbers sporting purple.

Miss Golden Globe 2009, aka Rumer Willis, came in a layered confection with a tight bodice, thin black belting and topped with simple diamond earrings.

Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere looked gorgeous in grape as well, showing a bejeweled strapless top and a gauzy full-length skirt.

Also, making a nice return to the red carpet is Oscar winner Anna Paquin, looking simple and chic in attendance for her campy HBO hit True Blood.

Careful; he’s a vampire, isn’t he?

“You’ve been naked several times on ‘True Blood,’” Giuliana Rancic tells Stephen Moyer. “Did you have that in your contract?” Then she grabs him to show him an exercise for his backside. Careful; he’s a vampire, isn’t he?

“You can’t see certain bits of the lady, so you end up with the director coming up to you saying, ‘, can we have your little buttocks going up and down?’ ”
True Blood's Stephen Moyer, on the rules of nudity and sex scenes

Backstage at the Golden Globes

Notes and reactions from behind the scenes By DAVID S. COHEN, JUSTIN CHANG

Anna Paquin talked backstage about how hard she fought to win the role of Sookie Stackhouse in "True Blood."

"I was the pale brunette from New Zealand, and I'm playing the Southern tanned blonde, essentially a Hooter's waitress. It wasn't the most obvious casting choice, but I just really wanted it and I didn't stop until they said yes."

How did winning a Globe compare to her Oscar win for "The Piano" at the age of 11?

"I don't even remember that, it was very blurry and crazy," she said. "This is quite blurry and crazy, too, but at least I'm old enough to drink and stay out past 10 p.m."

more from the GG awards

Anna and Sam Trammell

Stephen Moyer listening to Anna's acceptance speech

Stephen Moyer listening to Anna Paquin's acceptance speech at the Golden Globes

3:35 PM – Stephen Moyer from “True Blood” admits he is a Golden Globe virgin, “that’s about the only type of virgin I’ve been in a long time.” He says filming on season two of the series began this week and that they will pick up right where they left off in the season finale. He also says now that the show is a hit he can’t go out in his hometown of London without being recognized.

Anna WINS !!!

Anna Paquin wins best actress and hugs ( oh, and
kisses on the lips ) Stephen Moyer

Ryan Kwanten - Golden Globes 2009 True Blood hunk Ryan Kwanten (in DKNY) hits the red carpet at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilto

True Blood hunk Ryan Kwanten (in DKNY) hits the red carpet at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 11) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 32-year-old Aussie actor is up for a Golden Globe this year. HBO’s True Blood is up for “Best Television Series - Drama” and is in competition with Showtime’s Dexter, FOX’s House, HBO’s In Treatment and AMC’s Mad Men.

Globes-kwanten ryan-kwanten-golden-globes-2009-02Globes-kwanten ryan-kwanten-golden-globes-2009-01

a few more from the red carpet

some photos of Stephen Moyer from the red carpet

a few more of Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer at Golden Globes

Anna and Stephen arrive to cheers at Golden Globes

Anna looking beautiful, the back of Stephens head

They arrives about 30 minutes apart ...

True Blood Music Video of the Day

Poker face by Lady GaGa ( this is an Eric/Sookie vid)

HBO's Star-Studded Return

Lacey Rose, 01.10.09, 10:40 AM EST
If star power is any predictor of success, HBO is primed for a comeback.
LOS ANGELES - At the semiannual Television Critics Association gathering in Los Angeles Friday, HBO rounded up everyone from Kevin Bacon and Will Ferrell to Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange to deliver a not-so-subtle message: We're back.

After thriving for more than a decade, the network fell into a rut as touchstones of popular culture like The Sopranos and Sex and the City gave way to newer, weaker fare like Lucky Louie and John from Cincinnati. Chief Executive Chris Albrecht's forced resignation after an ugly, drunken scene with his girlfriend in a Las Vegas parking lot compounded the pain.

It wasn't all bad. The slide sparked HBO executives to aggressively court top talent and solicit ideas hungrily, hoping to regain the unofficial title as the king of zeitgeist television. Rivals like Showtime, with edgy dramas like Californication and Weeds, as well as AMC's breakthrough with stylish masterpiece Mad Men, which HBO passed on, proved eager to share the title.

HBO's success last year with Alan Ball's southern vampire soap True Blood showed the network wasn't out of the game. Based on the quirky Sookie Stackhouse novel series, the show quietly became HBO's most watched series since The Sopranos and Sex and the City, with an average weekly audience approaching 7 million viewers.

They're looking for similar success with The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, a series based on the best-selling books by Alexander McCall Smith. Grammy winner Jill Scott plays Precious Ramotswe, the proprietor of the only female-owned detective agency in Botswana.

Veteran Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein is among the show's producers. "HBO is a brave network to let us go to Botswana and make a series there," he told the room of reporters.

The network also plans two offerings from Ferrell and his producing partner, Adam McKay. There's Eastbound & Down, the story of a burned-out major leaguer who takes a gig as the gym teacher at his former middle school. Ferrell, the executive producer, will act in the series as well. He'll also deliver Will Ferrell: You're Welcome America, A Final Night with George W. Bush, a live telecast of his one-man Broadway show.

Rounding out the season are two films: Taking Chance stars Bacon in the real-life journey of a Marine lieutenant who escorted home from combat the remains of a 19-year-old Marine; Grey Gardens, an adaptation of the 1970s documentary and more recent Broadway show, stars Barrymore and Lange as the eccentric first cousin and aunt of Jacqueline Kennedy who chose to live a life of isolation and squalor in Long Island's East Hampton.

Will “True Blood” win a Golden Globe?

E-online is predicting a True Blood win...see video

by Cheril Vernon on January 11th, 2009

capphotos080416-ANNA-PAQUIN-STEPHEN-true-blood-anna-paquin-stephen-moyer.jpgCan HBO’s new vampire series True Blood win a Golden Globe on Sunday night?

True Blood has been nominated for Best Television Series — Drama up against Showtime’s Dexter, House on FOX, HBO’s In Treatment and AMC’s Mad Men.

Personally, I would LOVE for True Blood to win as it’s one of my favorite shows. True Blood has been getting a lot of press and has quite a following. That said, all of the shows nominated are good. If a show beats out True Blood, I hope it’s Dexter.

True Blood star Anna Paquin (the great Sookie Stackhouse) also has been nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series — Drama.

She’s up against tough competition herself — Sally Field, Brothers & Sisters (ABC), Mariska Hargitay, Law & Order, January Jones, Mad Men (AMC) and Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer (TNT).

I don’t think Anna Paquin will win this round, but I think she’s definitely someone to look at in the future. When you first watch True Blood (at least from my experience), her accent can be pretty annoying. Then the next thing you know — you are hooked so deep on the show that you literally dream Bill calling out Sookie’s name in his slow drawl.

I’m not the only one to think True Blood as a series has a good chance. Kristin Dos Santos from E! Online’s Watch With Kristin thinks so as well (see the video after the jump).

Here’s a couple of True Blood spoilers to keep you blood-thirsty: According to Entertainment Weekly, show creator Alan Ball reminds everyone that Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) does die in the books. But that doesn’t mean he won’t be back.

EW also says the mystery surrounding True Blood’s new character Maryann (Michelle Forbes) will play front and center in season 2. She’s a supernatural creator that’s very ancient. Hmm. Wonder what that means?

Also, check out SookieBonTemps on Twitter. I’m not sure who this person actually is, but they do a good job of staying in character of Sookie Stackhouse 24/7. You almost feel like Sookie is right there in the bar serving drinks in Bon Temps!

And here’s my New to TV Twitter ID.

Golden Globes promise a party- cnn

The 66th annual Golden Globes, which will air live Sunday, may not not settle much -- already, some of Hollywood's other industry organizations are nominating films, such as "The Dark Knight" and "Milk," that received short shrift from the Globe-presenting Hollywood Foreign Press Association -- but at least this year's program will feature glitz, glamour and all the Tinseltown trimmings.

Last year's "show," you'll recall, was a bare-bones news conference, created because celebrities had announced a boycott because of the writers strike.

So this year, audiences can look forward to finery and perhaps a little fun, since the Globes are essentially a big party with an open bar. As the ads trumpet, "Anything can happen."

"We're back, we're bigger, we're better than ever -- that's the message," Barry Adelman, an executive with Globes producer Dick Clark Productions, told The New York Times.
.... Among the names expected, according to HFPA press releases: Drew Barrymore, Pierce Brosnan, Sandra Bullock, Glenn Close, Sean Combs, Sacha Baron Cohen, Cameron Diaz, Aaron Eckhart, Ricky Gervais, Jake Gyllenhaal, Blake Lively, Hayden Panettiere, Amy Poehler, Seth Rogen and Martin Scorsese.

Steven Spielberg will receive this year's Cecil B. DeMille Award for his "outstanding contribution to the entertainment field."

Though the stars are expected to acknowledge the tough economic times, HFPA president Jorge Camara believes the pleasures of the event will come through.

"The heat and buzz are here," he told the trade paper Variety. "It will be a very glamorous room. ... We really don't want to make anything different from what it is, which is celebrating, in a party atmosphere, the talent in motion pictures and television."

The 66th annual Golden Globes will air from the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California. The show begins at 8 p.m. ET and will air on NBC.