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Paquin: Not Exactly Bloodthirsty

Blink has heard of low-carb diets, but this borders on the extreme. According to Dan Rebert, a creature and prosthetics make-up artist with MastersFX, which just signed on to do effects for a second season of HBO’s “True Blood,” star Anna Paquin is way conscientious about what she consumes on the set, even in character.

True Blood

“Alan Ball requested of us during the first season that any time Anna Paquin needs to drink ‘blood’ on set, we have to ensure that our special-effects blood is carb-free. So, for the second season of the show, we’re stocking up on carb-free blood—an item that’s not so easily found,” he says. It’s a good thing for Ms. Paquin that these aren’t the good old days of black-and-white productions, when Hershey’s chocolate syrup was the top choice for on-screen blood. The actress could not be reached for comment by deadline.


TV guide poll: Vote for Bill Compton for Sexiest Bad Ass

Vote for Bill Compton for sexiest Bad Ass

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"Theodore Newlin is an America hero , Amen, Amen !"

This a fun little factoid about the Tammy Faye look-alike wife of the husband / wife TV evangelists couple that we see interviewing Ted Newlin .

We see this clip in episode 3 when Jason is watching TV late at night . The actress is Kelli Maroney and she is a female B movie horror film star as well as Soap star ( Ryan's Hope ) .

Kelli Maroney is best known for her film roles were in the 1982 comedy Fast Times at Ridgemont High as a cheerleader named Cindy, the 1984 science fiction movie Night of the Comet as Samantha Belmont; as well as two low-budget slasher films, The Zero Boys (1985) as Jamie, and Chopping Mall
(1986) as Alison.

In an interview with Maroney was featured in Jewel Shepard's Invasion of the B-Girls, a non-fiction book comprised of Q&A's with popular scream queens.

Kelli's web page http://www.kellimaroney.com/home.html
Cult Goddess Magazine HERE http://www.cultgoddessmagazine.com/

South Florida's underground vampires lust for more than your heart

By Michael J. Mooney Palm Beach News

Under any other circumstances, the girl sitting in the oversized red chair might be screaming for help or begging for mercy. A tall, pale young man — his eyes lined in black — inches toward her with a sharp blade in his hand. It's just after 1 a.m. on a recent Friday night, and an operatic trance song thumps through a North Miami Beach living room lit only by a series of white candles.

Nikolai, 23, wears black leather wristbands and the vest and pants of a powder-blue tuxedo. He's a thin kid with an emo haircut. He brandishes a medical scalpel in his right hand. He lifts Violetta's right leg into the air, rustling her burgundy, Elizabethan-style dress. The blade nears Violetta's exposed, fleshy thigh....

Nikolai is a vampire. He and his friends are all part of a South Florida community of vampires — they sometimes spell it vampyre to differentiate the living, human versions from the fictional, undead forms. They identify with the lonely, torn spirits in vampire stories, but these folks are not your typical goth kids. Nor are they role playing. Some of them claim to be psychic vampires with an ability to drain energy with their minds. And some are sanguine — vampires who lust after and feed on human blood.

Read article http://www.browardpalmbeach.com/2009-02-05/news/south-florida-s-underground-vampires-lust-for-more-than-your-heart/

True Blood HBO Wiki gets praise from a husband!

We don't all have long suffering spouses -some of our husbands and boyfriends are very understanding and even happy that we have found something that we so enjoy!

So there I was watching HBO..and my wife's name flashes on the screen during a promo for the very popular HBO vampire show True Blood. The producers regularly scan the fan forum and quote the best comments from the super fans.

I thought I was a fanboy!

HBO Original Series turns out some of the most memorable, dark, and dramatic TV shows anywhere. There are fans of HBO and then there are FANS!
HBO hosts the True Blood Wiki, where the very devoted fanatics of the show, like my wife, come to bond and team-up in online cliques to discuss red wine, vampire affairs, human/ Vampire relations and Milano cookies.

The show is based on the very popular novels- the Sookie Stackhouse Series- by Charlaine Harris. My books have been banished to a lower shelf in place of these 'Sookie' novels.
And no, I'm not jealous of all of the giggling, school girl, fandom..like some of the other True Blood spouses apparently are. The show's creators apparently read the fan forums to get ideas and to gauge audience response, pretty cool.

Anyways..A shout out to the 'Bill on the brain', bunch over on the TB Wiki..and also to my fellow True Blood spouses, at least Entourage is great this season.

It's not TV, it's HBO.

True Blood: it's not the only drink in town

There are other brands of synthetic blood that the vampires drink in the Sookie Stackhouse books beside True Blood.

The four others that come to mind are:
Life Flow from Bk 2
Life Support from Bk 3
Red Stuff from Bk 5
Royalty Blend from Bk 8

Others ? Anyone remember what makes Royalty Blend different ?

True Blood in Poland : promotional videos

The cheese that goes crunch!

In the books who likes to eat these these ?

True Blood actors adopt Southern Accents : They speak American

I am not one of the people that has had a problem with the accents of any of the actors, I think the Canadian/Kiwi , Brits, Swedish and Australian actors are doing a pretty good job with their American southern accents and I have lived in the South all my life.

A growing number of television actors are not only studying scripts, they're also studying American vowels and consonants. Popular actors from England, Australia and New Zealand have found a home on the small screen playing American characters.But just how well are they doing with their adoptive American accents? For some perspective, we checked in with Cecilie O'Reilly, a busy Chicago dialect coach, who most recently worked with American actors and Irish accents for Steppenwolf Theatre's production of "The Seafarer."

Anna Paquin, New Zealand

Role: Sookie Stackhouse ("True Blood"), a Louisiana barmaid who hears voices and falls in love with a vampire.

Accent: Paquin's Southern accent is "right on target. I pretty much couldn't see any problem with it."


The 100 Best Fantasy Books

Fantasy books and movie dot com came up with their list of the 100 best fantasy books .

The best fantasy books take you on the adventure of a lifetime, through fantastic worlds full of magical creatures and endless possibilities.

Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris16. Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris (2001)
A psychic barmaid from a small town finds her life turned upside down when a handsome vampire takes an interest in her. This is the first book in The Southern
Vampire Mysteries series.

Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris47. Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris (2002)
A psychic barmaid must solve the murder of a co-worker and find a missing vampire in this, the second book in The Southern Vampire Mysteries series.

Of note , Dracula is 22 - entire list can be found here

Dracula by Bram Stoker22. Dracula by Bram Stoker (1897)
A British solicitor recounts his encounter with the mysterious Count Dracula, who takes an unnatural interest in his beloved fiancé.

True Blood grabs audiences by the jugular

From Australian Courier Mail

THERE'S one major drawback to being a vampire in Los Angeles.

"I wasn't allowed to go into the sun because my character's white," laments British actor Stephen Moyer, who plays a 173-year-old blood sucker in raunchy US drama True Blood.

"After a while I was like, 'Come on, guys. I'm in LA! I live by the beach. Let me play'.

"Then of course I started getting the LA permatan and got in big trouble."

Moyer, a father of two, will have to get used to spending time in dark places.

True Blood, based on the novels by Charlaine Harris and reimagined for the small screen by Six Feet Under creator Alan Ball, has grabbed TV audiences by the jugular.

See our gallery of screen vampires
With its graphic mix of sex, gore and black humour, it's not for the feint-hearted, but received critical kudos at last month's Golden Globes, with star Anna Paquin collecting the award for best actress and the series nominated for best drama.

"You can't say it too many times that Alan is a clever man," Moyer says of the Oscar-winning writer and director.

"You've got this classic love story, which he gives a modern twist to . . . you've got the funny, you've got the sexy, you've got the downright dirty, but you've also got the drama of it."

In True Blood, vampires have come out of the coffin, so to speak. They live alongside humans thanks to the invention of synthetic blood called "True Blood", which can be bought like a six-pack of beer and supposedly quenches the vamps' thirst for mortals.

But their integration into society is fraught with prejudice and violence.

Telepathic Louisiana waitress Sookie Stackhouse (Paquin) is one of the few willing to give the undead a chance, particularly when the brooding Bill Compton (Moyer) arrives.

"Alan creates this outsider who comes into the town and is immediately looked at with suspicion," Moyer says of his character.

"So he's kind of a metaphor for any minority group you can think of, whether it be the idea of blacks in the South or homosexuality or any outsider group, really.

"That's the sort of deeper level that I find very interesting. I couldn't believe it when I read it. I was just blown away by the idea of him."

Like New Zealand's Paquin and Australia's Ryan Kwanten, who plays Sookie's sex-mad brother Jason, Moyer had to disguise his native accent with some convincing Southern dialects. He says the fact half the lead cast have foreign passports is a coincidence.

"I truly don't believe that actors in America don't exist to have been able to play these parts," he says. "Alan just sees things in people and he'll wait until he finds what he wants.

"Anna, obviously, we all know, is a pale brunette and she's playing this tanned blonde girl, but she had to go through the whole audition process. It wasn't offered to her. She ended up reading with five blonde actresses, with her still dark and pale, and Alan just believed that she could do it."

While he is begrudgingly avoiding UV rays ahead of filming True Blood's second series, Moyer says it's nice to have finally found a place in the sun career-wise. "A couple of other offers have come in that I haven't taken because my kids live in England and I didn't want to leave them unless it was something fantastic," he says.

"I've been in a very nice position for the first time in my life to say,'You know what? I don't need to do that at the moment'."

True Blood, Showcase, Tuesday, 7.30pm

True Blood Music Video of the Day

After Dark by by Tito & Tarantula [lyrics]