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Anna and Stephen at Nylon Party

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Sookie's Power Explained

From New York Post

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I loathe spoilers -- both giving and receiving. But today I accidentally stumbled across one for my favorite show, "True Blood," and instead of being filled with anger, rage and hatred, I found myself smiling.

Because the spoiler in question has to do with a mysterious moment that occurred right after Sookie laid her hands on Maryann's face during their confrontation.

Now, for those of you who feel similarly about spoilers, I have put all sensitive information below. So stop reading if you want to remain blissfully ignorant of what or who is behind Sookie's extra specialness.

OK, so this shouldn't be news to anyone whose read the books, but since I want my first exposure to the twists and turns of Bon Temps to be via "True Blood," I've opted out of reading.

However, while perusing a a report recapping a gathering of literary newbies, including Charlaine Harris author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, I stumbled across the reveal that Sookie's powers come from the fact that!

Or to use their words exactly, "We already saw Sookie's fairy manifestations when she touched Maryann!"

Love it! I wouldn't expect to see this play out until next season, but still ... fairy!

'True Blood' Sneak Peek! Here's What We Know About Evan Rachel Wood's Queen (Hint: She Prefers Women!)

This is what MTV knows -we know more i'll post more this weekend to get us ready

A single, blood-streaked leg was the first hint we got of Evan Rachel Wood's vampire queen of Louisiana during the closing moments of this week's "True Blood" episode. Whether the appendage belonged to Queen Sophie-Anne or a puncture-marked human, we can't say for sure, but we have uncovered a few tidbits about the bloodsucking queen whom Bill turns to, to rid Bon Temps of trouble-making Maryann.

Sink your teeth into these fangtastic facts as you patiently (or not so patiently) wait for next week's episode.

She favors female flesh
A steamy sexy scene is a rite of passage for any "True Blood" cast member, and Evan is no exception. Though her major moment will be a little different than most. "It's with a girl," the 22-year-old revealed to Newsweek. "I don't think vampires are really gay or straight," she added. "I think she just prefers women." Should we start taking bets as to which "True Blood" babe she beds?

She may be a vampire queen, but she'd never be voted homecoming queen.
“Nobody’s ever entirely happy to see her character," series creator Alan Ball told EW . “She’s very powerful, capricious and most likely insane." Hopefully she's no worse than Maryann, or else Bon Temps will be fixin' for even more drama.

She's got some serious style
Sophie-Anne's had 500 years to hone her fashion sense, and from the looks of the photo above, she's perfected it swimmingly. The bloodsucker looks downright delicious lounging by the pool in an ivory halter one-piece with her cat-eye shades and tidy red waves. We're dying to see what other '50s glam pieces emerge from her sure-to-be cluttered closet.

She's a woman with a plan
What was billed as a two-episode arc seems to have increased, as several sources are reporting Evan will return for season 3. It's not clear what she'll be doing, but Alan Ball revealed that she "has more than one secret agenda." Perhaps a few Charlaine Harris fans can clue us in?

In the meantime, click play on the clip below to hear more about Evan's queenly role from the vamp herself.

5 Reasons Vampires Are the New Bad Boys

From Tresugar ( if you are going to fight about Twilight please post to her site - I didn't write this !)

Vampires have long been a staple of romantic literature and movies, but with Twilight and True Blood, we're in the middle of a vampire sexual revolution.

In the latest issue of Nylon, True Blood star Stephen Moyer offers his theory as to why women are so drawn to vampires as sex symbols:

"The thing about vampirism is that it taps into a female point of view — you have an old-fashioned gentleman with manners who is a f*cking killer . . . it’s an interesting duality, because in our present society it would be an odd thing for a woman to say, 'I want my man to be physical with me.' . . . It’s difficult stuff for a bloke, but a vampire gets away with it."

Yikes! Vampires as sexual-domination fantasy? I hope that's not what the teenage Twihards are after. But it's hard to ignore the fact that for many modern young women, vampires are the new bad boys. Here are five good reasons why.

Edward Cullen and other vamps have replaced the old-school "bad boy" epitomized by James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause, Johnny Depp in Cry-Baby, and Bender from The Breakfast Club. Drinking blood is now sexier than drinking and drugs — but why? Here are my theories as to why vampires are the new bad boys.

  1. They're bad, but not too bad. In books and movies, vampires are dangerous. But since most of us aren't dealing with vampires in real life — I hope! — it's a safe danger to fantasize about.
  2. Substance abuse isn't sexy. Sure, drinking blood is kind of gross, but it's also fantasy. For many teens, a fictional need to suck blood is easier to stomach than rebels with serious substance abuse issues like drinking, drugs, and DUIs.
  3. Eternal youth means eternal hotness. Vampires never age, therefore making them hot young things — like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt circa Interview With a Vampire — for all eternity.
  4. Vampires = 4-eva. Along with that whole eternity thing comes the possibility that vampire love can last forever. No commitment issues here!
  5. They're dark and mysterious. The whole concept of vampires appeals to fans of conspiracy theories and the idea that an unknown world just waits to be discovered.

So who do you think is right? Is Moyer on to something with his vampire-sex theory, or do you think it's something else that's making vampiric bad boys so desirable right now?

Evan Rachel Wood's True Blood Debut

from Eonline

If you're as addicted to True Blood as I am, this Sunday cannot come soon enough.

If you haven't heard by now, Evan Rachel Wood will make her debut on the hit HBO as vampire boss lady, Queen Sophie-Ann.

I haven't seen the episode yet, but I just know it's gonna be hot.

I spoke to Evan earlier this week about her new bloodsucking role.

Click my videoblog for a preview. Come back later today for more, plus find out what's the latest on that Spider-Man musical.

Nathan's score to the TV Series True Blood will be released on 8th September

Nathan's score to the TV Series True Blood will be released by Varese Sarabande on 8th September

Original Score From The HBO®

Original Series
Music Composed and Performed by Nathan Barr

TRUE BLOOD chronicles the backwoods Louisiana town of Bon Temps … where vampires have emerged from the coffin, and no longer need humans for their fix. Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin, Golden Globe®-winner for True Blood, Academy Award®-winner for The Piano) works as a waitress at the rural bar Merlotte’s. Though outwardly a typical young woman, she keeps a dangerous secret: she has the ability to hear the thoughts of others. Her situation is further complicated when the bar gets its first vampire patron — 173-year-old Bill Compton (Steven Moyer, Quills) — and the two outsiders are immediately drawn to each other. Delivering the best of what audiences have come to expect from Creator and Executive Producer Alan Ball (writer of Oscar®-winning Best Picture American Beauty, creator of the Emmy® Award-winning HBO® series Six Feet Under), TRUE BLOOD is a dark and sexy tale that boldly delves into the heart — and the neck — of the Deep South.

The evocative score — slightly seasoned with regional influence — is composed and performed by Hostel veteran Nathan Barr.

Season 2 is currently running on HBO.

Varèse Sarabande Catalog #: 302 066 984 2
Release Date: 9/8/09

But this now !

'True Blood,' 'Eureka' star to live 'The Beautiful Life'

edquinn.jpgEd Quinn ("Eureka"'s Nathan Stark, "True Blood"'s vampire Stan) has signed on for "The Beautiful Life."

The CW confirms that Quinn will join their freshman series, playing the husband of Elle Macpherson's character Claudia, a no-nonsense businesswoman who runs the cutthroat modeling agency which represents most of the series' younger characters.

He will first appear in mid October and is said to be sticking around for several episodes.

Anna Paquin Talks About Sookie and Eric's Sex in 'True Blood'

Anna Paquin has talked about her sex scene with Alexander Skarsgard in "True Blood". In an panel for the TV series in Los Angeles, the actress explained how her character Sookie Stackhouse is sexually involved with another vampire, Alexander's Eric Northman, beside her lover Stephen Moyer's Bill Compton. "She drank his [Eric's] blood, so now she has really vivid sexual fantasies about him. I guess that's how it works," Anna elaborated. She then reminded how similar thing happens after Sookie drank Bill's blood, saying "Because in season one after she drinks Bill's blood, she has a moment outside of his house... She's kind of sitting there by herself having a little touch and feel." more on celebrity-mania

True Blood Music Video of the Day: I'll be yours by Placebo

I'll be yours by Placebo LYRICS

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