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Stephen Moyer 'True Blood' in Variety

When Stephen Moyer auditioned in London for the HBO drama "True Blood," the Englishman didn't know whether he could pull off the accent needed to play Bill Compton, a 170-year-old Louisiana vampire.

"I hadn't done a Southern accent since I pretended to be a cowboy when I was 7," Moyer recalls. "I hadn't practiced at home, because I'd literally gotten the script the night before, but when I opened my mouth when we were doing the take, it was just kind of there."

After reading Alan Ball's pilot script, about Louisiana bayou dwellers co-existing uneasily with the undead, Moyer believed that the show -- an adaptation of Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse novels -- was "landmark television."

"Honestly, I wasn't really surprised by the show's success, because I knew Alan was creating the kind of stuff I'd personally be interested in watching," he says.

Many fans seem most interested in Moyer's feverish chemistry with co-star Anna Paquin, who plays ingenue protagonist Sookie, a human who can read everyone's mind except his.

"I honestly think whether the attraction is there or not, you have to create it," he says. "I'm lucky because with Anna it's there."

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So where does Sookie shop?

from Off the rack blog

sookie2.jpgOnly a few days left to go before the new season of “True Blood” begins. Can’t wait. Can’t wait. Can’t wait.

Meantime, NPR has provided me an excuse to mention the HBO show on this shopping blog. Anna Paquin (who plays Sookie Stackhouse) was on “Fresh Air” Wednesday and host Terry Gross asked her about her costumes.

sookie.jpg“My main … Sookie shorts, my waitress shorts from last season .. were off the rack Old Navy and the T-shirt was just American Apparel …,” Paquin told Gross.

“One of the things we do try to do in the costume fittings … is not shopping too far outside of the budget of the actual character,” she continued. “So the fact that we have Sookie in a lot of stuff that is from Target or Old Navy or sort of similarly not-high-end stores, I think is really appropriate because she obviously wouldn’t be able to afford some really snazzy designer something-or-other with her lifestyle and with her salary.”

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..and we know now that Bill and Eric shop for her at Forever 21 HERE

Dallas celebrates the return of True Blood with a Contest #9 Hurricane Sookie make a list of hurricane names from Sookie books

They have announced the 2009 hurricane names and as you can see there are some Sookieverse character names. For tonight's contest make a pretend list using only Sookieverse characters names.

2009 Hurricane Names

Good Luck

Email: "Dallas " at Loving True Blood in Dallas

Here is list of available prizes ! HERE

SOME of these prizes WILL be offered everyday - NOT all the prizes.(we randomly draw 4 available prizes each day so all the "good prizes" won't disappear the first few days )

Each day (June 3rd - June 14th) there will be a chance for you to win a prize.
The entrants will be randomly numbered and the winner will be chosen by the Twitter character @TaraThornton each evening.

That days contest ends 4 pm cst the following day.

You foreign folks are welcome to play but if you win you will have to pay postage I can't offer to mail stuff internationally, sorry.

Behind True Blood, a fight for vampire rights

from Globe and Mail Canada

Before I spoke with novelist Charlaine Harris, I was prepared to dislike her … intensely. Dislike? Hate.

Be patient with me, please. Like Harris, I write neo-Gothic novels. Unlike Harris, my novels have not been turned into a wildly successful, very clever HBO drama, nor have any of them wound up on The New York Times bestseller list, where Harris has placed seven. What is there for a fellow writer not to hate?

The novels in question are the Sookie Stackhouse series, about a young telepath who falls in love with a brooding, sexy vampire – known to television watchers as the award-winning, soapy dramedy True Blood . Imagine Dark Shadows crossed with Steel Magnolias , and you're halfway to understanding the show's uniquely Southern appeal.

While awaiting the second season of True Blood (Sunday, 9 p.m., HBO Canada), I chatted with Harris, an Arkansas mom with a lilting but tough Dolly Parton accent, and found myself unexpectedly mollified, even charmed.

It's hard to hate nice people who've worked very hard for their success.

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True Blood Season 2: Boston Herald gives us more about Lafayette and the foot in the car

Can a telepathic waitress find eternal happiness with a 170-year-old Southern gentlemen with an occasional overbite problem?

If you still don’t care about the answer to that question, get in line. In its second season, beginning Sunday, HBO’s “True Blood” gives the rest of us something to chew on with juicy new mysteries.

That body in Andy’s (Chris Bauer) car is identified. The gruesome manner of death suggests something other than a vampire is involved. Maybe.

Maryann (Michelle Forbes) continues to draw Tara (Rutina Wesley) into her nebulous world. Her past with shape-shifting Sam (Sam Trammell) threatens Sam’s future.

Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) appears to be a prisoner in hell or a reasonable facsimile. Dim bulb Jason (Ryan Kwanten) falls under the sway of a vampire-hating religious cult. Another unfortunate soul is ripped to bloody shreds.

News of yet another death finds Sookie (Anna Paquin) realizing the consequences of human-vamp love. She confronts her undead lover (Stephen Moyer) about his many secrets.

“I cannot have people dying every time I confide in you,” she tells Bill.

Bill has his cold hands full with a newly vamped 17-year-old named Jessica. Her presence leads Sookie into a mistake with possibly lethal consequences in the June 21 episode.

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Dallas hosts Sookie Stackhouse fans and we travel to see Charlaine. Harris

The True Blood / Sookie Twitterverse is now beginning to arrive in Dallas ...We are staging here for our trip this weekend to Shreveport to meet Charlaine Harris.

We have all become fast friends over the past 6 months and some of us traveled together to Los Angeles in April to attend True Blood Paleyfest. The group of folks that have contacted me for meetups in Shreveport consists of people traveling from 9 states, both U.S. coasts and from Canada, amazing.

The folks you want to follow this weekend will be:

Also attending
@TrueBloodDallas (I don't usually tweet in the Sookie Twitterverse but I do author)

I will be blogging ..but the blog will be a little slow while I'm on the road.
If you don't twitter you should, you can watch my Twitter stream right from this blog (box bottom right)

This is what my friend Hoyt posted to his blog...

Headin' to Shreveport

Now I do my fair share of errand-runnin' for my Momma in Shreveport, but it's not often I get to actually meet up with some friends there. That's why this weekend I'll be hangin' out with @SookieBonTemps and @TrueBloodDallas in Northwest Louisiana!

We're all headin' out to see Charlaine Harris at Shreveport's "Author Author" festival this weekend, and it's lookin' like we're gonna have a blast!

Like Sookie mentioned on her blog, I'll probably do a bunch of tweeting OOC this weekend, as this is a trip that doesn't really fit into our little twitterverse -- but just maybe I'll keep the accent ;)

*Ahem* So I guess for any a y'all who need a ride to Dallas tomorrow night, my truck leaves @MerlottesBar around 7pm (we can't ALL fly y'know)...

New Q &A videos being posted to HBO True Blood site

see more here

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Severe thunderstorms across North Texas - knocks Dallas off the web

Massive thunderstorm continue to rumble across North Texas. I've been without power much of the morning ...more, when I can post.

You can tweet me @trueblooddallas and I can read it on my iphone or you can email me

True Blood Music Video of the day: The Beginning is the end is the beginning by The Smashing Pumpkins

The Beginning is the end is the beginning by The Smashing Pumpkins

Thanks, vidiliciousbabe