Thursday, October 7, 2010

Alexander Skarsgard True Blood Press Conference in Poland

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Sookie enlivens 'Dead to the World'

Read the review and then read the book again to get ready for True Blood season 4

 Try delving deeper into the supernatural world, and you'll uncover the completely natural, pretending. In Dead to the World, the fourth novel in the Sookie Stackhouse Series, author Charlaine Harris throws witches into the fray. The completely human dabblers in the supernatural create mayhem in Sookie's life, challenging her to move forward with her innermost desires while fighting her foes.

Book four begins with a teaser about something Sookie relished in the past, her relationship with Bill, who makes a valiant attempt to explain the vampire world to Sookie by telling her he got with his old girlfriend, Lorena, who turned Bill into a vampire. She ordered him to leave Sookie, and he had to respond to the blood tie when she called. Sookie is feisty and refuses to listen to his platitudes. Bill adds further injury by telling her that he's leaving for a while on the queen's orders to go to Peru. Bill leaves her in danger of attack.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Weak

Eric and Sookie || Weak