Friday, January 27, 2012

Vampires and the Super Bowl ?


Keck's Exclusives: True Blood Recasts Cousin Claude

Very interesting ...

True Blood's Sookie is getting a new fairy cousin in Season 5. Actor Giles Matthey, whose only credit is an appearance on The Good Wife last October, will assume the fairy wings previously worn by Neil Hopkins, who played the role in an episode last season.

Claude, in case you forget, is the twin brother of Sookie's elegant fairy cousin, Claudine, who we met toward the end of True Blood's third season. In the book series, Claude is an arrogant little queen whose only redeeming quality is his protective nature toward Claudine. Some fans criticized the choice of Neil for the role, considering him too old for the part.

While Claude will not be a series regular, I'm told the part will be considerably expanded into a multi-episode arc and could develop into something even larger. In the books, Claude and Sookie eventually grow to be close friends.