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Alan Ball says thanks to fans

Dallas Morning News -Sunday's finales

This does not make this Dallas very happy.....True Blood, HBO's contribution to vampire-mania, introduced werewolves to the bloodsucking mix this season. With shape-shifters like Sam and now the revelation of Sookie's true identity as a fairy (or faerie), it's quite a hodgepodge of supernatural creatures. Perhaps a mummy riding a unicorn can trot through the show.
Neither the writing nor the acting on True Blood is very good. It's an after-dark soap opera with nudity and gore. (The CW's Vampire Diaries is proving you don't need either to make a great vampire-centric TV show.) In tonight's "Evil Is Going On," Sookie "contemplates a life free of vampires," but at this point, I'm just considering TV viewing free of True Blood.

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True Blood Panel--Dragon*Con 2010 (1 of 7)

see parts 2-7 here presents “Talbot” by Derek Northman

Joe Manganiello Interview

Most actors prefer to play complex characters, but relatively few are given the opportunity to play a character that embodies two different species. Actor Joe Manganiello (pronounced MAN-ga with a hard g nel-lo) has given a lot of thought to playing construction worker/werewolf/potential Sookie Stackhouse suitor on the third season of the Emmy-nominated HBO series TRUE BLOOD, created and produced by Alan Ball from the Southern vampire books by Charlaine Harris. “I think it makes things a little bit more complex, and I think with the fact it is a shapeshifter and the fact that they only shift into one animal, there are a lot of those traits that at any point in time are present. I think there’s kind of a sliding rule between human and wolf. At any point in time, they can exhibit qualities of both.”

That said, on the TRUE BLOOD series, Manganiello shares the role of Alcide with a real live wolf who plays the character when he’s in animal form. “His name’s Thunder – he’s a big gold timber wolf,” Manganiello says of his canine counterpart. “They let me meet him and put my hand out and he licked my hand and then he started staring at me with his yellow eyes.”

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The best and worst of 'True Blood' Season 3

There's no best way describe this wildly weird season of "True Blood." There have been witches, dogfighting, kidnapping, werewolves and Alfre Woodard. So in preparation for the Season 3 finale (9 p.m. Sunday, HBO), we've pinpointed the best and worst of the year. Think of it as the Emmys meets the Razzies (the "Bloodies"?). And the awards for "True Blood" Season 3 go to.

Best New Character
Russell Edgington. All hail the King of Mississippi! "True Blood's" villains make the most compelling characters (we even warmed to Season 2's Maryann eventually), and Russell didn't disappoint. Alternately ruthless and witty, the power-hungry vamp (Denis O'Hare) stole every scene he was in. He's the most vicious vampire we aren't ashamed to love.

"True Blood" confession: I'm a fan of the fang Read more: Ostrow: "True Blood" confession: I'm a fan of the fang - The Denver Post

In polite company, people look askance when I mention a particular guilty pleasure involving Southern gothic storytelling and vampires.
Perhaps they confuse me with someone who cares about "Twilight."
No, my guilty pleasure is "True Blood," which concludes its third season at 7 p.m. Sunday on HBO.
"True Blood" is much more than sexy, although it is certainly that. And it's much more than violent, although, yes, there is that. On occasion, it's more than a campy treat, although often, that's quite enough.
This blood-soaked satire also weighs in with political allegory. Arguments over the Vampire Rights Amendment, the evangelical Christian crusade against Transylvanian immigrants, and certain recent hate crimes in and around Bon Temps, La., come to mind. A football jock juiced on "V" (vampire blood, a narcotic for humans), a couple using "V" to trip into an altered state, and underground dealings in "V" provide commentary on modern drug culture.

Read more: Ostrow: "True Blood" confession: I'm a fan of the fang - The Denver Post

Live chats during True Blood finale

Hosting the live chat during the finale: Bauer (Pam) at 10 ET and Manganiello (Alcide) at 10 PT at HBO's

Hey anyone who is on these chats please post a link to our chatroom which opens 15 minutes after the episode ends and to our fantastic live 2 hour radio show!!

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True Blood & Vampire Diaries mashup: Sookie and Damon - HA!

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Russian roulette

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