Tuesday, December 23, 2008

B&B Beauty Heads to HBO

Tuesday December 23, 2008

Ashley Jones, the gorgeous actress who portrays the recently scorned Bridget on The Bold and the Beautiful, is making her way to one of the hottest shows on the tube right now, HBO's True Blood.

Jones will play a waitress named Daphne during the show's second season, but never fear, she's not leaving B&B for the gig (thank goodness, because I still want to see her hook up with Owen). Instead, the actress will be pulling double duty - which means double the chances we'll see her on screen.

While Jones knows little about her True Blood character, she feels blessed for the opportunity to embrace the part. And what a great time of year for special blessings! Congrats, Ashley, and best wishes. We'll look forward to tuning in.

Pictured: Ashley Jones (Bridget, B&B)

Bill tells Sookie about Selah moving away

bk 8

Bill stepped out of the woods and strolled silently over to the yard set.He sat in one of the other chairs.
We didn’t speak for several moments. I didn’t feel the surge of anguish I’d felt over the past few months when he was around. He barely disturbed the fall night with his presence, he was so much a part of it.
“Selah has moved to Little Rock,” he said.
“How come?”
“She got a position with a large firm,” he said. “It was what she told me she wanted. They specialize in vampire properties.”
“She hooked on vamps?”
“I believe so. Not my doing.”
“Weren’t you her first?” Maybe I sounded a little bitter. He’d been my first, in every way.
“Don’t,” he said, and turned his face toward me. It was radiantly pale. “No,” he said finally. “I was not her first. And I always knew it was the vampire in me that attracted her, not the person who was a vampire.”
I understood what he was saying. When I’d learned he’d been ordered to ingratiate himself with me, I’d felt it was the telepath in me that had gotten his attention, not the woman who was the telepath.
“What goes around, comes around,” I said.
“I never cared about her,” he said. “Or very little.” He shrugged. “There’ve been so many like her.”
“I’m not sure how you think this is going to make me feel.”
“I’m only telling you the truth. There has been only one you.” And then he got up and walked back into the woods, human slow, letting me watch him leave.
Apparently Bill was conducting a kind of stealth campaign to win back my regard. I wondered if he dreamed I could love him again. I still felt pain when I thought of the night I’d learned the truth. I figured my regard would be the outer limits of what he could hope to earn. Trust, love? I couldn’t see that happening.

"Baby, you can drive my car " (3)

Who drives this car ?

Anyone know model or year ?

Horror, humor and romance fill HBO's 'True Blood'

Misha Davenport, The Chicago Sun-Times September 9, 2008
Set in a backwater Louisiana town called Bon Temps, the show features characters, events and dialogue that seem right out of a Tennessee Williams play -- provided the playwright had turned his pen to the paranormal. Call it "Vamp on a Hot Tin Roof."

Fans of Ball's previous series are in for a bit of a shock. While "Six Feet Under" had an occasional scene or two that challenged our ability to suspend belief, for the most part the series was grounded in reality. "True Blood" features the complex characters and dramatic situations that made Ball's last series such a hit, but adds tons more of the supernatural.

The series is based on Charlaine Harris' best-selling Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Mysteries series. Sookie (a smart, naive and headstrong, blonde-haired Anna Paquin) is an ordinary waitress at the town's down-home bar, Merlotte's. She also happens to have an extraordinary gift/curse: Sookie can hear people's thoughts.

Southern culture has never been known to embrace either the unknown or the unique, and the people in Sookie's northern Louisiana town are no different. Those who accept her condition deal with her cautiously or try to avoid her altogether. Most see her distinction as something to be ridiculed or despised. ("She's retarded," one patron says, and another declares her "crazy as a bed bug.") So, Sookie tries her best to stay out of people's heads.

Meanwhile, the Japanese

have developed a synthetic blood, enabling vampires to forgo feeding on humans. A few vamps have made the decision to "come out of the coffin" and are now seeking to reside among the living. They include 173-year-old Civil War veteran Bill Compton (a melancholy Stephen Moyer), who one night walks into Merlotte's.

"Bill?" Sookie razzes him. "I thought it would be Antoine or Basil or, like, Langford maybe, but Bill? The vampire Bill? Oh, my."

A lonely charmer

There's a certain loneliness to him that Sookie finds attractive, though.

"He ordered a glass of wine but didn't drink it," she tells her grandmother (Steppenwolf ensemble member Lois Smith -- the epitome of Southern style, grace and manners, but with a devilish twinkle in her eyes). "I think he just wanted some company."

Of course, it doesn't hurt that she can't hear his thoughts. As a result, while she is with him, she can feel normal.

"What are you?" Bill repeatedly asks her in tonight's episode.

"Well, I'm Sookie Stackhouse and I'm a waitress," she replies, almost jumping at the chance to cling to the ordinary.

In a small town where everyone knows your business, Sookie and Bill turn a few heads.

Her boss Sam (Sam Trammel) has been carrying a torch for his employee and makes no bones about what he thinks of Bill.

"You know who I wish would come to town?" Sam asks in a later episode. "Buffy, or Blade, or one of those badass vampire killers to come get Bill Compton."

Scary, but comical

Also disapproving are Sookie's best friend Tara (sarcastic and funny Rutina Wesley) and Sookie's none-too-bright horndog of a brother, Jason (Ryan Kwanten). The latter seems to have a knowledge of and perverse fascination with all things involving vampire sex.

Things really get rolling when one of Jason's bedmates later turns up dead. Jason is fingered for the murder, which may or may not be the work of a vampire.

Bloody, sexy and violent, the show is also both occasionally funny and frightening. The show features characters and situations you can sink your teeth into. The mystery, set to unfold over the 12 episodes of the first season, promises enough twists to hold your interest.

Except for the addition of Sookie's best friend Tara (who doesn't appear until the second book), Ball has remained incredibly truthful to the source material. The first two episodes follow the events of the first 60 or so pages of Harris' first book in the series, Dead Until Dark.

Ball has changed things just enough to keep fans guessing.

"True Blood" is truly unique, a guilty pleasure that sucks you in.

Pam Ravenscroft = Kristin Bauer

Yes, that little photo I posted last night on the blog was of Kristin (Pam) Bauer and I found it posted to her webpage. What a cute photo of her as a little girl.

We love Pam and Kristin !

You can find her web page here: HERE

Check out her really amazing artwork: HERE
Here Youtube page: HERE
Her IMDB (internet movie database) listing of past and future roles: HERE
Her wiki page: HERE

For an autograph send a SASE to:

Kristin Bauer
c/o The Kohner Agency
9300 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 555
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Bon Temp Christmas Carol : Vampire Wonderland

(sung to the tune of “Winter Wonderland”)

Werewolves howl, are you listening?
In the dark fangs are glistening
A frightening sight, the dead walk tonight
Living in a vampire wonderland.

Over there stands a shifter
And a blood draining drifter
A typical sight in Bon Temps tonight
Walking in a vampire wonderland

Near a tombstone I can see a new grave
Soon a vampire rises from the dirt
He will want to drink blood in the worst way
Gosh I hope this isn’t going to hurt!

Later on we’ll conspire
To have sex by the fire
And face unafraid the marks that he made
Living in a vampire wonderland.

** thanks to whoever created this for sharing theirm creativity
**Thanks to Darkbeauty73 for the fabulous collage !

Best Charlaine from Arkansas Times

Best Charlaine

The redneck vampire novels written by Charlaine Harris of Magnolia became a hit TV mini-series, “True Blood,” on HBO in the summer and fall. (The bit part vampires, if you'll pardon the expression, carried the show, in B&W's opinion.)

from the Arkansas times

“The Music of True Blood.” what does that mean ?

Again from tinycatpants:this time Aunt B and One of her commentors posted "My basic criteria for “Southern Music” is this - does it sound good riding a gravel back-road with the windows down" i think that sounds about right.

NM asked what kinds of music a person who didn’t watch True Blood should think of when she hears “The music of True Blood.” Here’s the True Blood Soundtrack I’ve compiled, based solely on songs that intrigued me from the show.

1. “Play with Fire”–Cobra Verde. This is a Rolling Stones cover, and it sticks with you, whether you like it or not; it’s damn catchy.

2. “Bones”–Little Big Town. Can Fleetwood Mac sue for impersonation? I’m not sure. Basically, if you like Fleetwood Mac, but you don’t like Stevie Nicks’ voice and wish it were a hair more country, this is your song.

3. “Stumble and Pain”–Joseph Arthur. I haven’t listened to this song enough to decide what I think of it. But it would seem as at home in the imaginary good sequel to The Lost Boys, so I’m calling it a good song for anything about vampires.

4. “The Dreaming Dead”–Jesse Sykes. I still can’t decide if I like this song, but it haunting. I don’t know if it makes me think “Southern,” exactly, though.

5. “Strange Love”–Slim Harpo. I love this song, but I love songs that make you say, “What the fuck is happening here?!” Can a person have a banjo voice? Slim Harpo has a tragic banjo voice.

6. “Y’all’d Think She’d Be Good 2 Me”–C.C. Adcock. This song is so generically southern that, if you didn’t listen to it too closely, you’d think you’d already heard it a million times.

7. “Good Times”–Charlie Robison. Ha, I love Charlie. I swear, he could fart at the table and I’d find it awesome. Anyway, the song delivers what it promises.

8. “Red Eyes and Tears”–Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. I always feel like I should like these guys better than I do, but I don’t. This song is like the alt.country version of Godsmack’s “Voodoo.”

9. “Jack Me Up”–jeff laine. I feel cheated by every day of my life that passed without this song in it. “But holding the love of a woman is like holding water in your hand.” That phrase right there is so beautiful that I sometimes just whisper it to myself to have the feel of the words fill up my whole mouth. It seems at first listen just a song that is an ode to getting laid, but holy shit, it’s the best poetry about getting laid. “Don’t worry about the rest of your life. It’s going to happen anyhow.”

If you knew about this song and didn’t tell me about it, you’re on my shit list.

10. “Brand New Cadillac”–I love Wayne Hancock so much. And this song is a good example of why. Hancock sings like he’s only got an inch-high slot to squeeze his voice through, or like you’re only going to hear him on a distant AM radio station and so he’s just given up on everything but the high whine. That and the boogie.

11.”Cold Ground”–Rusty Truck. This song is growing on me. It also has some kind of country/Fleetwood Mac harmonies, which kind of cracks me up.

12. “Sweet Jane”–Cowboy Junkies. I don’t guess I have to say anything about this.

13. “Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me”–Mildred Anderson. There’s an organ! And lovely organ playing.

14. “Walking the Dog”–Rufus Thomas. There’s clearly a dance you do to this. I don’t know it. But, if I did, I’d be obnoxious about doing it, so it’s probably for the best.

15. “Bad Things”–Jace Everett. You know the song. It’s like if Chris Issak and Dwight Youkum had a baby who inexplicibly decided mid-song to make it a poetry reading.

I think we can call this music more “Evoking a feeling of vaguely Southern foreboding” more than “Southern Vampire music.”

read on here http://tinycatpants.wordpress.com/2008/12/20/my-true-blood-soundtrack/#comments

TV's brightest for 2008 - Philadelphia Inquirer

By Jonathan Storm -Inquirer Television Critic

6. Dead and undead. Vampires pass away more frequently than you think. While forlorn fans were still lamenting the demise of CBS's Moonlight, HBO was working feverishly to resurrect the genre.

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, and the fascinating actors who surround them, help make True Blood one of the premium network's best series in a werewolf's age. And the show is helping to revive HBO's fortunes, which have been sagging in the shadow of Showtime's more-than-10-percent growth the last two years.

After a slow start, True Blood viewership has grown consistently, topping six million a week and putting these vampire chronicles on the way to becoming HBO's third-most-popular show ever, after The Sopranos and Sex and the City.

Sookie Stackhouse Boxed Set selling today at 14th on Amazon Books list

The Sookie Stackhouse boxed set is still on the Amazon best seller list, it's ranked at #14 in overall book sales today by the Amazon book selling giant !

Sookie books in Italy

Morti Viventi-Living Dead in Dallas

La cameriera Sookie Stackhouse sta attraversando un periodo decisamente sfortunato. Innanzitutto, un suo collega viene assassinato e sembra che a nessuno importi della cosa, poi si viene a trovare faccia a faccia con una creatura bestiale che le assesta una sferzata dolorosa e velenosa. A questo punto, entrano in campo i vampiri, che le succhiano il veleno dalle vene (come se non aspettassero altro!) Il punto è che le hanno salvato la vita, quindi quando un vampiro le chiede un favore, lei deve accettare, e ben presto si ritrova a Dallas, impegnata a utilizzare le sue doti telepatiche alla ricerca di un vampiro scomparso, fingendo di essere là per intervistare alcuni umani coinvolti in quella sparizione. Sookie pone una sola condizione: i vampiri devono comportarsi bene e lasciar andare illesi gli umani coinvolti. Più facile a dirsi che a farsi: basta infatti abbinare una bionda deliziosa a un piccolo errore perché la situazione si faccia letale.
The waitress Sookie Stackhouse is going through a period that is definitely unlucky. First, a colleague is murdered, and it seems that no amount of the thing, then you will find face to face with a beastly creature who's bite painful and poisonous. At this point, entering the field vampires that suck the poison from the veins but they saved her life, When a vampire then asks a favor, you must accept, and she soon is found in Dallas and pledged to use her telepathic talents to help look for a vampire that has disappeared. She will interview some people involved in the disappearance. Sookie puts only one condition: the vampires must behave well and let go unscathed humans involved. Easier said than done: simply match a pretty blond and a small error because the situation is deadly.

Christmas True Blood Music Video of the Day - Special Christmas edition

All I want for Christmas is you by Leann Rimes ( is this right ?)

Song Lyrics from HBO’s True Blood

If you are from the Kingdom of Texas, you already know this song. "Good Times " plays during the closing shot of Sookie screaming at finding Dawn dead in her bedroom. Episode 3.

While watching HBO’s True Blood series, I heard another song I wanted to learn for my Americana music songlist. Evidently I ‘m not the only one impressed with this series. I did recently purchase the whole Southern Vampire Series by Charlaine Harris and I’ve listened to two of them on audio CD. I dug a little on the Internet, and there’s a huge subculture of fanatical fans. Harris has changed the vocabulary of America with this series and altered the sensorium of an entire generation regarding the topics of the horror genre.

About Charlie Robison, whose song I wanted to post today: The native born Texan’s music is both brash and reflective. He has a ranch outside Bandera, and according to his website it’s a place “where Robison family has ranched for eight generations since the 1840s.” You can and should read more about this talented musician and songwriter here:

“Good Times” by Charlie Robison

Pick up a pizza, pineapple ham
And put it in the back of a Good Times van
Well go out and pick up the rest of the band
We’re gonna have a good time

Yeah Lilly of the valley, Lilly on a rug, Lilly drove here in a VW bug
Am I on the guest list, give her a shrug
We’re gonna have a good time

read on at A Southern Missive post by r. pittman
listen here

Anyone recognize this person ?

Anyone know who this is ?

answer here