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HBO documentaries "which way home'

It's not vampires but it is HBO. I just attended a special preview screening of HBO newest documentary called 'Which way home" I recommend it!

An official selection of the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival and the upcoming 2009 Los Angeles Film Festival, views the immigration issue through the eyes of children who face harrowing dangers as they journey to the United States. The film follows unaccompanied child migrants traveling by freight train through Mexico, including Jose, a nine-year-old El Salvadoran, who has been abandoned by smugglers and ends up alone in a Mexican detention center, and 14-year-old Kevin, a streetwise Honduran who hopes he will find work in New York City in order to send money back to his mother.


True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgård TV guide

He Plays True Blood’s sexy Viking vamp, Eric Northman, who’s eaten a man alaive, tortured countless others and menaced poor Sookie (Anna Paquin). But he isn’t all bite, says Skarsgård. “You think Eric might not have a sensitive side, but he does.”
Where You’ve Seen Him Before HBO’s 2008 military miniseries Generation Kill. And, most recently, as Lady Gaga’s villainous boyfriend in her video for “Paparazzi.”
Why We Love Him Forget IKEA. Skarsgård is America’s favorite Swedish import. “He’s big, blond, take-charge. If you have got hormones, you’re going to be attracted to him,” says Charlaine Harris, author of the books series on which the show is based.
Family Business The oldest of actor dad Stellan Skarsgård’s seven children, he hit is big in a Swedish film at age 13. “It’s tough to be famous that young,” he says. “It made me insecure and self-conscious, so I quit acting.” At 20, following a stint in the Swedish marines, Skarsgård gave acting another go, landing roles in “Zoolander” and Generation Kill. But the role he’d really love to play is dad. “I’m single. I grew up in a platoon of people. I don’t have a family, but it is something I really want.” That should be pretty easy for this smokin’ Swede to assemble. –Kate Hahn

True Blood behind the scene: Godric meets God in both Dallas and Los Angeles. "Go Ask Dallas -where was this filmed ?"

Dear Dallas ,

I am confused was the 'Godric on the roof' his big finale scene shot in L.A. or in Dallas ?

Thanks and I love you blog!

"Dallas " (haha)

Answer: Well, Dallas thanks for writing and I think what we have here is a little bit of movie magic.

Some of the scenes on the roof were shot in Dallas and some of it was shot in Los Angeles. The end when Godric is alone and facing the east, he is on the top of a newer part of the Adolphus hotel in Dallas and he's on the helipad and the building he is facing (with the clock tower-Note it's 6:13 am) is a well know Dallas landmark, it's our old Mercantile building.

We know that the Dallas Morning News reported on July 24th

'Blood' in Dallas

HBO's red-hot vampire series True Blood shot a scene recently atop the Adolphus.

"A character was on the roof and had to burst into flames when the sun came up," said Janis Burklund of the Dallas Film Commission. The scene is for the ninth episode of the second season of the show, which is set in Louisiana.

Then we read in the Access Hollywood article this morning about Allan Hyde ( the young actor who played Godric ) racing with Anna and Alexander and the crew to shoot the scene in L.A.

"Allan explained that he, along with AccessHollywood.com’s newest Rising Star – Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman) and Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) — had just minutes to film his death scene in downtown LA. The three actors and crew raced to capture the morning’s natural light.

It was amazing, not just because it was such a touching scene. The performances of Alex and Anna in that scene were so amazing just to watch,” he told Access. “I never tried anything like it. I had very good feeling about the scene and I’m excited to watch it.”

So what gives ? which is right ?

Well, they can't trick Ol' Dallas - the scene was shot in two places. It was shot with Alex, Anna and Allan on top of the building in L.A. located on Figueroa St. in Downtown LA.

The 'tell' here is that you can clearly see the name of the building the back of the real Anna, is the TCW building and it's located on 865 South Figueroa Street. So, I think they might actually be on top of the building located at 800 South Figueroa and if you click on the Google map below and then look at it on satellite view I think you can see the stairs that Sookie comes up and that Eric leaves by are right next to the heliport.

Then in the other scenes really shot in Dallas you see just Alan or they used Allan and a Sookie stand-in ....also look at the skies and the railings.

At least, I know I'm not crazy because in the same scene we saw two unique buildings but one is in L.A. and the other is in Dallas and we all know that's impossible- except in Hollywood !

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Another you-know-what for 'True Blood'

*the picture at right is Lorena in the Eric/ Sookie dream sequence

Trueblood09_44 from thrfeed

HBO's "True Blood" is the ratings phenomena of the summer.

Having nearly every episode of a scripted drama post a series-high rating just doesn't happen these days (especially in a program's second season).

Sunday night's "True Blood" was seen by 4.5 million viewers, up from last week's record high of 4.4 million. In cume, "True Blood" is averaging 11.4 million viewers per episode (by unfair comparison, original broadcast shows this summer are averaging about 5.5 million viewers for their debut episodes). "Hung" and "Entourage" both averaged 2.8 million.

As for Monday night's ratings, CBS won with repeats, with "Big Bang Theory" (8.6 million viewers, 2.7 preliminary adults 18-49 rating) building on "Two and a Half Men" (8.2 million, 2.6) once again. NBC was second with "Great American Road Trip" (4.5 million 1.4) unexpectedly hitting a series high, though some local NFL coverage might be skewing that number, followed by a repeat and "Dateline" (6.6 million, 1.8).

Fox aired repeats, tying ABC for third place. ABC ran "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" (7 million, 1.4), which sunk a bit, yet "Dancing in the Dark" (4.6 million, 1.8) managed to rise a tenth--

Wait, whoops. That was supposed to read "Dating in the Dark," not "Dancing in the Dark."

And yet ... you can almost see it, can't you? "Next summer ABC presents 'Dancing in the Dark,' where attractive couples perform elaborate dances in a pitch-black, obstacle-filled ballroom."

At any rate, this is the best "Dating" rating since its former strong lead-in "The Bachelorette" finished its run. "Dating" is looking like it could squeak out a renewal pickup. Meager though it may be, "Dating" does have the highest average of any new summer reality show.

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13 Vampire Movies With Bite

Vampires may be a hot trend right now because of the Twilight films and the True Blood series, but do the latest incarnations of vampire characters hold up to those of the past?

Vampires have transformed from grotesque to romantic characters (and back) over the years. These 13 vampire movies with bite will take you through some of my favorites, which really run the gamut.


Ryan Kwanten from True Blood gears up for fall GQ magazine

Ryan Kwanten from True Blood gears up for fall in the kind of durable pieces that will carry him through the cold, wet months ahead, from leather bombers to indestructible work boots
By Raha Naddaf; Photographs by Carter Smith

In season one of HBO's True Blood, actor Ryan Kwanten had sex by a Dumpster, suffered a drug-induced perma-erection, was accused of murdering four women, and got swept up by a religious cult. Oh, and he was naked (at least partially) in eleven of twelve episodes. "I led the way in the sexual-shenanigans department in the first season," says the 32-year-old Australian native, who first made a name for himself playing a lifeguard on an Aussie soap. Kwanten may play a dim womanizer on-screen, but offscreen he's smart enough to suffer the indignities of his nude scenes with a smile. While other TV networks are struggling to keep the lights on, True Blood's viewership has doubled, easing HBO out of its post-Sopranos slump and assuring Kwanten that he'll remain taken care of through the global meltdown. Besides, Kwanten says, "This season, Anna Paquin is far more naked than I am."—raha naddaf

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True Blood: Blood Work Episode 9 ' I will Rise Up'

In this week’s daylight-averse episode, we recap the latest bloody installment of True Blood … but first we take a nap. Hey, rambling drunkenly into a videocamera is tough work! (Just ask Bill O’Reilly.)

For our take on the latest vampy goings-on in the hit HBO show, the newest True Blood paper dolls and the introduction of the Sookie Monster, check out the loony new ep, below – and don’t forget to click through the jump for the winner of last week’s Cubicle Puppetshow Theatre!


Access Exclusive: ‘True Blood’s’ Allan Hyde On Playing Powerful Vampire Godric

From Access Holywood

On HBO’s “True Blood” fans are divided between Team Bill and Team Eric, but midway through the vampire series’ stellar Season 2, a force older, wiser and far more powerful than either of those fanged ones burst on to the scene in the form of a 2,000-year-old vampire played by a 20-year-old.

Danish actor Allan Hyde is a relative unknown stateside, but his subtle and heartbreaking take on the role of Godric has left fans clamoring for more of the young star. AccessHollywood.com caught up with Allan just days before his gripping recent episode.

(Spoiler Alert!)

Was Sunday’s episode the final time fans will see Godric?

“It is the last episode of my character,” Allan told Access last week before viewers saw Godric take his own life on a rooftop in Dallas as the rising sun caused his body to combust into flames.

“Unless, they decide to do like flashbacks, but I don’t know anything about that,” he said.

Though he’s thus far unknown to most of America, Allan has a slew of Danish films and stage credits to his name along with voicing Ron Weasley in the “Harry Potter” movie in his native country and appearing on the international soundtrack to Disney’s “Camp Rock” – a far cry from his role on “True Blood.”

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New True Blood paper dolls from Andy Swist : Sookie and Bill !



click on each character image above to download a PDF file to print and play*


Paper doll artwork is for personal fun and distribution only. If you appreciate the creativity, please make a donation using the button on the upper left of screen. Donations will be used to help keep these files available for as long as possible.

Character designs are based on those appearing on the HBO "True Blood" television series. Much love to all of those involved on a spectacular show!

*** A very special thank you to Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, without whom none of this would be possible. ***
Helpful Hints:

Try printing on thick paper stock so pieces are more durable.

Try using glitter, ribbons, and other crafting/ art supplies to enhance each character.


I have no internet access this morning -maybe Nan Flanagan is keeping me off !

I have no Internet this morning in area 6,I hope Nan Flanagan hasn't pull the plug to keep us from reporting. More when I can get on! Sorry

Well well the minute i mention Nan Flanagan mysteriously its back up - I know she's on TV but i guess she controls the internet too ..

True Blood Music Video of the Day: You Gotta Go by Wynter Gordan

You Gotta Go by Wynter Gordan

Thanks, Susej0 and thanks to TLWC for telling what the title of the song !