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Sookie international book publishers outside U.S.

From Charlaine's web site

  • UK rights to Orbit (#1-4) & Gollancz (#5-10)

  • British book club rights to BCA for F&SF Club, Mango &

  • British large print rights, Bks #1-3, to BBC Audio/Chivers

  • Australian book club rights to Doubleday Australia

  • German rights to Feder & Schwert (#1-3) and DTV (#4-8)

  • Spanish rights, Bk #1-3 to La Factoria

  • Spanish rights, Bks #4-8 to Suma de Letras (Santillana)

  • Russian rights, Bks #1-7, to AST

  • French rights, Bks #1-7, to J'ai Lu
  • Romanian rights, Bks #1-7 to Leda

  • Italian rights in entire series to DELOS

  • Dutch rights, Bks #4-5 to Luitingh

  • Turkish rights, Bks #1-4 to Alfa Group

  • Bk #1 to Prestigio Editorial in Brazil

  • Portugese rights, Bks #2-4, to Saraiva in Brazil

  • Chinese rights (complex), Bks #1-3, to Fantasy Foundation

  • Croatian rights, Bks #1-3, to Algoritam

  • Greek rights, Bks #1-3, to Fantasticos Cosmos

  • Japanese rights, Bks #1-3 to Softbank

  • Norwegian rights, Bks #1-3 to Cappelan

  • Bks #1-3 to Stjarnfall in Sweden

  • Thai rights, Bks #1-3, to ARIP

  • Estonian rights, Bks #1-2, to Keskus

  • Chinese rights (simplified), Bks #1-2, to Shanghai 99

  • Czech rights, Bk #1-2, to Baronet
  • Hebrew rights, Bk. #1 to Sial/Kidmat

  • Korean rights, Bks #1-2 to Open Books

  • Polish rights, Bks #1-2 to Red Horse

  • Serbian rights, Bks #1-2, to Media II

  • Bk #1 to Keskus in Estonia

  • Bk #1 to Ulpius in Hungary

  • Bk #1 to Kantera in Indonesia
© 2008 Charlaine Harris

True Blood Season 2 Blood Copy: It's Time

May 7th, 2009

Least I know why nobody called about my Andrew posters. Somebody’s been tearing them down. All of them.

I tried asking some people who worked nearby if they saw who did it. They said no, but one guy was lying, I think. He looked kinda nervous, kept shifting his eyes, then said he had to get back to work. There was nobody else in his store.

Guess it doesn’t matter now anyway. It’s only 20 minutes until my meeting.

I found the spot. It’s a bar, though you wouldn’t really notice by the outside. There’s no sign or anything.


I went inside early to look around. It was too crowded, so I left. That… and that some of the people inside…they’re just not what I’m used to. Nobody was talking, they just stared out. I think some of them might have been on d- Well, it’s not really nice to say bad things about people. Especially ones you don’t know.

I’ve gone through it in my head dozens of times. I’ve come up with three possibilities. One, Andrew met a girl. This is all some whirlwind romance and he’s asked me here to meet her and tell me all the fun things they’ve been doing. The places they’ve been. Two, he got some lead on a new kind of creature? He decided to chase it down… and just didn’t bother telling anybody what was happening for the last several months.

Neither of which makes any sense at all when you think about it. Andrew could have written me himself about them (or even emailed me). He wouldn’t send a weird note.

Which leaves only one option that fits. Something’s happened to him. Something bad. He’s in trouble, and I have to figure out a way to get him out of it.

Huh. Remember that guy I mentioned from the art exhibit? The one I thought looked like Andrew? I swear that same guy just went into the bar.

Midnight now. I guess I better head in.

True Blood Season Two in Four Words

The second season of True Blood returns on June 14, and we have a summary of the season courtesy of Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse).

When asked by EW to sum up the season in five words, Ryan responded with "Orgy, cult, locked up." While technically that's only four, we forgive Ryan and are more excited than ever.

Season 2 Promo video :Things we learned in True Blood Season 1

Go ask Dallas : Who are the other kings and queens in the Sookieverse?

Dear Dallas,

The naming of the actress to play Sophie-Anne made me think, how many of the Kings and Queens do we know in the books ?

Thanks, T

Hey T These are the ones I could come up with..did I miss anyone ?

Vampire kings and queens of the United States.

These are the Kings and Queens that we met so far in the Sookieverse, their name, the state they come from -as well as, their spouses, if we know them.

Kings Title Name Bk Spouse
King of Arkansas Peter Threadgill Bk6 LA
King of Florida
King of Indiana Bartlett Crow Bk7 MS
King of Kentucky Isaiah Bk7
King of Minnesota Bk7
King of Mississippi Russell Edgington Bk3 IN
King of Missouri Bk7
King of Nevada Felipe de Castro Bk8
King of Ohio Bk7 IA
King of Texas Stan Davis Bk2
King of Wisconsin Bk7 MN

Queens Title Name Bk Spouse
Queen of Alabama Bk7
Queen of Iowa Phoebe Golden Bk7 OH
Queen of Louisiana Sophie-Anne Leclerq SS AR
Queen of Minnesota Maude Bk7 WI

In bk 7 Sookie says ..
I glanced around the room at the other kings and queens, recognizable by their entourages. I hadn't seen them in a room all together before, and I counted. There were only four queens. The other twelve rulers were males.

Did I miss any ?

True Blood - Episode 2.06 - Friend Is a Four Letter Word - Casting Call (2)

4/11/2009 A recent casting notice (most likely for Episode 206):

Wardrobe Fitting Date: March 25
Shoot/Call Date: March 31
Location: TRUE BLOOD- HBO / Males and Females

This is a very interesting scene with only three men and three women interacting with the principals.

3 Caucasian men with longer hair willing to have it cut into a 1920's style. That means long on top and shorter on sides and back, but not as short as hair is today.
Men must be in their mid 30's-to mid 40's attractive or character face is good and must be a size 42 or 44 jacket for period tuxes. This scene does not include nudity, but the project does.

3 Caucasian females 5'4-5'7, sizes 4-8 with medium length curly hair to portray flappers in the 1920's. Women must have very thin eyebrows or be willing to have them shaped to the almost raze thin shape. Slender builds with small natural shaped bust.
Only six extras interacting with principals.

There is nudity in this episode but not in this scene.
• 4/11/2009 (episode unknown) - A casting notice involving nudity recently went out for a photo double for John Billingsley (he plays Mike Spencer the coroner, who was nude at the orgy attended by Sookie and Eric in the 2nd book):Shoot/Call Date: March 27, Friday night with possible recall on 4/17
Location: Calabasas

TRUE BLOOD- HBO (Photo Double)
Episodic SAG

Check IMDB for photo. He is 49, Caucasian, 5'10, 200 lbs., 44r jacket. He has a high forehead with slightly longer hair in the back that in medium brown. You must be willing to go shirtless and be comfortable around nudity and simulated sex.

Physicists Prove That Vampires Could Not Exist

hmmm.. geometric progression , huh ? Funny, I thought it was supernatural and magical ..

Two physicists have published an academic paper where they demonstrate, by virtue of geometric progression, that vampires could not exist, since they would almost immediately deplete their entire food supply (a.k.a, all of us).

If you've ever read Salem's Lot (or seen the lame Starsky and Hutch-era miniseries adaptation starring David Soul), then you know that after a vampire decides to settle in your town, the undead begin to multiply at an alarming rate (he bites two friends, who bite two friends, and so on, and so on…).

Putting aside for a moment the issue of how that would impact neighborhood property values, this phenomenon raises an even more pressing question: If vampires are indeed living (unliving?) among us, then shouldn't we have seen an undead population explosion by now?

True Blood Season 2: Invitation to the set

Thanks to Thelou for giving us a clean copy of the HBO promo for season 2

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Collide by Howie Day

Collide by Howie Day LYRICS

Thanks riogirl9909