Monday, September 6, 2010

True Blood Music Episode 12 Finale

10 big questions before the 'True Blood' season 3 finale: Will Tara avenge Eggs death? Has Jason found true panther love? Will Eric really sacrifice himself? And, just how dumb is Sookie?

 Season three has been a whirlwind of one outrageous moment to another.  There's been more blood, more nudity and more drama than arguably the first two season combined (although sadly, zero Michelle Forbes for obvious reasons). With the season finale fast approaching, here are 10 big questions we're hoping to have answered well, at least partially after "Evil is Going On" airs this Sunday, Sept. 12.

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True Blood invades Boston

One thing we learned at the “True Blood’’ party at the Estate on Saturday night: Friends of Sookie Stackhouse love Boston. Or, more accurately, they don’t hate Boston. “I like Boston,’’ said “True Blood’’ cast member Rutina Wesley, who was a celebrity guest at RCN’s “True Blood’’ event in Boston for the second year in a row. “Boston’s not bad. And I’m a New Yorker, but Boston’s not bad.’’ The almost 300 fans who attended the party screamed for Wesley (who plays Sookie’s pal Tara Thornton on the show) as she danced onstage in front of the DJ. They screamed even louder when season-three newcomer Joe Manganiello walked out to greet them (above). “I love the turnout. I mean, I was a huge fan of the show, so to see all the other people who are excited about it, I identify,’’ said Manganiello, who plays werewolf Alcide Herveaux. When we interviewed Manganiello by phone last week before his arrival in Boston, he confessed his love of Kelly’s Roast Beef’s lobster rolls. Apparently, his Boston handlers read that in the Globe and surprised Manganiello by taking him for a Kelly’s run once he got to town. Manganiello — who brought his model girlfriend Audra Marie to the party — said his autographed picture is now on the wall at Kelly’s and at the Kowloon in Saugus. “If we could find a Dunkin’ Donuts that would put my picture up on the wall, I’d be happy,’’ he said, adding that it didn’t matter which one, as long as it’s “anywhere where blueberry coffee is served.’’ Manganiello was raised in Pittsburgh, but his parents are from the Boston area.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Lady Gaga - Beautiful Dirty Rich

Lady Gaga - Beautiful Dirty Rich