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Sookie Stackhouse novels and other vampire books are Mother Suckers The hidden market devouring Twilight novels.

Vampires are having their moment in, well, if not the sun, then certainly the Twilight. Author Stephenie Meyer's series of books about the romantic yearnings of an undead teen are the, uh, lifeblood of the book business these days. According to USA Today, one in every seven books sold in the United States in the first quarter of an otherwise dismal 2009 was one of the four Twilight stories. On, half of the top 10 is made up of Twilight. (Each of the four books holds a spot, and the collected series takes up another one.)....

Vampires are also enjoying a kind of pop culture vogue; in addition to Twilight, there's the Sookie Stackhouse series of graphic novels, written by Charlaine Harris, which have been turned into the HBO series True Blood. According to Simba Information's "Vampire Industrial Average," the number of best-seller titles featuring vampires has shot up from just seven in 2006 to 27 last year.

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True Blood music has Southern gothic bite

Magnolia writer Charlaine Harris’ best-selling Southern gothic vampire Sookie Stackhouse novels inspired the hit HBO television series True Blood.

Now comes the album — True Blood: Music From the HBO Original Series. It’s due May 19. Fans of the show can stake their claim on the show’s first season when True Blood: The Complete First Season is released on DVD, also May 19. The second season begins June 14.

The show’s soundtrack will include the show’s theme, “Bad Things,” as performed by Jace Everett. True Blood’s music reflects its Louisiana backwoods setting with selections such as “Lake Charles” by Lucinda Williams, “Swampblood” by the Legendary Shack Shakers, “Just Like Heaven” by the Watson Twins, “Strange Love” by Slim Harpo, “From a Whisper to a Scream” by Allen Toussaint and “Christine’s Tune” by The Flying Burrito Brothers.

Team Dallas True Blood Paleyfest Travelogue: Part three by ObjectDesire

Day 3 Agenda: Warner Brothers VIP Studio Tour, PaleyFest TrueBlood Event,
K24 Diner (TB Fan Meet-up #3)

We sleep in a bit, breakfast again in rooftop garden, and Dallas blogs/twitters.

Warner Brothers VIP Studio Tour: We have reservations for the 11am tour.
We have time to peruse the gift store and have a coffee while waiting for our tour. Our tour guide is a nice young man, Wes Smith. When questioned later in the day, he admits to being an actor and to having an IMdB credit.
The tour is interesting and we see sets for ER (in process of being torn
down) and Cafe Perk set that has been preserved from Friends. We also visit the set of Two and a Half Men which is on hiatus. Everyone from our tour leaves early for a "Fine Dining" experience, and we get tour guide to ourselves for last 20 minutes of tour. We are disappointed to learn that because HBO is currently filming, the tour vehicles are not allowed into the backlot where Merlotte's and "the swamp" are located. These locations are part of the tour when filming is not in progress.

We enjoy an excellent lunch at the Warner Brothers Cafe (BBQ Chicken-OD; Cheeseburger-Noct; Soup/salad-Dallas). Dallas receives a phone call from Sookie who tells folks are already lining up outside the ArcLight Theatre and suggesting we bump out arrival time by 1/2 hour.

We head back to hotel to rest and change for the evening. Dallas blogs/twitters. Because we have increased the amount of time we will be standing in line, last minute shoe choices are made.

ArcLight Theatre/TrueBlood PaleyFest Event: It is a short drive to the theatre from our hotel. We are happy to find that only about 40 folks are in line in front of us when we arrive at 4:30pm. We find @SookieBonTemps in line. The young ladies first in line are Eric fans, run an Eric blog, and arrived at 8am this morning! They are also Dallas blog fans and were at Alex's Bar the night before. Excitement is in the air. We are eventually joined by Robiart, Beadrbob group, Jeweltoo, FangsNRoses, and Dana. News camera crews film up and down the line and stop to interview VampNerd who is near front of line. Sookie spends time in line twittering, trying to find someone local to take the 2 spare tickets we have ended up with. The doors open at 6pm and we score seats on row 5 right side of theatre (excellent seats). Dallas and Beadrbob group have center row 2 seats and FangsNRoses is on front row!

We are treated to a clip from the 70s soap "Dark Shadows" to start the evening. After brief remarks from the moderator, we see a compilation of clips from TB Season 1 and then an exciting clip from Season 2, very exciting and suspenseful. The actors are introduced: Alexander Skarsgaard, Carrie Preston, Nelsan Ellis, Rutina Wesley, Sam Trammel, Ryan Kwanten, Stephen Moyer, and Anna Paquin. They are joined by series creator, Alan Ball. Dallas has several articles about the interviews and Q&A on her blog.Ei Ei from Beadrbob group asks an excellent question. SookieBonTemps tweets throughout the event. Dallas has collected her tweets on her blog.

K24 Diner: After the event is over, we walk a few blocks to this all night diner, found for us by Robiart, for Fan Meet-up #3. We end up with 5 tables of fans, including VampNerd, Sweetwater, Skarlett, FangsNRoses, Jeweltoo, Robiart, SookieBonTemps, Dallas, OD, Nocturnalinnc. We have essentially taken over the front half of the diner. We table hop, have excellent food, share stories from the weekend and the Paleys. We are standing in groups preparing to leave when a handsome man with a pretty girl squeeze through our group to leave. VampNerd suddenly squeals, "Dave Navarro" I follow you on Twitter. She follows him outside and he graciously poses for pics. The most interesting thing is that he was there the entire time we were but everyone was grouped around Dallas (fairy blood? you tell me) and we did not notice him! The wonderful Sweetwater sneakily has picked up the tab and will not accept money from us. Cheers and thanks, Sweetwater!

We say our goodbyes at the diner and make our way back to our hotel--happy, sated, exhausted. We spend the remainder of the evening packing and preparing for a very early departure the next morning. Dallas blogs/twitters.

We have had fun adventures, met interesting TrueBlood fans, and have seen the TrueBlood actors up close and personal. Listen to Dallas' BlogTalkRadio show on Monday, April 20th. All the fans we met at PaleyFest will be calling in to discuss their experiences!

The two part show/ podcasts can be heard here:

Bon Temps : Who lives here ?

Home is where the heart is...who lives these places ?
Email me with your guess

Email: True Blood in Dallas

Yes it's Lettie Mae Thornton's ( tara's mom ) and Jason's - Boy, you guys are good...

True Blood Season 2 Possible Title Song: Ep. 7 'Release me'

This is exciting ! We now (might) know the titles of the first 7 episodes of True Blood for Season 2.

Now the one thing we know about True Blood is that the episode names come from the a song used in in the soundtrack of that episode and that it is somehow significant to that episode.

So far for Season 2 we have :
Episode 2.01 - Nothing but the Blood
Episode 2.02 - Keep this Party Going
Episode 2.03 - Changed to Scratches from Scratch My Back
Episode 2.04 - Changed to Shake and Fingerpop from Let's Take a Trip Together
Episode 2.05 - Never let me Go
Episode 2.06 - Friend is a Four Letter Word

All we know about Season 2 spoilers, casting calls etc. can be found here
We know the amazing Gary Calamar puts great effort into musically curating True Blood !

Episode 2.07 - Release Me , this is only my guess, I just research the various songs with the leaked title and come up with a song I think it might be. 'Release me' by Eddie Miller and made famous by Humperdinck.

"Release Me" is a popular song by Eddie Miller, Robert Yount, and Dub Williams, published in 1946. Miller wrote the song in 1946 but could not get anyone to record it for years, so he recorded it himself in 1953. Shortly afterward it was covered by Jimmy Heap, and with even better success by Ray Price and Kitty Wells.
Subsequently a big seller was recorded by Little Esther Phillips (#1 on the R&B and pop charts) and the song was also taken to #4 on the pop charts (and #1 in the UK) by Engelbert Humperdinck.
The song has the distinction in the UK of holding the number one slot in the chart for six weeks during March and April 1967, and preventing The Beatles single, "Penny Lane" / "Strawberry Fields Forever", from reaching the top."Release Me" was also the highest selling single of 1967 in the UK, recording over one million sales.


Please release me let me go
for I don't love you anymore
to waste our lives would be a sin
release me and let me love again.

I have found a new love dear

and I will always want her near
her lips are warm while yours are cold
release me my Darling let me go.

Please release me can't you see
you'd be a fool to cling to me
to live a lie would bring us pain
release me and let me love again

Go ask Dallas: Sookie Stackhouse books in hardback ?

A writes to ask ..

"Hey Dallas,

I want to collect all the sookie books in hardback but I can't seem to find some of them ..what's the deal ?"

Dallas: Hello A -for this answer we will go right to CH herself. " the first three books were paperback originals. Now they're being re-released as hardbacks for the first time, and since CLUB DEAD was the third book, it's being the last one released in hardback. "

Dead until Dark , Living Dead in Dallas and Club Dead were NOT originally published in hardback.

* my hardback collection looks a little different here's mine ( photo above) because I love the Science Fiction Book Club version , more on those below

Dead in Dixie

Dead by Day

True Blood - Episode 2.09 - I Will Rise Up - Casting Call

[BOY] 20s, Caucasian. This terrified youth, a Soldier of the Sun, attempts to flee from the enraged Bill. He pleads for his life...3 lines, 2 scenes (1)

[CUSTOMER] Female, 40s, Caucasian. This very sick sensation seeker comes into the restaurant asking to see where the murder took place sptv050769...2 lines, 1 scene (19)

[CUSTOMER #2] Male, 60s, African-American. This annoyed and surly restaurant patron asks the annoyed and surly Arlene for a little service...2 lines, 1 scene (19)

Source: SpoilerTV

Charlaine Harris Interview about Dead and Gone : All About Romance

All about Romance does a great Charlaine Harris intereview about Dead and Gone !

On May 5th, the wait is over for Sookie Stackhouse fans when Dead and Gone, the ninth entry in Charlaine Harris’ incrredible series hits bookstores.

As if that wasn’t enough to get your buzz on, season two of True Blood, the ultra-cool HBO show based on the ultra-cool books debuts on June 14th.

We’ll all have to wait until June to catch the latest TV adventures of Sookie, Bill, Eric, and Sam, but one lucky reader is about to get…well, very lucky because, courtesy of Ace Books, I’ve got an early copy of Dead and Gone ready to ship out Thursday. Details on how to enter for your chance to win are at the end of this post.

In the meantime, ready for a tease (or two)? Charlaine Harris herself was kind enough to take the time to answer a few of my burning (really) questions about Sookie, Dead and Gone, and, of course, True Blood.

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Vampire Video Craze

Unless you've been living in a cave for the past six months, you've heard about Twilight or Trueblood: Twilight,the book, was written by Stephanie Meyer and published in 2005, but the movie's screenplay was written by Melissa Rosenberg.The Sookie Stackhouse book series written by Charlaine Harris became a hit miniseries on HBO (The second season is slated to start this summer). A creative viral marketing campaign was used to promote the show.

Since the premier episode of Trueblood and the premier of Twilight, vampires have replaced pirates as the "in" movie or TV characters. For example, check out the movie section of your local Wal-Mart, and you'll notice an end cap devoted strictly to the vampire genre.

Evan Rachel Woods on and off again 'relationship' with Marilyn Manson

Sophie- Anne dates Marilyn ...hmmmm

People magazine interview 2007

GQ Magazine May 2009 A Little Piece of Evan
"Wood, now 21, who is back with Manson after “taking some time” away from the relationship"

Anna Paquin and other stars use fan-mail / fan club service.

Fascinating inside look at fan -mail

In the course of her career as a psychotherapist, Shelley De Angelus counseled schizophrenics, patients with multiple personality disorder, and garden-variety neurotics.

Long exposure to people with inflated expectations, economy-size fantasies and delusions of grandeur serves her well in her current slot as the office manager of Mail Mann, Inc., a Los Angeles-based fan-mail and fan-club service. Daily, she or her colleague Marie Kehoe stops at the post office to pick up white plastic bins of letters addressed to such clients as Anna Paquin, Ralph Fiennes, Richard Gere, Reese Witherspoon, Kyra Sedgwick, Kevin Bacon, Joe Cocker and Samuel L. Jackson, as well as some cast members of the series “Two and a Half Men,” “30 Rock” and “Brothers & Sisters.”

They’ve got mail, thousands of missives a week — from fans who want to express approval/disapproval of their idols’ political stands, religious beliefs, recent headline-making behavior, taste in mates or taste in movie roles. From fans who want to express sympathy or support when there’s been a death in the celeb’s family. From straitened fans seeking cash (five- and six-figure requests are not uncommon) and from fans seeking a far more precious commodity: a date for the high-school prom.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: The Scientist by Coldplay

The Scientist by Coldplay LYRICS
Thanks, ChemAttraction