Saturday, February 14, 2009

Take me home ( pie crying song ) by Lisbeth Scott and Nathan Bar

Are you still haunted by the scene after Gran's death where Sookie sits alone crying and eating Gran's Pecan pie ?

That song is by Lisbeth Scott and Nathan Barr

From the HBO series True Blood, this song is a gorgeous contemporary folk tune, which features haunting vocals and rich cello and guitar work.If you liked the music to "O Brother where Art Thou?", you'll love this.

Lisbeth Scott's uniquely moving and shiver-inducing voice has been heard on literally hundreds of films. Her new single, "Take Me Home" (original), written by Lisbeth and Nathan Barr, is featured on the October 12, 2008 episode of the critically-acclaimed HBO series, "True Blood."

The Pie Cry remix of the track is ONLY AVAILABLE on

The single was mixed by Adam Moseley for Accidental Muzik, Inc. In May of 2008, Kosmic Music released "The 10,000 Steps," Lisbeth's stunning collaboration with renowned percussionist Greg Ellis, as the artist biomusique, and it received massive airplay on New Age radio around the country. Lisbeth's vocals have graced the screen courtesy of Spielberg's "Munich," "The Passion of the Christ"and she was the featured vocalist and songwriter for the Disney films of the "Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe" and "Prince Caspian". Three of Lisbeth's solo albums, "Dove," Rough and Steep" and "Fair Skye" are also available as digital downloads on .

Lisbeth web page here:
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Gran's Pecan Pie recipe can be found here

Here is the scene

True Blood behind the scenes: Long Shadow is staked

I think this was the last little behind the scenes goodie from the geniuses at MastersFX special effects. They work so hard on True Blood; visit their great web page for more of their amazing movie and TV magic and you probably see other favorite TV shows and movies.

Here we have Long Shadow's disintegration make-up and then below, that scene in video.

"Humans, Honestly Bill I don't know what you see in them...." haha

Happy Valentine's Day to you from Dallas

Happy Vday ( No, not that kind of V!)

If you are still looking for a little special gift or have some extra Valentine's Day treat money to spend...

I posted some great posts in the last couple of days for Vampire and Dracula brand wine , vodka and chocolates. Then yesterday, I posted two posts with wonderful Etsy craftsman and artists that make homemade, fun and beautiful vampire and True Blood inspired items ...

Most of all, enjoy !

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True Blood reruns returning to HBO2 Saturday, February 21st


True Blood returns in reruns starting next Saturday February 21st on HBO 2!!
Next week!

Full schedule HERE

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True Blood Music Video of the Day : Dedicated to @SookieBonTemps

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monsters and angels
by Voice of the Beehive [lyrics]