Sunday, January 25, 2009

Preston Jones has been cast in a recurring role on True Blood

"Dallas" is extra proud of him because Preston is a Dallas hometown boy !

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Preston has been cast as Dirk a FotS member.

Fresh Blood for True Blood

True Blood is casting up in preparation of its second season. According to Variety, Preston Jones has landed a recurring role. Jones cut his teeth in television and recently wrapped Road Trip II: Beer Pong for Paramount Pictures. It's unknown what role he'll play in Blood's ongoing look at the life of Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and the creatures of the night that inhabit it. The first season of the series arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray May 12th before season two begins this summer.

OK , so now you want a rainbow umbrella just like Sookie's

Here is a cute one

Singin' In The Rainbow

There's nothing like a colorful rainbow to cheer up the dreariest of rainy days. This big and bright color spectrum umbrella from the Museum of Modern Art's collection will protect you from the rain and brighten your spirits on a cloudy day. For it's size, it is extremely lightweight. Well designed and constructed, it opens and closes easily with a simple push or pull - no pinched fingers here! The bright silver hook handle is an elegant touch to the bold wheel of color, including shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.

Target also has a little foldable one

OK, Stephen is a funny as Curly from the 3 Stooges

Looking the sequence of photos taken of Stephen walking through the True Blood set , it struck me as to what he's doing with his hands as he walks, is seems he may be doing like the snap with the hand, into a fist and then into the palm of the other hand...

Anyway, all I could only think of the hilarious Curly Howard of the 3 Stooges doing that movement ...

10 seconds into this hilarious " oyster stew " clip

Virtual mainstreaming

By Simon Dyda

Ever since the 'Great Revelation' growing numbers of 'fangophiles' have been joining the ranks of the American Vampire League and voicing their support for the Vampire Rights Amendment to the US constitution. More and more of your undead neighbours in the US have been 'mainstreaming' into American society. Similar events are unfolding across the globe, although there are plenty of less progressive parts where mainstreaming is still not an option. In these cases the internet has been of invaluable assistance, offering vampires the opportunity to integrate on a 'virtual' level with human society even when that is not possible in the real world. And in those countries where it is possible to mainstream, the internet has proven to be of great help for those vampires taking their first steps towards social integration.

For most vampires the internet experience has been thus far pretty interesting. My impression as an AVL volunteer has been that they enjoy dropping in to their myspaces, facebooks, bebos, youtube channels, blogs and twitters and interacting with their human cyberfriends. The vibe is generally a good one. Sure, there are always a few weirdos leaving creepy comments about silver bullets, stakes and sunrises and what have you, but these are easily deleted and their authors shown to the virtual door.

However, some of our nocturnal kin are being overwhelmed with messages and requests. Remember, nobody likes a needy cyberfriend. Just because a vampire drinks Tru Blood doesn't mean that they have either the time or the inclination to help you get hold of some, especially considering that you don't actually need it yourself, now do you? Another thing: just because vampires have such very long lifespans doesn't give you the right to demand their time or tell them what to do. Be nice, relax. Social networking has to be fun, whether you're human or vampire, so keep it that way.

Read on ..fascinating !

True Blood Music Video of the Day

Before the Dawn by Evanescence

True Blood behind the Scenes : Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer on the set!

Spoiler TV has just posted some great shots of Anna and Stephen on the True Blood set ...
They will be posted everywhere soon

you can see them all here

OD notes in a text this morning that she thinks that Anna still has the same hairstlye as in the season finale ( the curls) so when these were taken they must have still been filming the first couple of episodes...oh and she also thinks Stephen looks great in black :)