Friday, July 8, 2011

True Blood: Three Preview Clips from S04 E03 (Ep 39) "If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?"

Everyone Saying ‘Sookie’ on True Blood video

No main character on television has a name that's more fun to say out loud than True Blood's Sookie Stackhouse, and the show knows it: That's why the writers drop it into nearly every line. Here at Vulture, though, we're determined to take things one step further, and thus we've created this oddly hypnotizing Sookie Stackhouse supercut, which features the many, many times on the show that someone has drawled, hissed, or stumbled over Sookie's name. Good thing nobody has a lisp!

Charlaine Harris : Passion isn't everything when it comes to work

Chained to the desk, caught up in the day-to-day drudgery, many professionals share a fantasy: if only I could do what I love.
And without a doubt, combining a life's passion with your work can inspire great dedication and provide a sense of meaning that is sometimes missing in the workaday world.
But sometimes that unbridled passion can hurt careers when professionals care about the job too much, warns Dorie Clark, a marketing strategy consultant, writing in the Harvard Business Reviewin April. Here are some reasons why Ms Clark says people should think twice before doing what they love:
You love it - but you're not great at it. It's hard for businesspeople to judge themselves accurately, so they should first ask their friends and employers what their talents and weaknesses are. Then they should play to their strengths, even if those characteristics don't lead to what people would describe as their dream job.
You're skilled at your passion - but hate the work that surrounds it.

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Nelsan Ellis on True Blood’s Season of the Witches, Lafayette’s Mohawk, and Dodging the Marines

Nice interview ...

Give him your tired, your poor, your gay prostitutes, your drug dealers, and your symbolically orphaned and Nelsan Ellis will handily weave them all into one character. Or at least that's what the Southern marine turned actor does on True Blood in the role of Lafayette Reynolds, the short-order cook who's proven it's possible to be both sassy and swaggering. This season, he'll put his moxie to good use, nurturing a relationship with new boyfriend Jesus and taming a coven of overachieving witches. How does he do it all? We spoke with the molasses-tongued Ellis about the turmoil in store for Lafayette as well as Ellis's real-life drama, which easily rivals his True Blood material.
You look nothing like Lafayette in real life. How much goes into physically getting into character?
Um, I wear more makeup than any of the girls on the show. I wore everything initially: eye stuff, lip stuff. That didn't work too well on my face, so it just evolved to where it is now.
What about Lafayette's hair this season? Was the Mohawk your idea?[Whispers.] Yeah, that was my idea. I figure since he's got a boyfriend, he probably wants to jazz it up a bit.
Did you base Lafayette on anyone?
He's inspired by my mother: his spirit, his strength, his femininity, his masculinity, his hand gestures, his hair pieces. A friend saw a picture of Lafayette and goes, "That looks like your mother, dude." I don't look anything like my mother, except when I'm Lafayette. I look like my father.

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Being Human UK

Are you guys keeping up with this series ? Many of you I know watched BH US this year but I just finished Season 2 of BHUK and man was it good.

They have very creepy religious cult out after them and it was great, scary and bloody

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'Vamps' new movie for Sigourney Weaver

Vamps has the kind of cast that demands your attention. Directed by Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Clueless mastermind Amy Heckerling, the film stars Alicia Silverstone and Krysten Ritter as two young vampires loving and living life in New York City. Heckerling getting back with Silverstone alone should be enough to peak your interest, but check out the supporting cast: Sigourney Weaver, Wallace Shawn, Malcolm McDowell, Richard Lewis, and Justin Kirk (best known for being the awesome brother on Weeds).

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Warner Bros. Making An Eight-Part Vampire Graphic Novel Undying Love

Just when we thought we were nearing the end of Hollywood’s vampire craze, with the Twilight saga drawing to a close and fewer undead projects in development, Warner Bros. dives back in to the blood-red waters for the potential adaptation of a graphic novel (no pun intended).

The studio grabbed the rights to Tomm Coker and Daniel Freedman’s Undying Love, an eight-part mini-series that Image Comics released earlier this year. Their story blends elements of traditional vampire lore with the bloody vengeance of the Hong Kong action genre, centering on a protagonist who must defeat countless enemies to win the heart of the woman he loves. The hero, if you can call him that, is John Sargent, a former U.S. soldier who falls for Mei, a vampire. Now in order to be with her, Sargent must eliminate the vampire who originally sired Mei … a bloodsucker who just happens to be one of the most powerful vampires in history.

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