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Talk Blood S4 Ep Episode 10 "Soulf of fire " the Podcast up!

In case you missed last night Talk Blood episode - here is the podcast !
What great fun we had last night discussing True Blood  Season 4   Episode 4.11 "Soul of Fire" this is the penultimate episode and it should be an amazing and you'll want to listen to it,  I'm sure !
I was  joined last onight by our soggy New York bureau members : Mark Blankenship of Huffington Post and his blog The Critical Condition and Andy & Brian of Camp Blood and the VLOG Blood Work. We will also meet tonight's episode sponsor,  the wonderful Lisa from mobile app ( sssshhhh... she's also our old friend, the artist formerly known as @SookieBonTemps) .

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True Blood: Best. Episode. Ever. Song Ain't Bad, Either. by Jefwithonef from Houston Press

For some reason, Gothtopia has spent the last decade completely convinced that Dinosaur Jr. was from Texas. We have argued rather vehemently with many prominent local music personalities about this subject, and of course we've never bothered to look up the information like a good American. No, Dinosaur Jr. is from Amherst, Mass., and we apparently owe many, many people an apology.
Why do we bring this up? Well, J. Mascis from Dinosaur Jr. started a band called Witch in 2005, and it's a song from their 2006 self-titled album that gave this week's episode of True Blood its name. That song is "Soul of Fire."
Now, we had a mixed reaction when we found out that the song was a Witch song. On the awesome side of the scale, Danzig has a song called "Soul of Fire," which would have stomped the colons of the three parishes. On the other side of the scale, HIM has a song called "Soul of Fire," and if had turned out to be that song we would have quit this column and gone to the beach.

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Alcide abjured Debbie says "I will hunt with you no longer " and makes Charlaine smile...

This was by far my favorite part of the Ep, and  I said on the Talk Blood Radio show last night I bet Charlaine will smile when she see and hears Joe Mangiello deliver those delicious Alcide lines ....

I abjure you
I will hunt with you no longer
I will share flesh with you no longer

Andy Gets Some Fairy Tail! Swear to the light !

The fairies are back. Well, one at least. And we're not exactly sure why. 'Cause after she creepily open-eyed kisses Andy Bellefleur (and then proceeds to lick his face and screw him), she apparently disappeared back into her orb of light. We're seriously doubting Tinker-skank only popped in for a supernatural booty call, so get ready for some fairy action in next week's finale.

What do you think about this storyline ?? Swear to the light !

'True Blood' recap: Soul survivors

You just knew Marnie wasn't going to be dispatched quite that easily. In "Soul or Fire," Sunday's penultimate episode of "True Blood's" fourth season, Bill might have managed to take down the witch's body, but she's still hanging around in spirit.

Not that it was so easy for the vampires to get access to Marnie/Antonia and the coven at all. Though Bill, Jessica, Eric and Pam approach the MoonGoddess Emporium with serious weaponry in hand, intending to blow up the whole place and anyone inside, Jason appears and tells them that Sookie is being held captive (along with the others). Instantly, Bill and Eric decide to switch gears, though Pam makes it plain that she's still on board with the original plan, whether Sookie dies or not. Meanwhile, Marnie/Antonia tells the coven that the vampires are coming, Casey panics and tries to leave, only to wind up with a dagger in her chest. Her death outrages Antonia, who leaves Marnie's body, shocked that the witch would kill an innocent member of their own group. However, Marnie binds Antonia to her and, like the other members of the coven, the spirit of the necromancer is powerless to leave.

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True Blood S 4 Episode 12 " And when I die " Preview HBO ( video)

True Blood Season 4 Ep 11 recap HBO ( video)

True Blood Go Inside True Blood Episode 4.11 HBO (video)

True Blood Season 4 Ep 11 subtitles ! What did they say last night ???

TBS4 Ep 10 Subtitles

True Blood finale spoiler : Holly as a fairy

So now we know that Andy will be really attracted to Holly becasue of his "encounter' with the fairy, Maurella.

She's pretty cute ..

True Blood Season 4 Crossword Puzzle - Episode 10 " Bringing Down the House"

Thanks to the wonderful Kristie for a great year of amazing crossword puzzles-post in the comments if you love these!

Bringing Down the House                                                                                                   

True Blood finale spoiler : Eric and Bill on Fire

Author Ellen Schreiber finds fangs and fortune

At 44, Ellen Schreiber still thinks a lot like a teenager - a hip, fun and funky mindset that propelled her onto the New York Times bestseller list as an author of teen novels.
A native of Roselawn who now makes her home in Warren County, Schreiber wrote the Vampire Kisses series of books, which has sold 1.4 million copies - a staggering figure she says she doesn't think about much.
Nestled in a quiet subdivision where hawks circle overhead, Schreiber is working on several projects in various stages of completion.
She weaves her tales on an Apple computer, which takes center stage on a kidney-shaped Ikea desk in her bright, eclectic office - white jolted with pink and aqua, and infused with black, reflecting her more "Goth" side.

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Hot Blooded Ball to Feature True Blood Stars in Prince George

I'm going to post this just like the it was posted -you'll see the mistakes

The Prince George Public Library has a special event planned for Halloween.  The Hot Blooded Ball will be held on Friday October 28 at the Ramada ballroom.  Library Spokesperson Neil Godbout say the night will feature two stars from the hit TV show True Blood.  "Jim Parrack and Kristin Hoyt who play Pam Hoyt on True Blood," says Godbout, "so were really excited there coming and thinks its going to be a Halloween bash Prince George has never seen before."  Tickets for the event are eighty dollars and can be picked up at the Library or on their website.  You can also get one hundred dollar premium tickets which get you a photo opportunity with Parrack and Bauer

Here is the library site for event

'True Blood' EP Defends Bill: 'He was Sookie's First Love'

"It's a very recent first love that was very, very deep," Alexander Woo tells THR.In many ways, the last episode of HBO’s True Blood made some pivotal plot turns. At the top of that list of developments includes the return of Eric’s (Alexander Skarsgard) memory and what that means for the love triangle involving Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Bill (Stephen Moyer).
VIDEO: 'True Blood' Previews: The Body Count Rises in the Season 4 Finale

“It felt like a good time because Sookie and Eric have gotten as close as… well, probably as they can get in this short period of time,” executive producer and writer, Alexander Woo, tells The Hollywood Reporter about the choice to restore Eric’s memory.
“This was the time for this roadblock where he gets his identity back,” Woo continues. “And the fun of it for the viewer, I hope, is to see how that affects the relationship they had established while he didn’t have his memory.”
When we spoke to Woo, he gave us an idea of the challenges that lie ahead for Eric and Sookie’s relationship, as well as how it will affect not only Bill, but also Eric’s relationship to Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten).

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