Thursday, February 12, 2009

You know you've watched too much True Blood when...

When running around naked in the early morning doesn't seem like such a bad idea.

When you are afraid that if you make Jell-O again you'll just be another crazy white person with an unhealthy obsession.

When you try fitting in at a new job you're afraid you're just trying to mainstream and we all know that's for pussies.

When you want your husband to grow his hair out and start wearing henley shirts.

When you rewind Eric's bathtub scene to see the rumored full monty.

From Flavia today :

When you walk by an audio book “Learn to Speak Swedish” and you actually consider borrowing that from the library. But then you shake your head and realize you really need to put down that remote and get out more.

Send me one and I'll post it next week Email: True Blood in Dallas

Loving True Blood in Dallas book suggestion: The Girl's Guide to Vampires: all you need to know about the original bad boys...

The good news is: He's tall, dark, and handsome.

The bad news is: He's a bloodsucking creature of the night. Not to mention arrogant, predatory, and immortal.

What's a girl to do? No worries-in this guide, girls learn everything they need to know about these romantic rogues, including how to:

  • Know when they've met a vampire
  • Avoid falling prey to a nightstalker's charms
  • Resist even the most aggressive advances
  • Protect themselves against the undead
  • Destroy a vampire-using everything from holy water to decapitation
Complete with a review of vampire books, TV shows, and films as well as accounts of real-life encounters with vampires, this book is all girls need to surrender to the night-and still make sure they're around to see another day!Barb Karg (Pacific Northwest) is a veteran journalist, author, screenwriter and lifelong vampire aficionado currently at work on a vampire novel. She's authored or coauthored twenty-two books.

There is a mention of True Blood - you can buy a copy for $8 HERE

Best And Worst TV Couples: Sookie and Bill

In honor of Valentine's Day, we declare our love for True Blood's Sookie and Bill.

Valentine's Day is upon us, and it's a holiday about which we feel conflicted. On one hand, it's grossly over-commercialized and filled with pressure. But on the other, it is nice to celebrate your significant other -- and we have no complaints about flowers and candy, even if they are a little cliche.

So to celebrate our wishy-washy feelings about Cupid's big day, we picked five TV relationships from current shows that seem destined for success (or that are, in the words of Flavor Flav, "romantical"), and five that give love a bad name.

Sookie and Bill, True Blood
From the first time they met, you could sense the connection between telepathic Sookie and vampire Bill. Yes, he's robbing the cradle, he bites Sookie during sex and isn't readily available for brunch dates. But he also regularly saves her life and appears to be pretty good in the sack. This is the ultimate bad boy/good girl coupling.

Read them all good and bad here :

Jesus Christ, Shepherd of Judea Part I : Sookie and faith

"Jesus Christ, Shepherd of Judea " , that's a very familiar exclamation to readers of the Sookie Stackhouse books and I decided to take a closer look at churches, religion, the Bible and prayer in the Sookie books.

Sookie is most definitely a Christian believer and regularly attends the Methodist church in Bon Temps. She frequently talks of her faith , the Bible, prayer and attending church. She enjoys going to church, even if she doesn't always listen to the sermon but spend the time quietly reflecting.

Frankly, I don't always listen to the sermon. Sometimes the hour in church is just a time to think, a time to consider where my life is going. But at least those thoughts are in a context

She and Gran are regular members of the Methodist Church and she continues to attend alone after Gran dies and when her work schedule permits. In future posts, we'll look at mentions of the Bible, prayer and more.

What have I missed, are there other churches mentioned that I missed ?

The various churches mentioned in the books, their minister's and any known members are:

Bon Temps Methodist Church
o Location: Bon Temps
o Reverend: Rev Collins
o Members: Sookie, Gran , Hoyt and Maxine Fortenberry

Tabernacle Holiness Church (bk 9)
o Location: Bon Temps ( near Hotshot)
o Reverend: Rev. Marvin Norris
o Members: Norris family members have funeral there

Free Will Church of God's Anointed (Bk4)
o Location: Bon Temps?
o Reverend:
o Members: Danielle and Holly

Bon Temp Catholic Church ( bk6)
o Location: Bon Temps
o Reverend: Father Dan Riordan
o Members: Tara Thornton

Fellowship of the Sun (bk 7)
o Location: Minden
o Reverend:
o Members: Arlene, Rafe Prudhomme

Gethsemane Baptist Church (bk3)
o Location: Bon Temps
o Reverend:
o Members: Maxine Fortenberry (early books)

Good Faith Baptist (bk1)
o Location: Bon Temps (Gran mentions it as a possible meeting place for Descendants of the Glorious Dead in Bk1)
o Reverend:
o Members:

Greater Love Baptist Church (bk4)
o Location: Bon Temps
o Reverend: Jimmy Fullenwilder
o Members:

Bon Temp Episcopal church ( bk6)
o Location: Clarice
o Reverend: Father Kempton Littrell
o Members:

Grace Episcopal ( bk5)
o Location: Shreveport
o Reverend:
o Members: Colonel John Flood

Glen Cragie Methodist Church (bk2)
o Location: Dallas
o Reverend:
o Members: Hugo Ayers

True Blood goes to the movies: Alexander Skarsgard stars in Leende guldbruna ögon

I think the title is something brown eyes ? -help someone ?
Thanks !!
Leende guldbruna ogon translation is "smiling brown eyes"

Lennart Johansson grows up with one dream - to lead a Swedish dance band in the spirit of the Swedish legends "Vikingarna". He is a Swedish at heart, however he finds prejudice from all the bands he wants to be part of on his journey, all for one reason - he is black. After spending time and renting a kitchen from Roshan, a dedicated hip hop singer and creator, played brilliant by Fares Fares. A unique journey and an odds friendship starts. Lennart is dedicated to make it as a dance band singer, and starts his own band of misfits. An entertaining miniseries in 3 parts made by Swedish Television in collaboration with Nrk, Norway. Written by Bård Hansen

Alex sings ......

True Blood behind the scenes: Eddie's burns

More great special effects from True Blood from Masters FX

Poor Eddie after the silver chainmail hood
Man, I had forgotten what a big bag of crazy Amy was ...

New Sookie book covers in the UK

True Blood Music Video of the Day

Song for the girl by Mathew Good Band [lyrics]