Saturday, May 28, 2011

Watch the first 3 minutes of True Blood Season 4 on HBO GO.

Starting May 29 you can watch the first 3 minutes of the new True Blood season on HBO GO.

UMMMMM that's tomorrow!!

True Blood Interview: Kristin Bauer

Kristin Bauer returns as sexy vampire Pam in the third season of the award-winning hit show, True Blood which is released on DVD today.

Created by Oscar winner Alan Ball from the best selling novels by Charlaine Harris, True Blood has gone from strength to strength over three seasons – the third aired in the States in 2010 – and Pam, chief of staff to vampire chief Eric (played by Alexander Skarsgard) has become a favourite with the fans.

The youngest of three children Bauer was indeed born and raised in Racine County, Wisconsin, and as a teenager rebelled against the Ivy League path that her siblings had chosen

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Sookie - where are you going ?

some filming shots with Ryan and Anna

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A Beautiful Scene That Will Make You Believe In Vampires Again

We're exceptionally excited about the all-girl vampire flick We Are The Night. Specifically for championing the "in crowd" bloodsuckers club (we miss you vampire David Bowie!) and bringing back gorgeous vampire transformations that are reminiscent of Interview With a Vampire.

Watch our exclusive clip of the human-to-vampire changeover now!

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Great reads recommended by Charlaine Harris

These are the books Charlaine recommends in here Wall Street Journal interview :

New Season 4 True Blood Posters: Black, White and Red all over ....

'True Blood' Season 4 to Reveal History Between Bill and Nan

I'm sure glad they are filling this in ....we knew there was something here 

Another story from Bill's past will be uncovered in "True Blood" season 4. Recently, Jessica Tuck said that her character, Nan, shares a history with the male vampire. "All I can say is that Nan and Bill have a history," she teased, but refused to share more than that. "Details of that history will be revealed in Season 4."

In the upcoming season, Nan who is a spokeswoman for American Vampire League is assigning Bill and Eric to win back the human public after Russell's on-air meltdown. To True Blood's Nest, Jessica revealed her character has a bigger plan than just to maintaining the peace between humans and vampires.

"It would be foolish to think that her efforts were just about making humans and vamps one big happy family," the series' new regular said. "There is an agenda behind her agenda but that is not for me to reveal right now. Stay tuned."

Speaking generally of the show, Jessica dished, "Relationships between the characters get much more complicated and redefined." She went on gushing, "I love this season - I think there is a lot to sink your teeth into. You won't be disappointed."

"True Blood" season 4 will premiere Sunday, June 26 on HBO. While maintaining the relationship with the mortals, the vampires will also deal with witches who experiment with necromancy and try to discover a way to control the dead.

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what a great scene

Charlaine Harris On Sookie Stackhouse and Future of ‘True Blood’- Wall Street Journal

This is an excellent interview- with knowledgeable, intelligent questions for Charlaine !