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True Blood’s Joe Manganiello Promises to Seal the Deal With Sookie

Joe Manganiello, who plays nice-guy werewolf Alcide Hervieux on True Blood, faced the daunting prospect of bringing to the screen a character already beloved by fans of Charlaine Harris’s Southern Vampire Mysteries novels. Viewers haven’t yet seen much of the romance between Anna Paquin’s Sookie Stackhouse and Manganiello’s Alcide, which takes up much of the third book, Club Dead. But, as Manganiello tells us, more is on the way.
Mike Ryan: In the third book, Alcide and Sookie’s romantic relationship seems more advanced than it does in the series.
Joe Manganiello: Well, the way that it’s been depicted so far in the series is almost exactly in line with the way that the book is. Alcide is in all of the books from the third one on, so the relationship builds from there. But we’re still in the infancy stage—them getting to know each other.
On Sunday night, Alcide spared the life of Debbie Pelt (Brit Morgan). Does Alcide still harbor feelings for Debbie?
Is Alcide going to get back with Debbie? No way in hell. I think she’s psychotic. He didn’t want to get back together with her; he didn’t even want to go back in there. It was really and truly Sookie dragging Alcide back in there. Sookie’s been the catalyst for the emerging leader that comes out of Alcide, which winds up being his arc. In the book, he’s a construction worker who wants to have nothing to do with politics or anything—and really doesn’t want to have much to do with being a werewolf. It’s the unlikely story of how that unlikely hero becomes King of the Wolves, basically

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The Life Lessons Of True Blood

Just because True Blood is shallow summer fun, that doesn't mean that it can't be educational. (We've already gained some new insight into Viking anatomy, if you catch my drift.). There's a lot to be learned from the inhabitants of Bon Temps, at the very least from their many, many, many mistakes. So if you're having a hard time justifying your favorite summer obsession, just refer to our list of valuable life lessons that we've gained from watching the True Blood crew. It turns out that all that time you thought you were just having sexy fun, you were actually growing as a person. And people say that TV is bad for you!

1. Carry Around A Stain-Stick
Blood stains are unsightly and hard to remove, and, as anyone who has ever been near a vampire staking, messy. It’s hard to intimidate people into submission when you aren’t looking your best, and nothing undermines your authority as fast as a big stain on your clothes.

2. Use Reliable Birth Control
It’s important to protect yourself, in all situations. You never know when you’ll have to go to a huge mystical orgy, or end up pregnant with a serial killer’s kid.

'True Blood' Star Joe Manganiello Hints At Where Alcide's Story Will Take Him In Season 4

OK , darn it mark me down as a Joe/Alcide fan girl !
Almost every interview he talks about Charlaine - how could you NOT love this guy ?

Unfortunately for the "True Blood" spoiler seekers out there, the cast is just a touch too media savvy to know not to spill any big plot secrets. Take our recent chat with newly-named series regular Joe Manganiello for example, who, when asked about season 3 finale teasers, said: "The end of season 3 is nuts! What it opens up for season 4 is crazy!" (Thanks for those specifics there, Joe).

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Becca Wilcott 's Recap: True Blood, season 3, episode 7 – ‘Hitting The Ground’

Well,  thanks to the wonderful Becca for the big shout out in her column today in the National Post ( Canada)  ...
Dallas is sure proud to have such a wonderful team for Talk Blood Radio !

Every few weeks I appear as a guest on Talk Blood Radio (www.blogtalkradio.com/true-blood-in-dallas), hosted by the lovely Dallas of Loving True Blood in Dallas (www.lovingtruebloodindallas.com), one of the most prolific fan run fan sites for True Blood and The Sookie Stackhouse Novels. If you haven’t tuned in, treat yourself. It runs 9:30 pm CST after each episode airs, and Dallas’s guests include a host of professional bloggers, national columnists, and die-hard fans. It’s fast-paced, energetic, and always a blast.

All to say, that I was one of Dallas’s guests this past Sunday evening, so you can hear me wax poetic about the avalanche that was “Hitting the Ground.” What will emerge from this episode is bound to be a tightly-packed snowball gaining momentum with each of the remaining five episodes, not to mention dismembered body parts, starting with the sinewy remains of Lorena and the Magister’s head. Let’s take a moment. I adored the Magister, in part, because as a fan also of Damages and Big Love, Zeljko Ivanek is unsurpassed in his role as The Man of Code. And I hadn’t yet grown tired of remarking how great Lorena was this season. So while I wasn’t surprised by her demise, I’ll miss her deeply. (And the chance to meet her maker. Maybe if we write to Santa Ball?) Mariana Klaveno was given a lot to work with this season. Rewatching “I Got a Right to Sing the Blues,” I’m still taken by the delivery of her threat to wear Sookie’s rib cage as a hat, spinning on her heel as she walks out the door to torture Bill. Actors just don’t get to say and do those things every day. At least she went out with the fury of a chocolate fountain at a company holiday party. (Still don’t want to believe she’s gone for good. We gotta see the woman when she still had the light in her eyes, don’t we?)

True Blood serves vampire burritos at their naked Enya BBQ

From Team Talk Blood member,  Meredith Woerner !

Everyone brought their A-game to last night's True Blood, everyone. Questions were answered, light drinks were served, and Jason was finally back on his idiot A-Game. Small NSFW image.

What a night! For the first time in a long time I felt like True Blood managed to keep all the plot points in the air without smashing juggling balls into the audience. Probably because they felt like it was ok to give a few characters a break and let some other folks shine. Plus, we finally figured out why Sookie has light fingers! Because she drinks light punch. Right? I don't know, let's Pro and Con it.
Pro: Lorena sucking on Sookie's neck paired with Bill's grunting noises - together it all sounds like some sort of sticky three way. Yep, seems about right for this series.

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10 Ways True Blood Got Dogfighting Right

I'm a big fan of HBO's True Blood, but I was a little worried last week when it became apparent that the show was going to take on dogfighting. (If you're not caught up on the latest episodes, here's the obligatory Spoiler Alert warning.)
If you don't watch True Blood, here's the background: Sam Merlotte is a shapeshifter who was ditched by his family when he was just a pup. This season, he meets his family for the first time, including a younger brother, Tommy Mickens. In an earlier episode, the brothers go for a run in dog form; Sam picks his favorite breed, a collie, and Tommy shifts into a pit bull. It turns out that Sam's deadbeat dad has been taking both Tommy and their mom into the fighting pit for years. In this past weekend's episode, Sam tracks down the dog fighting ring to save his brother.
In theory, when a popular show decides to address an issue, it can help raise awareness. Or, it can end up diminishing — or even glorifying — the issue, and this is one show that's not exactly known for taking the high road with violence. But here are 10 ways that True Blood got it right this time:

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DIY Project: Break Glass in cas of vampire attack

First you need a shadow box frame - long and skinny is ideal, but not completely necessary. I've found that the cheapest ones are those that already have something in them.  Some (especially the dollar store ones) are glued together making it difficult to take out the old stuff and replace it with your stuff. No worries. Heat the stuck areas with a heat gun as the glue is usually of the hot variety.  The glue will soften so you can pry things apart. Read on

The Vampire industrial complex and Justin Cronin

Many parents will, at some time, have played the game with their children of making up a story together. Usually, this exercise in dreaming up a plot and characters is a ploy to improve youngsters’ reading and writing skills, or just to encourage them to complete their homework. But for American academic, Justin Cronin, it has turned him into the most talked-about writer of the summer.
He was talking plot lines with his eight-year-old daughter, Iris, while he pounded the streets of their native Houston, Texas, in his running shoes and she cycled alongside him on her bicycle, little knowing that the pair had come up with the template for his novel The Passage, for which he would receive an advance of £2.5 million. This chilling and compelling post-apocalyptic tale of science gone wrong, killer vampires and the beleaguered remnants of humanity struggling to survive is now a bestseller in the US, with the film option sold to Ridley Scott for a reported £1.2 million. It is now out here to catch the poolside reading market.

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Vampires take a bite out of pop culture

AUSTIN (KXAN) - Pre-teens, teens, and adults into their 40’s are sinking their teeth into anything and everything Twilight - and fans in Austin are going beyond Hollywood to feed their insatiable needs.
Twilight-inspired cooking lessons and party planning are just a few of the activities by members of the group, Austin Twilighters, a fan meet-up for Twilight fanatics.
Along with Austin Twilighters , four other meet-up groups are also active.
One of them, Camarilla , is a more expansive social gathering, incorporating vampires and werewolves with role-playing video games or RPG, or "role-playing games."

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Tom Cruise to kill vampires in ‘Van Helsing’

t turns out Universal might be making another go-round with its “Van Helsing” movie franchise. This time Cruise is allegedly involved per Vulture.
He will produce and star as the vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing.
Previously, Guillermo del Toro was attached to direct the film, but is busying himself with “At The Mountains Of Madness” for Universal instead.
Van Helsing is known from Bram Stoker’s “Dracula.” In 2004, Universal made “Van Helsing” directed by Stephen Sommers (“The Mummy”) and starring Jackman in the title role. The film was slotted as an event film to kick off the summer season.
It did fine at the time, making $120 million at the domestic B.O. and another $180 million abroad.
Apparently the Cruise version of “Van Helsing” is unrelated to Sommers’ film.

True Blood Fairies: Let's talk about the Vampires that sparkle , Claudine, Tinkerbell , "stealing your light" and the fairy pond in the cemetery scene !

Buzz --Buzz --Buzz about that scene ---
I won't say much because I want to hear your opinions..
The one thing I will say is that SOOKIE IS NOT PSYCHIC and does NOT have the power of precognition!
The scene where she a Claudine read each others minds is fine but the " I knew you'd say that " is off the rails as to what Sookie's powers are ( at least as we know them in the book ) So according to Ball, Sookie is not longer just a telepath, she is now also a psychic.

Also if AHott is right about the Bill in sunlight scene we now have the "sparkle" of the the Twilight vampires and "secret daylight rings" of Vampire Diaries coming into the True Blood world and a new power for the vampires.

Great email from AHott in California
I have a theory...just wanted to share with you. I do read the books but I am reading them "one step ahead of the series," I'm just now reading Book Four. This may have already been shared and if so, please excuse me. I may just be stating the obvious to both viewers and Bookies.
I think Alan Ball is suggesting that Sookie's blood (her "light" if you will) when ingested by vampires in large amounts, allows them to walk in the daylight. That is why Bill didn't die when kicked into the sunlight as he had just practically drained her. This is also why Claudine fears that Sookie would give Bill her "light." It would make the vampires so much more powerful if they knew of it. It's also why she doesn't have a bloodtype. The other clue I picked up is when Sookie picked up that crystal glass at her bedside and Claudine told her it was "empty" and she needed to refill it. Bill had just drained her of her blood and her "light" and she needed to refill it at the pond.

What do you guys think ???????

Joe Manganiello on AP Live

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Man In the Box