Monday, January 3, 2011

Go ask Dallas: Why don't we have True Blood Music Videos everyday anymore ?

In case you haven't notice, I have stopped posting a daily video,True Blood Music video of the Day. For two years, I posted a video every single day ears without MISSING A SINGLE DAY! in part I did it to remind myself and everyone that reads my blog that this is all about the fans!

It's not about the actors, as much as we love their work, looks etc it is not about the wealthy and gorgeous actors, actresses and professionals that create True Blood it is not even about our beloved Charlaine Harris , who without her imagination none of this world and it's characters would even exist.

It is about us ...we the fans if we didn't love it, watch it, read the books, buy the swag and attend the conventions ..poof these products would cease to exist because they would not be profitable for networks to produce and publishing houses to publish.

I love everything fan produced; fan art, fan music videos , fan crafts, amazing fans that write blogs, vlogs and character tweet on twitter and yes, even those who write fanfic. We do this without any compensations, we spend our own money and oodles of time just because it's fun and we love the stories and characters. Special thanks to everyone on Team True Blood in Dallas who are not only the best fans but have made this really fun for Ol' Dallas !

So Dallas' hats off to all you great fans, on to 2011, Sookie book 11 and True Blood Season 4 !

True Blood Video : Only Human !