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True Blood Jeopardy : Alexander for $1, 000

How fun is this ?

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Why True Blood Finale Disappointing

The Pam point is good -I've been wondering how Tara knew what a shifter was ?

Though the finale was days ago, the latest episode of True Blood is still a hot topic. Unfortunately, the chitchat is more about how lame it was than its few shocking moments. It seems that many of you agree with the sentiment, so here are your reasons why the True Blood finale was a disappointment.

  1. It doesn't leave us wanting more. "Once again a disappointing cliffhanger. Just like last year, I'm left not caring about the end. Obviously, Sookie will be back. The only highlight for me was Bill's secret finally being revealed. I've waited all season for Bill to go down. The rest of the episode didn't solve anything, just left everything open ended. I guess some people might enjoy that, but after dedicating the whole summer to the show, some big stuff could have at least gone down." — elramos
  2. Tara needs a better story line. "I kept hoping to see Tara drive off a cliff. I'm sick of valuable minutes being wasted on her. As manipulative and abusive as Franklin was, I actually felt bad for him that he fell in love/lust/whatever with her. I hope season 4 brings an end to Tara." — MeowAlyCat
  3. None of the series regulars are killed off. "I think the sense of urgency is kind of lost because in three seasons, not a single major character has died. Think about Lost. They kept the urgency going in the early seasons because the writers were not afraid to kill off a crowd favorite. As other commenters mentioned, we know Eric isn't going to die, and Bill isn't going to leave, and Sookie will be back, etc. Where's the drama?" — jadenirvana
  4. See the last two reasons when you read more.
  5. Sookie's fairy life is not that exciting. "This whole weird fairy thing bugs me. It's so campy and soap opera dreamy that I almost roll my eyes every time it comes on." — tlsgirl
  6. Not everything is explained. "I wasn't bowled over by the finale either. There were some things not explained (how did Pam know to get Eric out of the concrete, for example)." — jultritz

Bram Stoker’s Dracula Coming to the Apple iPad for Halloween 2010

This makes Dallas happy - if you have not seen a moveable book or interactive e-book you need to,  they are fantastic !

The original vampire who gave us a reason to fear the dark is coming to Apple iPad as a whole new, frightfully interactive experience! PadWorx Digital Media, Inc., an independent developer of a new category of interactive eBooks for tablet PCs, announced today it will release Bram Stoker’s Dracula on the App Store® in time for this Halloween. Dracula will be the first eBook title for the Apple iPad built from the ground up on PadWorx Digital Media’s proprietary game engine, giving readers the chance to experience a new level of entertainment through the combination of text, animation, gameplay, touch screen interaction, social media, original soundtrack and music, sound effects and more.“Our new interactive version of Dracula is unlike anything I’ve ever seen on the iPad,” said Jeffery Alan Schechter, director and producer at PadWorx Digital Media, Inc.  “From fans of the original classic tale, to the blood and romance fans of the Twilight books and movies, to tech savvy enthusiasts, there are plenty of elements to keep everyone reading for hours.  We’ve created original illustrations, animation, sounds and touch screen elements that work together with the text on each page, drawing readers in and allowing them to uncover a new tale worth telling.”
Dracula for the Apple iPad puts a new twist on the classic novel written by Bram Stoker in 1897.  The interactive eBook features 300 pages of text, animation, gameplay, and touch screen technology that creates the definitive interactive, user-driven experience. From lighting up the words of the page with a lantern, unsealing the mysteries of letters and journal entries, blowing the leaves off of tombstones to reveal the writing beneath, and even using their own “blood” to reveal hidden text on a page, readers will bring Dracula to life page after enthralling page.
Beyond text and animation, PadWorx Digital Media’s Dracula will break new ground in the world of eBooks by featuring both an original soundtrack as well as eighteen songs from the indie rock performers and bands Adaline, Eve and the Ocean, Ingela, Nadia, and Emily Spiller.  Each song will set the tone for a different chapter from the book, creating a whole new way of experiencing this classic story. The Dracula soundtrack will also be available for separate purchase on the iTunes Store®.  Pricing for the eBook and for the separate soundtrack will be announced at a later date.

Should True Blood Fans Be Crying Wolf?

This does not make Dallas happy.. I think 'Your Face goes here' ( Ball) should address these concerns ( and yes,  I think real wolves ( most are hybrid ) can be used but they have to be very carefully handled.)

The latest season of HBO's True Blood ended on Sunday, and the wolves have a little time off — both the human actors playing werewolves and their animal counterparts. In case you had been wondering whether those wolves featured this past season were digital, they're not.
The growing popularity of the vampire genre has led to increased demand for wolf actors. The Wall Street Journal reported that, while big-budget movies like The Twilight Saga can afford computer-generated animals, many television producers turn to the real deal. It's a lot cheaper to rent a wolf than it is to rent a computer designer.
However, it seems like the decision to use creatures over computers was a creative one for True Blood. Executive producer Alan Ball touted the benefits of using real wolves: "Wolves are incredibly charismatic and very powerful creatures and you can't create a version of that that's as good as the real thing." Director Daniel Minahan also credits the decision to the writing team, not the budget department.

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Nelsan Ellis ('True Blood') Interview

It's fair to say the first season of True Blood ended on a huge cliffhanger, but fans dying to know what happened don't have to wait much longer - the second run begins in the UK on Channel 4 this week! To celebrate we caught up with Nelsan Ellis - who plays the wonderful Lafayette - to chat about the show and find out what's coming up. Be warned - there's a spoiler about the first Charlaine Harris book!

At the end of the first season, Lafayette was attacked. Where do we pick him up in the second?
"He lives! Lafayette lives. He's not entirely intact but he lives. He's been abducted. I can't say by whom, but he's been abducted and he's a prisoner in a dungeon somewhere."

Lafayette was very feisty and strong in the first season. Does being captured affect him at all?
"Absolutely. I think Lafayette prides himself on his freedom, or his self-proclaimed freedom to be who he is and to go to and fro at his will, so I think it damages his self-esteem to be completely powerless in the situation."

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Keep It Or Dump It: True Blood Characters It's time to thin the herd on HBO's most popular show, and its most overpopulated.

** Rita this mentions Bud Dearborn!

True Blood finishes its third season Sunday fully entrenched as the most popular series on HBO, so the producers have every reason to believe they have hit on a winning formula. But despite the deaths of several important minor characters in midseason, there's still a feeling that individual True Blood episodes still have too much going on, too many secondary characters whose stories are almost totally separate from the main plot threads.

A typical week might find us spending a minute with Sookie and Bill, then back at Fangtasia with Eric, then hanging out with Lafayette and Jesus, then over to Merlotte's to see what idiocy Arlene and Tommy are up to, then out with Jason as he tries to become a cop, then parked in a car with Hoyt and his silly girlfriend Summer ... it's just too much time taken up by characters we don't care about.

This Keep It Or Dump It installment puts the supporting characters of True Blood under the microscope to determine if they still have some life left in them, or if it's long past time for them to meet the true death. We're sparing Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer), and Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) up front, as they are clearly the leads on the series. I'm also not relying on knowledge of the Charlaine Harris source novels for clues as to what these characters may be up to in coming seasons; since I haven't read the books, I am going solely on what the series has told us about them thus far.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Watch Me Burn

Watch Me Burn

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