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Vampires: Hollywood Bloodsuckers

8 Shows that Are Creepy in a Good Way

Some shows are creepy just because, well, they're icky to think about. Like 'The Girls Next Door' (twins sleeping with the same old guy!) or 'Hoarders' (the ultimate pack-rats!). Then there are shows that are frightening, but in a good way. Read on for eight such shows that make you look under the bed at night, avoid cemeteries, and ponder alternate universes.

'Ghost Whisperer'
Things were always a bit scary for Melinda Gordon and her spiritual buddies, but this show has upped the fright factor with the Shinies, the Book, and the mysterious Shadows who not only attack people (including Melinda), but can also possess bodies. And you'd better not talk about them, or they'll do bad things to your relatives! At this point, simply helping spirits into the light must seem like frolicking through a sunny field of daisies for Melinda.

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Zombie and vampire flu in Sweden. Alexander Skarsgård and Ann-Sofie Back infected.

A terrible virus that turns people, mortals in this case, into mindless zombies or bloodsucking vampires has become a threat in Sweden. It is still unclear as to how the virus came to the country but the virus has become left an imprint on Swedish culture, showing up in TV shows, movies and even on the runway.

The well-known actor Alexander Skarsgård was already infected in 2008 when he began playing evil vampire Eric Northman in the TV-show “True Blood,” which recently aired on Swedish television. It appears that he is in the recovery process, as his normal complexion has returned during the breaks in between shooting. read on

Hollywood's crush on British vampires

From NPR's The World ( listen or read transcript )

From Gary Oldman and Kate Beckinsale, to Rob Pattinson and Stephen Moyer, the UK exports quality vampires.

The following is a partial transcript; for full story, listen to audio.

Story by Alex Gallafent, PRI's "The World"

The British Ambassador to the United States, Sir Nigel Sheinwald, has written a blog post extolling the virtue of British (on screen) vampires.

It begins at the British Embassy in Washington, with a recent blog post titled, "A Bloody Good Show." The author is Sir Nigel Sheinwald, Britain's Ambassador to the United States.

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Sexy vampires from movies and TV

41 of you favorite sexy vampires from movies and TV

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Vampires Are Hot Hollywood Property To The Tune Of Nearly $800 Million

from Access Hollywood

LOS ANGELES, Calif. --
According to legend, vampires may be elusive creatures, but in Hollywood those fangtastic bloodsuckers are the new mainstream.

According to a new report on The Daily Beast, Vampire franchises are hot to the tune of nearly $800 million a year.

The Web site reported on Friday that the “Twilight” franchise, which just opened its latest installment, “New Moon,” is worth a fat $500 million a year at the movies.

HBO’s “True Blood,” based on Charlaine Harris’ “Sookie Stackhouse” books, is the most successful series on the network since “The Sopranos,” and the Daily Beast estimates it brings in a likely $50 million a year. The CW’s new hit show “The Vampire Diaries,” is estimated to take in $20 million.

And as the shows and movies continue to gain strength, book sales are boosted as well.

Between “Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer, Harris and a number of additional popular franchises such as “The Vampire Academy” and “Vampire Hunter,” the Daily Beast estimates the publishing industry adds in another $100 million.

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True Blood Music Video : Dice by Finley

Dice by Finley
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