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True Blood's Stephen Moyer "The Priest " movie trailer

Write a True Blood Limerick and win an autographed Sookie book !

Ha I love Jess Blogs contest idea.... 

Welcome to Jess Blogs TV’s very first contest/giveaway! I’ve had a bit of a fangover this past week (waiting sucks, guys), so I thought I’d help tide my fellow Truebies over until Sunday’s season three finale by mixing my favorite things—writing, books, and TV—in one awesome free book giveaway. Up for grabs is a hardcover copy of Dead in the Family, Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Book #10, autographed by author Charlaine Harris herself!
Charlaine Harris's AutographWant to win? You gotta play the game. Comment on this post with a True Blood-related limerick. It can be about a character, plot line, scene, or whatever else from any of the three seasons. Mixing TV with silly poetry makes me happy, and I hope you’ll have fun with it, too. (Learn how to write a limerick, if you don’t remember from fifth grade!)

1. One entry per person. Make it count.
2. All entries due by 11:59 PM on Saturday, October 2nd, 2010.
3. Include an email address—if I can’t contact you, you can’t win.
4. Entries must be submitted as a comment here, not on my Facebook wall or via Twitter or email or whatever.
5. Don’t copy someone else’s poem. Be creative!
Get in touch with me on Twitter or by email if you have any questions, and be sure to tell your friends!
Disclaimer: I love books. Charlaine Harris and/or Ace Books and/or HBO in no way sponsored or are representative of this post. I’m doing this giveaway to show you all how much I appreciate you, and all costs incurred have been paid for out-of-pocket

Talk Blood Radio BIG 2 hour finale right after True Blood Sunday night

Can't wait for the True Blood finale ? Join us Sunday night right after True Blood for a great discussion!

This is always the most fun show of the season ! Every member of Team Talk Blood will weigh in on the finale and what we can look forward to season 4.

Join me and the lovely @SookieBonTemps, Mark Blankenship, Andy Swist, Becca Wilcott, Brian Juergens, Jefwithonef, Meredith Woerner and Lisa of Sookieverse blog.

The chatroom will be a blast and I will take calls join us !

You can find all the fun here chat opens at 9:15 pm cst  and radio show goes live at 9:30 cst

Frodo DJed at Sookie's wedding

Ryan Kwanten lacks a girlfriend, but not ambition

LOS ANGELES — True Blood hunk Ryan Kwanten is more than just a pretty face. He's so ambitious, he doesn't have time to sleep, much less date.
"In order to be able to give a girlfriend the amount of time she deserves, you would need time, and I just can't give her that," the Australian actor, 33, says. "So, rather than being selfish or stupid enough to go into a relationship, it's just been easier to be single. I've worked so hard from literally nothing to this point, so there's still a while. I'm still scratching and clawing my way up there."
Kwanten is on the set for HBO's True Blood as the dimwitted but well-intentioned Jason Stackhousefor half the year and filming movies for about five of the remaining months of the year. But he wouldn't have it any other way.
"Sleep has never been a priority in my life," he says, not looking worse for the wear with his boyish face and carefully tousled hair. "I love working. I love acting, so it's easy when you have a passion for it. I've always found the harder you work, the luckier you get."
If that's the case, he has a ton of luck coming his way. In addition to his television work, he has several films on the horizon that cover diverse genres.

Club Dead book review: A drama with love, betrayal and vampires

Book Review Charlaine Harris picks up with Sookie's traumatic story in Club Dead. Not quite a romance novel, The Sookie Stackhouse Series depicts Sookie's life since vampires entered it as one of abuse and misfortune. In this third book, Bill and Sookie are still an item until Bill mysteriously disappears, leaving Sookie confused and alone in Bon Temps.
Bill's disappearance sends Sookie on a journey to find out where he's gone. She heads into the Fangtasia, the well-known vampire bar, to engage Eric Northman as her champion in finding Bill. She doesn't get the response that she expects when Eric questions her why she should want to find a man she knows nothing about, one who has been lying to her about his reason for knowing her. Eric drops a bomb on Sookie by telling her Bill is not kidnapped. Eric takes a moment to remind Sookie how interested he is in becoming her second lover in her life before dropping the bomb that Bill is in Mississippi with his maker Lorena.

Vampire Diaries tonight !

* First thing's first - this episode is hot. Between Katherine's fashion choices, a good long look at Wesley's abs, and one of the most sizzling make-out scenes I've ever witnessed on screen, I'm expecting a run on cold showers around 9 p.m. EST tomorrow.
* When Vicki died in the first season, we learned that nobody on this show is safe. Keep that in mind. If there's anything I know about "The Vampire Diaries," it's that if you think things are going to be okay... you're wrong.
* Two characters will share a first kiss.
* Somerhalder and I spoke over the summer about how much he hates Damon's most vulnerable moments. Let's just say he must have really, really, really hated one of the scenes in this episode. Really.
* Stefan's protective instincts will emerge in a way they never have before. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.
* Someone will do something unforgivable.
* Tyler's rage will reach a new level. I gasped out loud during one particularly charged scene.
* What you won't see: Alaric. Matt Davis is absent from this episode, but with so much action packed into it, you probably won't miss him... much. This doesn't foreshadow his presence throughout the season, though. I hear that Alaric's storylines will still be essential to the plot, and he and Damon will become even more entangled as they try to find answers.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Pinky & The Brain (Theme) Eric & King Russell True Blood

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Pinky & The Brain (Theme) Eric & King Russell True Blood

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