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True Blood Fan Art : Edvard Munch , the vampire

Wait, this isn't fan art, this is Edvard Munch ( Yes, hes the one that painted "The Scream" ) and it was painted in the 19th century.

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Norwegian artist Edvard Munch (1863 – 1944) created haunting paintings conveying the grief of his own life. Initially inspired by Impressionism and Post-Impressionism while painting in Paris and Berlin, Munch developed his signature style filled with agonizing images of sickness and death. His profound sadness, which he believed fueled his creativity, was caused by one sister’s commitment to an asylum, and the deaths of his other sister, mother and father before he was 25. An exhibition of his work in Berlin was considered so disturbing that authorities closed the show. The powerful influence of Munch’s enormous body of work is still felt in today’s graphic art.

This painting actually was just sold at Sotheby's NYC for $38 million dollars.

True Blood: Having a Ball with Vampires Zoic Studios

Zoic Studios talks about the VFX challenges of pulling off an otherworldly vampire vibe in Alan Ball's True Blood series on HBO. ( from Oct. 2008)

To say that writer/director Alan Ball has a uniquely skewed vision of the world is quite the understatement. The Oscar-winning screenwriter's got a way of crafting stories that manage to unearth both the gorgeous simplicities of the mundane and the garishly grotesque secrets that lie just under the surface of our everyday lives. Whether it's capturing suburbia mid-life crisis in American Beauty or extreme family dysfunction in Six Feet Under, Ball's yarns demand a viewer's attention.
When it was revealed last year that Ball's next project would be adapting novelist Charlaine Harris' successful Southern gothic vampire stories into a television series for HBO called True Blood (airing Sundays at 9:00 pm)...
well, fans and critics alike went into a tizzy of excitement in anticipation for what he would do with the well worn vampire genre. And as expected, Ball hasn't disappointed.

True Blood follows the exploits of Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), a genteel Southern telepath that slings beers in a bayou bar in rural Louisiana. Vampires have recently "come out" to the world and humans are trying to figure out how to accept the pasty bloodsuckers into mainstream society. In the pilot, Sookie serves brooding vampire Bill Compton (Stephen
Moyer) at the bar and lusty sparks fly. While reaction to the series has been mixed, with critics and fans split down the middle on the success of Ball's wildly explicit take on love, sex and vampirism, True Blood is definitely generating buzz and a confirmed second season.
And that's good news for Zoic Studios, the renowned visual effects company enlisted by Ball to make the otherworldly aspects of his series come to life so realistically that you'd swear vampires could be lurking just outside our doors. Visual Effects Supervisor Jon Massey and In-House Visual Effects Supervisor Andrew Orloff talk to VFXWorld about the challenges of making Ball's vision of the supernatural world come to life like audiences have never quite seen before.

Zoic previously worked on vampire-themed shows but True Blood's take on the mythology is different. There are no heavy magic elements but instead a dramatic tension that comes from operating within a scope of "real."

Tara Bennett: When you first spoke to Alan about True Blood, what were his visual effects priorities for the series?
Andrew Orloff: One of the things that Alan said to us from the beginning is that True Blood is not an effects show. What that means is that the effects need to look as natural and organic as possible.
Jon Massey: He didn't want to do anything with the effects that would distract from the performance of the actor. He didn't want to have a vampire transition that included faces change or dramatic fangs popping out.
TB: Audiences have come to expect those cheesy vampire tropes, so how did you strip the expectations down in terms of the visual effects design?

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True Blood -HBO Latin America

True Blood is now showing in South America
Check it out ...



True Blood Latin America :

True Blood Chile

True Blood Brazil

Charlaine Harris interview Pt 3 & 4 of the Arizona Poisoned Pen Bookstore Interview

Yesterday, I posted part one ( videos one and two ) of the series of Youtube videos of and interview with Charlaine Harris being interviewed by Barbara Peters of Poisoned Pen Press and Bookstore, Arizona.

I believe this interview took place in May of 2008. I will post the last two tomorrow !

Part 3 and 4

Vampire Living in NYC- Guidespot

Very cool ( and funny ) guide written for vampires in NYC includes videos and lots of fun stuff.

In many ways, the shadowy metropolis of New York City is the perfect place to be a vampire; in other ways...isn't it always a pain in the neck? So many things to consider daily, including the daylight problem, the palor, relationship challenges, the constant need for fresh blood. This Guidespotter may be a mere mortal, but she feels your pain and is here to help. (And if you "guys" have anything similar to a Get Out of Jail Free card, I'd sincerely appreciate it! Just a thought...)

Cheryl White has been cast as Mrs. Hamby - Jessica’s mother

Cheryl White has been cast as Mrs. Hamby - Jessica’s mother

On the casting call Mrs. Hamby is described as:

40 - 50, Jessica’s grief-stricken and tearful mother, she appears on the news begging for information on Jessica’s whereabouts. Mrs. Hamby is an uncertain woman who completely submits to her husband’s decisions and can’t make a move without consulting him.

Missy Doty has been cast for the role of Vonetta.

The casting call describes her as:

Coralee’s friend, this bar patron in her 30s gossips avidly about the recent murder — right up until Terry throws her off the premises.
1 speech & 2 lines, 1 scene

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True Blood Music Video of the Day

Hot in HERRE ( chipmunk version)by Nelly LYRICS