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Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer Soaking up the Sun

from Just Jared

True Blood co-stars and real life couple Anna Paquin and British actor Stephen Moyer spend a day playing on rings

, riding a rollercoaster, and enjoying the sun with Stephen’s daughter Lilac on Tuesday (April 7) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 26-year-old actress and her British beau return to HBO’s True Blood on June 14. This season will be based on the second book of Charlaine HarrisSookie Stackhouse series, Living Dead in Dalla

All 26 photos can be see HERE

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Charlaine talks about this on her blog and recommends it.

True Blood review: When vampires walk among us

Philippine Daily Inquirer

LOS ANGELES—What would you do if vampires came out of their coffins to live with humans?

Or, just think of the possibilities when they no longer need humans for their nocturnal fix and, in fact, are served bottled artificial blood in any bar they frequent.

Would women flock to prospective vampire boyfriends for their first taste (okay, first bite) of a preternatural affair?

HBO viewers in the Philippines, a country rich in stories and myths of a vampire-like creature variously known as the aswang, tik-tik, or wak-wak, will witness the adventures of another type of blood-suckers via the all-new HBO series, “True Blood,” which premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on MAX.

Telepathic waitress

Starring Golden Globe winner Anna Paquin (Best Actress in a Television Series-Drama) and created by Alan Ball (“Six Feet Under”), “True Blood” is based on Charlaine Harris’ popular Sookie Stackhouse novels, about a perky waitress with telepathic gifts and her relationship with the vampire Bill Compton, portrayed by Stephen Moyer (“The Starter Wife”).

Synthetic blood

“True Blood” portrays vampires who are able to live with humans following the formulation of a mass-produced synthetic blood which regulates their craving for human blood. Set in the backwoods of the Louisiana town of Bon Temps, the story revolves around Sookie Stackhouse, whom the 173-year-old Vampire Bill finds very attractive on account of her gift, which she considers a “disability.”

In an exclusive interview recently with Inquirer, “True Blood” creator and director Alan Ball explained what attracted him to the story: “I could not put the books down. I am not the kind who would usually read vampire stories, but it was a total impulse to buy the novels and I loved every word. They were funny, sexy, romantic, scary, dramatic—I really got lost in these little paperbacks. By the time I reached the third book, I said, there is a TV show in this … The images would just pop up on me so I could visualize what I had to do. Most of the characters were very vivid. I cared for them.”

Ball, who personally met with Harris, revealed that the suspense-thriller will “explore the phenomenon of the vampire cult and the psychology behind it.”

Why do vampire stories work so well? He tries to explain: “I have my theories. They live forever. They are not constrained by conformity and moral codes. They are sexy. We live vicariously through them because they can be themselves and nothing else. Many women look at vampires as great fantasy objects. Vampires suck the life out of us, a potent metaphor indeed.”

Completely drawn

Anna Paquin, who portrays Sookie Stackhouse, told Inquirer in a separate interview: “I saw the script and I just loved it. I already love HBO since I watch everything on it, so working on a series was exciting for me. I also adore Alan Ball. I love Sookie because she is alternately tough, sweet, kind, innocent, knowing, sexy — and does all sorts of things that you don’t usually do as a girl. Then there is the vampire whom she befriends, and others she gets to know through him, who are dark and twisted. I am just completely drawn to the role.”

The actress, who won her first Oscar for “The Piano” when she was only 11, revealed: “There is something fascinating about vampires. For them, anything is possible and that is very attractive to many. ‘True Blood’ has it all — sleuth, women obsessed with vampires, fanatics, cute waitresses, and diehard rednecks.”

Good-looking cast

Joining Paquin and Moyer in the cast are Ryan Kwanten as Jason Stackhouse, Sookie’s older brother who is a babe magnet; Sam Trammell as Sam Merlotte, owner and operator of the local watering hole; Rutina Wesley as Tara Thornton, Sookie’s loyal childhood friend; and Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette Reynolds, the shady short-order grill cook. Janet Susan R. Nepales

'Bite' anthology contains the Sookie short story, 'One Word Answer'

Maryse on her blog discovered how all important the Sookie short stories can be.

... in the “Bite” anthology...“One Word Answer” surprised me as it was a short story that actually gave us insight into a situation that we would be introduced to in “Definitely Dead” (I kind of wished I had known that when I read the entire series in a row - this one would have fit nicely in place).

The time line HERE and list of Sookie books HERE

Spoiler Alert: True Blood - Episode 2.08 - Timebomb - Casting Call

We've just had this new casting call sent to us for True Blood, episode 2.08 called Timebomb. Filming for this episode should start around 21st April 2009.

[FRANK] 25-35. One of the largest and best-trained members of Fellowship of the Sun, he guards the church and tells Jason it's in lockdown. When Jason reveals his official ring, however, Frank is impressed and steps aside -- but not for long...GUEST STAR (14)

[BRENT AND KYLE] In their 30s, these Fellowship of the Sun members guard the church's anteroom. Though skeptical of Eric at first, they appear to fall under the vampire's spell...3 lines, 1 scene; and 1 line, 1 scene, respectively (6)

[RICH] Another Fellowship of the Sun member in his 30s, he attempts to stake Eric but gets pinned and trapped. He tells Eric he'll never make it past the rest of the group because they're armed with wooden arrows.sptv050769..2 lines, 1 scene (6)

Source: SpoilerTV

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Strange and Beautiful (I'll put a spell on you) by Aqualung

Strange and Beautiful (I'll put a spell on you) by Aqualung LYRICS

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