Saturday, June 26, 2010

Baby Vamp Jessica Blog : Real Men and real women

Firstly, I want to thank all of you who offered me your blood. Users sohn and v'''v-Michael-v'''v, THOMAS H and Mert, maybe there were others too. Y'all are just the nicest! But I think maybe, for a little while, I need to hold off on feedin' from humans. Last time, well, it didn't go so well...I keep askin' myself why couldn't I have gone after Hoyt's mama again instead of that man? He was a real man, too, not like Hoyt's a man, but like my daddy was a man. Mean and strong. Just don't tell Hoyt I said any of that, okay? Oh Hoyt, he's so good, you know? He's cute and thoughtful and sweeter'n most boys in these parts. He must have a screw loose though, because he thinks we can face this world together. I got news for you, Hoyt, we are living in two different universes. Yours is full of sunshine and your mama and food and bodily functions and mine is just darkness. Nothin' else. We're like Jack and Rose. I'm sinkin' to the bottom of the ocean and you gotta get on one of those life boats with all the people with funny accents that are starting to turn purple.

On the upswing, I took some of the advice y'all posted and went to some older vampires for words of wisdom. And now I think I have a new crush! Not a crush-crush, like on a boy, but a friend-crush. Or a big-sister-crush, if you wanna call it that. Pam, over at Fangtasia, is so rad! Now she's a woman, like a real woman. Not like my mama was a woman, but like Madonna's a woman. Or Susan Lucci. And she knows EVERYTHING there is to know about bein' a vampire! So if any of you babies out there have a question you need answered, just post them in the comments section. If I can't answer and no one else here can neither, I can just ask Pam!

Okay, well, I have to go deal with a little "problem" I got here. So wish me luck. And thanks for all the support, it means a lot to me.

HBO series 'True Blood' features actor, director and even beer with ties to area

Jonathan Olson serves up a frosty Wolf Beer from the tap at The Reel Cafe. Olson, based out of Watha and the owner of Wolf Beer, was contacted by HBO series ‘True Blood' to have his brew featured on the show.

To some people, Wilmington's film industry might appear to be dying. But even if it does, it could come back – as a vampire. Or a werewolf.

Because, you see, we seem to have some uncanny ties to those kinds of creatures and they're treating Wilmington folks well.

Well, at least the HBO series "True Blood" is. A close look at the actors, guests and even crew of the hit television series is sprinkled with hints of Wilmington, much like blood sprinkled on a white death shroud.

First, there's Joe Manganiello. He joined the cast for its third season, which began June 13 and runs Sundays, as the werewolf Alcide Herveaux. Locals might not recognize him immediately as the actor who played bartender Owen Morello on "One Tree Hill." Manganiello has grown out his hair and his beard, and has spent more time in the gym for this role.

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Pre- Order the next Sookie Stackhouse short story anthology NOW! Death's Excellent Vacation

** New story, "Two Blondes", Sookie and Pam on a road trip, will be in a new anthology "Death's Excellent Vacation" to be published August 2010

The editors of Wolfsbane and Mistletoe and Many Bloody Returns deliver a new collection-including a never-before-published Sookie Stackhouse story.

New York Times bestselling authors Charlaine Harris, Katie MacAlister, Jeaniene Frost-plus Lilith Saintcrow, Jeff Abbott, and more-send postcards from the edge of the paranormal world to fans who devoured Wolfsbane and Mistletoe and Many Bloody Returns.

With an all-new Sookie Stackhouse story and twelve other original tales, editors Charlaine Harris and Toni L. P. Kelner bring together a stellar collection of tour guides who offer vacations that are frightening, funny, and touching for the fanged, the furry, the demonic, and the grotesque. Learn why it really can be an endless summer-for immortals.

Alexander Skarsgard: Elephant in the Room...

Wow,  a timely movie topic !

Alexander Skarsgard is attached to star in the Hans Petter Moland-directed oil-rig thriller The Elephant, based on Magnar Jonsgaard’s novel “Black Rain.”
The Wrap reports the 33-year-old True Blood actor will play “a Norwegian roustabout who tangles with a redneck American driller. The two men bond while attempting to shut down a terrifying oil rig explosion.”
FYI: An elephant is industry slang for an oil field that produces at least 500 million barrels.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Hot in Here