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Blood Season 4: Mythological Creatures - Were-Panthers Video (HBO)

On True Blood, some like it HOYT! by Meerdith Woerner of io9.com

On True Blood, some like it HOYT!We hope to talk to Meredith this weekend on Talk Blood Radio !

Whoa-ho-ho there, True Blood. Last night delivered the sex fantasies out the wazoo. Let's take a ride on Jason Stackhouse's pansexual odyssey and visit Eric's handsome dreams in the wardrobe (a.k.a. Viking Vampire Narnia). We break it down, Pro/Con style.
Pro: Last week we thought True Blood was going to press repeat on the whole Mickens-shifter-dog-fighting plotline (that was terrible then and would be terrible now). But instead Tommy kills his parents. TWIST.

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Charlaine Harris blogs some hints about next Sookie Stackhouse book !

Charlaine posted today :

I don't know why I always finish books in such a desperate scramble. Like the old proverb of a horse running when it smells its own barn, I'm always dashing toward the finish line. I always seem to be about two weeks behind schedule (usually, I tell myself, due to traveling). And there's always a good reason I want to have the book finished by a definite date – a vacation, a wedding, another project that has to be finished, or whatever.
I'm in the usual rush to conclude Sookie 12. This is the longest one of my books has gone without a title, and I'm not happy about that, but it was hard to determine the theme of the book. There are generic titles with "dead" in them I could use for almost any book, but I do like the title to be relevant. The rose just hasn't bloomed; but I'll bet it will in the next two weeks.
While I know where I want to be at the end of each book, I don't always know how I'm getting there. Sometimes I surprise myself. Last night, Sookie got kidnapped, and I'm going to see how that shakes out. A character I thought was dead is probably alive, and I'm real happy for him. Then again, if the work doesn't go so well today, he may be dead again. This is the fun (and the panic) of being a writer. Every day brings decisions, and I have the power of life and death and procreation over all these people I've invented.
It's both fun and an awesome (and awful) responsibility. When I was writing by myself, before we all connected on the web and in so many personal appearances, it was easy to go my own way. Now my attention has been drawn to the fact that lots of people are waiting on my way to be picked. Scary!
My first responsibility is to my characters and to my own vision as a writer. There, my path is clearly marked.
Running neck and neck with that is my responsibility to write the best book I can. I always try. Sometimes, it works. Sometimes, the work falls short of my intention. That's the way it goes in any endeavor.
How readers react to the book is not my responsibility. There, I can only hope.
It took me some years and a lot of both joy and anguish to figure all this out.
And now, back to the computer screen, and a guy who may or may not be dead.
I'll find out in a page or two.
Charlaine Harris

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Blood Work! "True Blood" Vlog 4.5: "The World Needs More Beekepers"

But will we see Eric's " Gracious plenty" ? : Alan Ball's says there will be a True Blood version of Sookie & Eric in shower but will we see the " gracious plenty " ?

Ball has said the there will "technically" be a scene in True Blood where we see Sookie and Eric in the shower. He said in an interview that “There will be a moment where Sookie and Eric are together in the shower. But it may be weirder and dirtier than the one in the book,"

So it won't be the same as we see in  Charlaine's "Dead to the world "and now the question is will we get the famous quote from Eric about his "gracious plenty " ?
Here's the exchange from the book

I'd heard a lot about men who didn't care if the woman had her pleasure, or perhaps such men assumed that if they were happy, their partner was, too. But neither of the men I'd been with had been like that. I didn't know if that was because they were vampires, or because I'd been lucky, or both.
Eric had paid me many compliments, and I realized I hadn't said anything to him that indicated my admiration. That hardly seemed fair. He was holding me, and my head was on his shoulder. I murmured into his neck, "You are so beautiful."
"What?" He was clearly startled.
"You've told me you thought my body was nice." Of course that wasn't the adjective he'd used, but I was embarrassed to repeat his actual words. "I just wanted you to know I think the same about you."
I could feel his chest move as he laughed, just a little. "What part do you like best?" he asked, his voice teasing.
"Oh, your butt," I said instantly.
"My . . . bottom?"
"I would have thought of another part."
"Well, that's certainly . . . adequate," I told him, burying my face in his chest. I knew immediately I'd picked the wrong word.
"Adequate?" He took my hand, placed it on the part in question. It immediately began to stir. He moved my hand on it, and I obligingly circled it with my fingers. "This is adequate? "
"Maybe I should have said it's a gracious plenty?"
"A gracious plenty. I like that," he said.
He was ready again, and honestly, I didn't know if I could. I was worn out to the point of wondering if I'd be walking funny the next day.

How Charlaine Harris sunk her teeth into 'True Blood'

Dipping into the dark side opened new worlds for Charlaine Harris. The soft-spoken native of Tunica, Miss., was already an established mystery writer when she began penning her Southern Vampire series, which in turn became the popular HBO drama True Blood.

Harris published her first mystery tome, Sweet and Deadly, way back in 1981 and soon after began turning out her Aurora Teagarden mystery series, about a small-town librarian sleuth. Her first Lily Bard mystery novels, Shakespeare’s Landlord, came out in 1996 and ran for five instalments.

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True Blood Season Four fun quotes !

True Blood - Episode 4.01 - She's Not There - Review
Favorite Quotes:
“You owe me a plaque!”
“Who would you rather trust, a vampire or a politician?”
“And if I owned the house, well then I would own you.”

True Blood - Episode 4.02 - You Smell Like Dinner - Review
Favorite Quotes:
“It’s not that I don’t appreciate all the licking, cause I do. But I’m more of a Band-Aid kinda guy.”
“This is no way to treat your new landlord.
“You bought my house, the house does not come with me inside it.”
“Well then I seriously overpaid.”
“Let these good people practice their constitutional right to be fucking idiots.”
“Your snipers didn’t mention you had company.”
“I’ve never been accused of being overly light before.”
“Fucking Thatcher. That cunt could drive the Pope to drink.”
“Mother fucker. He built himself a cubby. He built himself a cubby in my house.”
“That’s the calming influence of that Asian pussy at work.”
“You better not be lying to me. She did. Look what happened to her.”
“Now go clean yourself up. You’re covered in Queen.”
“Did I miss something? Are we girls now? Did we join a book club and read some queer chick-lit memior and are bound together by estrogen or sisterhood some other feminist drivel.”
“Shame for you then. He pulls good string.”
“If Marnie so appreciative how come Marnie don’t talk?”
“If he aint part of the baby making, what’s he getting naked for?”
“Why do you smell so good?”

True Blood - Episode 4.03 - If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?
Random Quotes:
“Wake up America! Before we’re all dead.”
“I am really sick of being asked that question, is what I am.”
“Check please.”
“I give you 24 hours to deliver that witch to me. And if you don’t I will personally eat, fuck, and kill and three of you.”
“You just killed my fairy god mother!”

True Blood - Episode 4.04 - I'm Alive and on Fire - Review
Favorite Quotes:
“You can’t have any more. There isn’t anymore. You drank the whole faerie and you are going to your room!”
“All of your subjects are learning how ruthless you are.”
“I don’t know why you’re crying, I’m the one getting raped.”
“Breed Ghost daddy, Breed!”
“Some old hippies levitated a dead bird, so what?”
“Remember Salem? We all thought it was such a big threat when it was just a bunch of neurotic puritannetts who needed a good lay.”
“Well the goddess, she will protect us!”
“And you are Ran, my sea goddess.”
“Let me rub some dirt on that!”
“Sam. Stay!”
“We’re fucked.”
“If you kiss me I promise to be happy.”

True Blood - Episode 4.05 - Me and the Devil
Favorite Quotes:
“Is he dead?” “He’s just resting.”
“Hooker you pissed off another goddamn vampire and then took a nap.”
“This dog ate my homework shit don’t really fly with vampires, because they smell that shit and then eat you like pot pie.”
“Hear that Renee? God’s coming for you!”
“I had a bad dream.”
“It’s all in the wrist.”
“As long as you promise to keep your hands and your fangs to yourself.”
“Oh. Good. The world needs more beekeepers.”
“Convene your Sherriff’s so we can kill this uppity Wiccan cunt. Your majesty.”
“Maybe some extra lipstick?”
“The sage smokes out the evil! Gotta get it up in the corners. That’s where the evil hides.”
“We are being watched over, protected.” “You’re not.”
“Your associate took a chunk outta my neck.” “Yes, he does that.”
“Hey could we not talk about Hoyt right now?”

fun collection of quotes from http://www.spoilertv.com/

'True Blood' Stars Say It Gets Better Kristin " Pam" Bauer and Alex "Eric" Skarsgard - "It Gets Better" video

For those of you who couldn't get enough of Eric on last night's episode of "True Blood," don't worry because the Swedish actor is featured--along with his castmates, Rutina Wesley, Kristin Bauer, and creator Alan Ball--in a new set of "It Gets Better" PSA's.

The project, which was started last fall by writer Dan Savage in response to a wave of very public LGBT youth suicides, has had many celebrity contributors since its creation, but this is the first time the "True Blood" cast has taken part in the project.

The hit HBO show has been labeled "The Most Gay-Friendly Show on TV," and its story lines often revolve around "vampire rights," tolerance and acceptance.

Join the cast of True Blood as they take the “It Gets Better” pledge: http://www.itgetsbetter.org. The Trevor Project offers help to any young person who is struggling.

The Trevor Project is determined to end suicide among LGBTQ youth by providing life-saving and life-affirming resources including our nationwide, 24/7 crisis intervention lifeline, digital community and advocacy/educational programs that create a safe, supportive and positive environment for everyone.