Friday, April 16, 2010

Loving True Blood in Dallas : "Dead in the Family" Word of the Day Contest Day #1

Thanks very much to the reviewer that has shared their ARC ( Advanced Reader Copy) of Dead in the Family with me. It will make planning and preparing our radio show much easier.

I look forward to talking to all of you about the book soon! [Dallas zips lips and grins]

The exact date and time of our Talk Blood : Dead in the Family show will be announced soon and I hope you will plan to join me and the lovely @SookieBonTemps in the discussion!

We have 20 days until the release of Sookie book #10 Dead in the Family and to build excitement and get you guys thinking, I'm going to release a DIF Word of the Day.
These won't be spoilers - they will just be thinking words for you to mull !

I want you to guess who might have said the word, who the word was in reference to or any other thoughts you have about that word and post your ideas in the comment area -THERE WILL BE PRIZES !

Please order your copy of Dead in the Family today! Or how about sending a copy to a friend or as a Mother's Day gift?

Dead in the Family : Word of the Day #1 : Bach
Post your thoughts in comments!

True Blood: Season 2 Blu-ray Character Perspective - Karl

Vampire Diaries promo for next week " Miss Mystic Fallas"

True Blood Recipe : Strawberry Gazpacho

Will you let me seduce you with... True Blood? No need to be a vampire, no need to be pale and with night preferences. Just follow my rules here and you will have the fuel you need to live... forever... or maybe not ;D.
Now that there's such a renewed interest for Vampires... I must addmit I have some kind of weakness with the idea of immortality, sun alergy and blood drinking! Let's imagine we had the chance to choose... would you take that path? I wonder if I would... well, maybe if Bill Compton was the one...

The only problem Vampires have is that they don't eat!!! What kind of foodie would I be if I chose to be one of them? That's why this red potion is neither a True Blood beverage nor a Bloody Mary... it's only a harmless Strawberry Gazpacho!

Ingredients for 4 servings: 500 grs. of ripe strawberries, 1 garlic clove, 1 ripe tomatoe, 100 ml of extra virgin olive oil, 1 teaspoon of balsamic vinegar, 6 fresh basil leaves, water and salt.

Read on here
Eat well and remember to close your bedroom windows at night... one never knows!

Christopher Moore's vampire spoofs a welcome respite

Before sinking molars into Bite Me: A Love Story, a skill-testing question from author Christopher Moore is in order:

The Countess Abigail Von Normal is: a) Emergency Backup Mistress of the Bay Area Dark; b) A Gothic hottie consumed by the banal hopelessness of existence; c) Not perky, but dark, complex and très mysterious; d) All the above, and possibly more.

And, of course, the correct response would be d).

Abby Normal, as our heroine refers to herself, is indeed much more. Abby, in the midst of breaking in red-vinyl Shankenstein platform boots, and her love-monkey, Foo-Dog, are all that stand in the way of a vampire cat called Chet who seeks to immerse swinging San Francisco into a blood orgy. Also in the mix are the adorable vampire love-unit of Jody, formerly in the insurance biz, and Tommy, a onetime Safeway stockboy with dreams of becoming a writer.

Bite Me: a Love Story is the third and apparently last in the series of Moore's vampire spoofs that began with Bloodsucking Fiends: a Love Story (1995) and You Suck: a Love Story (2007). Again, Moore proves he has few rivals on the humour-opus front with this high-larious romp that just might have driven the final nail into old Nosferatu's coffin.

WATCH: ‘True Blood’ Softcore Trailer in Porn Parody

goodness ...don't watch at work or around kids ;-)
Does anyone really need to say that about True Blood ?

Read more from EW HERE

The vampires among us from Austin Weekly


Author Charlaine Harris thrills readers with an introduction to the supernatural world with the first in the Sookie Stackhouse series Dead Until Dark. The book introduces Sookie Stackhouse, a native to Bon Temps, La., where the supernatural is commonplace and gossip is a daily staple.

The townspeople gather daily in local hub Merlotte's, the local bar owned by none other than a sup (short for supernatural). Harris develops an enthralling story in an old-fashioned area where the people get an update into modern day events through Sookie's new social life.

Sookie, a waitress, is no stranger to the supernatural. Readers learn Sookie is telepathic and early in the book is considered crazy because of her ability. Sookie's difference gives her a clean perspective on vampires who have only recently come out to humans in the fictional town.

Bon Temps is almost the last place to get a vampire visitor in the form of a mysterious man, Bill, who arrives in Bon Temps and sits at Sookie's table expecting service. Sookie not only introduces herself to the vampire but spends her first two encounters protecting him from locals who want to drain him for valuable vampire blood.


Sooie and Alcide at Josephine's ( Club Dead)

Question: I’m sort of obsessed with your First Look photo of Alcide and Sookie on True Blood. What exactly is going on in the scene? They look a little, um, startled. —Barry
Ausiello: Their search for Bill takes them to a werewolf bar in Jackson, Mississippi — “hence the howling wolf silhouetted behind them,” notes exec producer Alan Ball. “They’re doing a little amateur sleuthing and they’re sort of surprised by what they find.” My guess? This is what they find.

from " ask Ausielo'

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Bad by Michel Jackson

Bad by Michel Jackson