Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The True Blood Sex Index: What Characters Have Had the Most, and How?

One of the pleasures of watching True Blood, beyond the charms of Eric Northman and the multiple pronunciations of Sookie, is the sex. Season after season, new supernaturals pop into Bon Temps, and the only thing you can be sure about the werewolves, werepanthers, fairies, and witches in the mix is that they'll like to get down just as much as the humans and vampires living there already do.

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Go Ask Dallas- True Blood Trivia: Bill and Portia's hot incestuous sex !

Q : In the books does Bill have a relationship with Portia ?
A: Ummm,  at the end of the "Living Dead in Dallas" Bill finds out that Caroline Portia's grandmother ) is his great-granddaughter .

Some snippets from the book about Bill and Portia.

If I'd had doubts .. I had them no longer. He was not sleeping with Portia Bellefleur. I didn't know what he was up to, but  true relationship with her.

"Now, you tell me what you're doing with Portia." Bill's big hands rested on my hips as he explained.
"She came to me after I got back from Dallas, the first night. She had read about what happened there, wondered if I knew anyone who'd been there that day. When I said that I had been there myself—I didn't mention you—Portia said she had information that some of the arms used in the attack had come from a place in Bon Temps, Sheridan's Sport Shop. I asked her how she had heard this; she said as a
lawyer, she couldn't say. I asked her why she was so concerned, if there wasn't anything further she'd tell me about it; she said she was a good citizen and hated to see other citizens persecuted. I asked her why she came to me; she said I was the only vampire she knew."

I narrowed my eyes as I worked this through. "Portia doesn't care one damn thing about vampire rights," I said. "She might want to get in your pants, but she doesn't care about vampire legal issues."....
I think Portia believes if she's dating you, someone will ask her to go to this sex club, since if she's willing to ball a vampire, she's willing to do anything.

"I wondered when you were going to ask me," he said calmly. "As if I would ever bed a Bellefleur. No, she has not the slightest desire to have sex with me. She even has a hard time pretending she wants to at some later date. Portia is not much of an actress. Most of the time we are together, she takes me on wild goose chases to find this cache of arms the Fellowship has stowed here, saying all the Fellowship sympathizers are hiding them." "So why'd you go along with any of this?"
"There's something about her that's honorable. And I wanted to see if you would be jealous."