Friday, July 17, 2009

True Blood filming in Clinton, LA

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True Blood branded PC accessories to hit shelves

What ??? cool ..!

Critically acclaimed HBO series licensed out for a range of computer products

A line of PC accessories based on smash hit US TV show True Blood is headed for UK shelves, following a deal with HBO and Rocket Licensing.

As well as a number of PC peripherals, the deal will also see branded apparel, stationary, homewares and gifts.

The programme, set in a vampire infested southern US state, debuts tonight in the UK, and has already achieved critical acclaim across the pond.

“True Blood has all the qualities ¬– flair, fantasy and sex appeal – that we associate with the vampire genre, but it adds the trademark HBO intelligence, originality and style," said Rob Wijeratna, joint managing director of Rocket Licensing. "It’s an irresistible combination with massive appeal among a wide demographic, making it a significant licensing opportunity."

True Blood Ep 5 video spoiler: Jason and Steve Newlin "We'll find better ways to kill 'em , Amen !"

Anna Paquin on Letterman 7/16/09

True Bood Blood Copy : Voyage of the Dead

Admit it, the lower cargo holds of sailing ships weren’t the most pleasant way to spend a month or two. Hiding in the luggage compartment or cargo holds of planes destined somewhere in the vicinity of your destination was a tiny bit demeaning. And I won’t even get started on what a pain getting your coffin onto a painted wagon was in the olden days.

But now things are different. With the Great Revelation have come companies that openly cater to vampires. For undead who like to travel in style, it doesn’t get much better than Anubis Air. These people really know how to please their clientele, and not only because there isn’t a single bat reference in any of the company literature. Voyaging vampires are allotted comfortable travel coffins and courier service to and from their chartered plane, assuring daylight no longer needs to be a factor in your itinerary.

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True Blood Episode 5 Video Spoiler with Barry the Bellboy!

'Blood’ Flowing Again at HBO Ratings and Emmy nominations give pay network needed boost

You want to read this !

After admittedly needing to right the ship since the departure of shows like The Sopranos and Sex and the City, HBO finally seems to be gaining steam. The premium cable network’s trio of summer series—True Blood, Entourage and new comedy Hung—is delivering ratings not seen since the Mob-supported glory days, and the network just hauled in 99 Emmy nominations, once again more than any other network.

Michael Lombardo, president of HBO’s programming group and West Coast operations, talked with B&C’s Melissa Grego about the network’s plans for keeping up the momentum, his reaction to Emmy nominations HBO did and didn’t get, and what he thinks of Showtime and other rivals. Following is an edited transcript of that conversation.

Are you feeling some momentum at HBO?

When [HBO co-president] Richard Plepler and I got these jobs a little more than two years ago, the press was writing epitaphs for HBO programming. It’s much nicer to read the press we are getting lately. It feels like it’s working.

What is your reaction to HBO’s 99 Emmy nominations?

Other than ecstatic, dancing on the ceiling? I’m enormously proud of HBO. I think the Emmys shine a light on the enormous breadth of our programming, [and that] is tremendous—unlike many networks out there doing original programming, the series absolutely are well represented but [so are] the movies, the specials, Bill Maher, the documentaries. It really is great for the entire company. It so reflects all the visions delivering.

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"True Blood" reveals meat amid all the fangs, gore

Really good article from the Denver Post

My tastes usually run to the living.

When "True Blood" premiered on HBO last September, it struck me as too fantastical to appeal as serious drama, too awash in gushing blood to entice week to week. I was at best lukewarm to vampire stories other than those involving Buffy slayage.

But "True Blood's" humor won me over, its excessive blood lust a minor point en route to its knowing social commentary.

There are easier, less-violent shows on cable this summer. But easier isn't the answer.

Now that it's got the summer to itself, "True Blood" is looking better and better, and gaining traction with viewers. Apparently more viewers are giving it another shot in the months when there are fewer quality dramatic distractions.

And the series, with new episodes Sundays at 7 p.m. on HBO, is as funny and as unapologetically bloody as ever.

The hour delivers satisfying comedy and witty social satire — along with the requisite grit, gore, fantasy and, not least, the boundary-pushing sexuality promised by the premium channel.

Beyond the fangs, which click into place over the actors' teeth with the goofy thrill of a cheap effect when a vamp is overcome by blood thirst, this is thoughtful small-screen filmmaking. Now and then the silliness of the fangs gimmick jolts your awareness that this is a real genre piece. Creator Alan Ball calls it "popcorn TV for smart people."

The story lines of "True Blood" are rife with allusions to teenage mood swings and impulse control, adult hedonism, religious compulsion, cross- cultural romance and intermarriage — of the inter-species kind.

On the surface, the action may specifically concern shape-shifters who turn from human to canine form, and undead bloodsuckers who avoid daylight and can move at supersonic speed. But going deeper, it is more generally a study of subcultures, discrimination and timeless romance.

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This bites! Emmy snub stakes HBO's True Blood in heart

I am a little surprised by how mad everyone is by " the emmy snub " from the Edmonton Sun

Emmy people, you suck.

Or rather, you don't like shows with creatures that suck. And that sucks.

It's rare these days that a TV show can take you to a different place, immerse you in a different world, show you something new.

And True Blood does all those things.

But the vampire drama was snubbed in all the major categories yesterday when the nominations for the 61st annual Emmy Awards were announced.

It's enough to prompt Canadian-born, New Zealand-raised, Academy Award-winning actress Anna Paquin to say, "Bite me."

Well, she probably is too polite to say such a thing, so we'll say it for her.

For the uninitiated, True Blood is based on a series of novels by Charlaine Harris and has a fascinating premise.

Set in the American deep south in current times, vampires recently have come out of the closet and openly are existing alongside human beings in a tense arrangement that creates extremists on both sides.

It's unique stuff, huh?

True Blood originates on HBO in the United States and airs north of the border on HBO Canada. The second season currently is under way, but it was the first season that was eligible for the Emmy categories that came out yesterday.

True Blood got three piddly nominations. One for outstanding art direction in a single-camera series (woo-hoo!). One for outstanding main-title design (sound the trumpets). And one for outstanding casting in a drama series (celebrate good times, come on!).

Actually, that last one is a nice nod. But the ironic thing is, it's a category in which we might have given True Blood a pass.

While nobody in the cast of True Blood is weak, per se, there are a couple of performances for which we don't have particular affinity.

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Anna Paquin on Letterman

Here are some nice photos of her going in to the studio- it was a great interview

I didn't see a youtube of it yet , but Letterman will have a clip up here later today

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Your Blue Veins by the Raconteurs

Your Blue Veins by the Raconteurs LYRICS

WOW great song ( Yes, thats Jack White singing )
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