Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"On The Infamous Shower Scene ( or Snow Sex!) Alexander Skarsgard says " he loved it!

“I loved it. It was so beautiful, they tried to recreate a winter landscape up in northern Sweden, and they did an amazing job. It was really special. It was a lot of fun shooting – and quite complicated with wind machines going and fake snow everywhere. It was very technical and kinda tough, but it really was very special. They spent weeks building it, and we spent a day or two shooting it. I’m excited to see it because being there on the day it looked so good. I hope fans like it.

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True Blood S4 Episode 9 " Run New Spoiler description and photos

The unbridled fantasy outdoes itself with tonight's thrilling story. Bill (Stephen Moyer) tends to a delirious Sookie (Anna Paquin), who, in a fever-dream sequence, imagines having a three-way with him and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard)! "I can love both of you," she says. Meanwhile, possessed witch Marnie (Fiona Shaw) lets loose a diabolical plan to defeat all vampires. And don't miss the riveting final moments. (HBO, 9 p.m.)

True Blood Spoiler Video from Comic -con updated !! ( Video)

Lauren Bowles talks 'True Blood' character: 'We both have a lot of faith and spirituality'

Lauren Bowles says she and her character on the risqué HBO vampire series "True Blood" have some things in common.
Bowles, 41, plays Holly Cleary, a witch, or as she prefers to call it, a "Wiccan." The character is also a waitress and single mother who catches the eye of the local sheriff. Cleary was introduced on the show last year and on the current fourth season, befriends the seemingly evil leader Marnie, who wages war against the vampires.

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Slayer Sighting! - True Blood Creator, Alan Ball reads book on Vampire Killing

Slayer sighting 5 You know if Ball is reading it need to.

We don't know what drew Alan Ball, creator of hit HBO drama,True Blood, to Bruce A. McClelland's Slayers and Their Vampires: A Cultural History of Killing the Dead, but we do know that he is holding the first book to explore the origins of the vampire slayer.
McClelland presents a nonromanticized history of the earliest vampire rituals that shows how much creative license figured into the refashioning of the vampire for the entertainment of the West. In Western popular culture, very little is said about the nemesis to the Vampire - the Slayer.  They are seen as super-human or heroic when mentioned while their darker nature -- as those who persecute a corpse -- is obscured.

Monroe Vamp house in Louisiana on the market ?

Wow looks like somehwere Liam, Malcolm and Diane might have lived.

This listing, first spotted on blog Hooked on Houses, seems less a modest four-bedroom in West Monroe, La., than source of inspiration for Twilight, True Blood, and The Vampire Diaries all at once. With sumptuous velvets cladding what has to be—please, dear lord, let it be—custom furniture, it's just the sort of place for someone with an extra $629K lying around to indulge all their vampire/vampiress fantasies. Let's just hope there's no garlic dangling anywhere in that extremely lavish chef's kitchen.

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Teen Hunts Vampires in 'Voice of the Undead'

Looking for a great YA book for a teen Vamp lover -where vamps don't sparkle ?

"Alex Van Helsing: Voice of the Undead" (HarperTeen), by Jason Henderson: Alex Van Helsing finally belongs somewhere. It just happens to be an underground organization that secretly hunts and kills vampires.
"Voice of the Undead" is Jason Henderson's second novel in the Alex Van Helsing series. The first, "Vampire Rising," published last year, was an interesting twist on an old tale, but a slow read. "Voice of the Undead" is a more action-packed story, and the characters are more fully developed.

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Spoiler -- Jessica and Jason major turning point in this Sunday’s episode. Hint: It involves the back of a pickup truck.

Question: Any intel on where True Blood‘s Jason/Jessica/Hoyt triangle is headed? —Marina
It’s headed for a major turning point in this Sunday’s episode. Hint: It involves the back of a pickup truck.