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"True Blood: The Complete Second Season" bowed at No. 1 in video sales

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Vampire mania has reared its bloody head on disc, with HBO's Season 2 set of "True Blood" topping the national home video sales charts during its first week in stores, beating a stiff challenge from a high-profile film.

"True Blood: The Complete Second Season" bowed at No. 1 on both the Nielsen VideoScan First Alert sales chart and Nielsen's dedicated Blu-ray Disc sales chart for the week ended May 30, besting fellow newcomer "Dear John," a romantic drama that came to disc after grossing more than $80 million in theaters.

#Ultimatetruebie event - Geeking out on True Blood

Jessica ( no not that Jessica) gives us a run down on the event in Raleigh last night- how about this for enthusiasm ?

I have finally lost touch with reality and I’m not sure if there is anything anyone can do. You see, I’ve fallen deeply and madly in love with True Blood and I don’t think there is any coming back from it.

I’ve never been a “super fan” of anything. I mean, I really loved Friends when it was on; I own all 10 seasons, several fan books, and took off from work to see the series finale. I always see the Harry Potter movies in the theater, although maybe not opening weekend, and I did get the seventh book the weekend it came out and read it in a day. But there are way bigger fans than that out there. And honestly, there are bigger fans of True Blood out there too. I haven’t changed my Twitter handle to @Lickmyfangs or go around telling people the reason I have a band-aid on my neck is because of the bite marks (there are people who do…)

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True Blood Season 3 Episode 3 will contain the most twisted sex scene in television history

Question: You were such a good host at last night’s True Blood Ultimate Fan Experience. I only wish it could’ve gone on longer! —@42_theanswer
That’s what she said. [Beat] The good news? The party continues in Ask Ausiello in the form of this bloody good spoiler: I have it on good authority that episode 3 contains one of the most, ahem, twisted sex scenes in television history. Scratch that. I’m fairly certain it will go down as the most, ahem, twisted sex scene in television history.

Question: The True Blood premiere is 10 days away — scoop me! —Jason
What if I told you that at least three major characters will be shot in the forehead early in the season? What if I also told you there was a catch? Hit the comments with your answers!

The Ultimate True Blood Fan Experience video parts 5 and 6

part 5

part 6

Ausiello in a vampwich of Bill and Eric !

From Ausiello

New extended 'True Blood' trailer! Plus: Two spoilers and one awesome pic!
by Michael Ausiello
Categories: Ausiello TV, First Look, Scoop, True Blood

Your favorite TV scoopster hosted last night’s True Blood Ultimate Fan Experience and all he brought you back was…this awesome photo! Okay, that’s not all I brought you back. I also come bearing two major spoilers from exec producer Alan Ball (Sookie’s headed for a dark spell! Someone’s getting a new hairdo!), as well as a new extended season 3 trailer (embedded below) that’s sure to make the slow march to the June 13 premiere even more agonizing. Enjoy!

The Ultimate True Blood Fan Experience video parts 3 and 4

I posted part 1 and 2 and the new trailer here this morning

part 3

part 4

True Blood Fan Art: Bon Temps Gingerbread houses !

From Dianne's Dishes blog

If you follow me on Twitter or FaceBook you've probably figured out I'm a HUGE fan of the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I like the show ok too for the most part, but we won't get in to my issues about the show here. If you're really interested you can peruse the Musings category over at Daffodil Lane and see my thoughts on that subject, but the books are definitely my first love when it comes to this set of characters.

I also should tell you I'm firmly on Team Eric. I was from the very first book. My first thoughts when Eric came on the page were "Why the heck isn't Sookie with him?" Bill is ok and he has grown on me, but I just don't care for him with Sookie. I keep hoping he'll find a nice girl elsewhere, but sadly my wants and desires aren't figured in to the story! ;oP The little tidbit of my preference for Eric will become important in a moment when I explain my choice in gingerbread houses.

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True Blood Minisode 6: Jason

True Blood Season 3 looks promising !

Our friend , Meredith at i09 finds some goodies from last night

What did you think? Did you see our main vampire lady Pam getting strung up by the magistrate? I swear, if he hurts her before she gets to have a lesbian vampire sex scene, there will be hell to pay.

Meanwhile, last night HBO hosted a little panel with Alexander Skarsgård (Eric), Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica), Anna Paquin (Sookie), Stephen Moyer (Bill), Sam Trammell (Sam), Ryan Kwanten (Jason), Rutina Wesley (Tara) and showrunner Alan Ball. Here's what we learned:

The werewolves actually transform into real wolves. Which means the cast had to act with actual wolves, not that twilight were-puppy nonsense. Turns out filming with actual wolves is terrifying.

There are all types of wolves on set — real wolves and wolf hybrids. But they were all pretty terrifying and kept at arms lengths from the actors. In one scene Brit Morgan — Lacey from The Middleman — who plays the crazy ex-girlfriend, Debbie Pelt, of one of the new werewolf characters almost got bitten by one of the wolves. But it wasn't that big of a deal, apparently they were feeding off her energy while she was getting ramped up to kick in a door on set.

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#TrueBlood / Sookie Trivia Contest with Dallas: Questions # 1 & 2

I always countdown the last days before True Blood season starts by doing a nightly trivia game on Twitter, please follow @TrueBloodDallas. Last night's questions from Club Dead the Sookie book True Blood Season 3 will be based were:

Questions asked so far:

What car repair ( new part) did Sookie just have replaced in her car ? Bonus* what's the name of the mechanic who fixed her car ?

What kind of tattooing does Chow have and what is the color of it ?

What are the three rules posted on the wall of Club Dead ?

What board game do Sookie & Alcide play ? What was the score ?

Email me your answers

Email: "Dallas" @ True Blood in Dallas with "Trivia " in the subject area ! Or tweet me @TrueBloodDallas !
Need I say, there will be prizes!

True Blood Dallas contest : Name the next Sookie book added prizes ( including signed Charlaine Harris bookplate) #TrueBlood

**The suggestions are SOOO good ( I hope Charlaine is listening!) I'm adding more prizes!!! I'm going to add stuff from my #UltimateTruebie goodie bag from the event last night AND I'm adding a signed Charlaine Harris bookplate!

We know the title of the next Sookie Stackhouse book by Charlaine Harris will have the word " dead "in it, based on the way "Dead in the Family" ended what do you think the title of the next books will be ?

You can enter by posting in the comments your best guess at the title. Winners will be chosen by a fangtastic panel of experts !

The winner receives the TruBlood Party Pack 1) 4 pack of Tru Blood, (1) poster, (2) cocktail menus, and (25) branded Tru Blood cocktail napkins. How fun will that be to have for your watching party ?

Just post your best idea and watch the blog on Thursday for winner announcements !

True Blood’s Rutina Wesley: Season 3 Is ‘Very Action-Packed’

After just two seasons, True Blood has drawn millions of viewers and made stars of its colorful cast of human and not-quite-human characters. And now the HBO hit is back, with brand-new episodes premiering June 13.

Rutina Wesley plays Tara Thornton, the quick-tempered, defensive best friend of the show’s heroine, Sookie Stackhouse. The actress talked to about Tara’s trademark tough exterior, the surprises that lay in store for fans and what she thinks about the headline-making romance between co-stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer.

Does Tara feel left out of the supernatural powers club?
“Absolutely not. She loves being human. I think she’s like, ‘WTF? What is going on?’ I think Tara is the truth, I think she’s the truth factor in True Blood. She sees everything like it is, she tells it like it is. And I enjoy playing a human being thrust into this world. It’s great. It creates a lot of drama, because it’s like How do the humans feel about this? If vampires and werewolves were walking around today, there would be chaos. People would be losing their minds.”

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Vampire Book Anita Blake, Interview, Vampires Hunter author Laurell K. Hamilton

Almost two decades after her first appearance in Guilty Pleasures, Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter returns with her 19th adventure. Out today, Bullet brings back characters from the past, as well as the usual intrigue. Author Laurell K. Hamilton spoke with EW about the music that helps her write (it’s hardcore!), what she hears from fans on the road, and how Anita became a role model.

Can you give fans a little teaser about the new book?
I’m so bad at this! I don’t want to give anything away. This is the book in many ways which some of the fans have been waiting for. When I came to this book, I’d been making notes on it for a while, some of this plot. One of the things that really helped me come up with it is the fans wanted to know certain things. They wanted to know where Monica Vespucci, who was in the first book, went. Where did she go? What happened to her baby? They wanted to have Asher have a relationship. Is such and such going to date? Leave town? They had all these questions that I never seemed to have time to put onstage. This is the book where I answer a lot of these questions. I bring everybody out and we take a deep breath. In the beginning of the book Anita is actually not solving a crime; she’s trying to have a quote unquote normal life.

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Vampire Books: Literary Novelist Turns to Vampires and Finds Pot of Gold

Justin Cronin is the author of an epic, multimillion-dollar, 766-page novel that stars bloodthirsty creatures that run in packs and savagely kill people at night. And he’s planning to turn it into a trilogy.

So he is prepared for the inevitable comparisons — another vampire book? — that could accompany the publication on Tuesday of “The Passage,” the sprawling saga of a girl named Amy who is one of the victims of a covert military experiment that went horribly awry and its bloody aftermath.

“I have not read ‘Twilight,’ ” Mr. Cronin, 47, said of the Stephenie Meyer book that kick-started the recent public obsession with the paranormal, adding that he was reared on vampire comics, the 1960s television soap opera “Dark Shadows” and the 1931 film version of “Dracula,” with Bela Lugosi. “My relationship to vampire material definitely predates the recent renaissance.”

But if “The Passage” shares anything else with “Twilight,” it may be pure commercial frenzy. In the publishing industry, “The Passage” has been hyped as one of the hottest books of the summer. At the annual book industry convention in New York last week, it was advertised on a banner roughly the size of a city bus, hanging from the ceiling in the vast convention hall. For those attending, 13,000 name tags were emblazoned with the title and a spooky image of a dark, empty forest that is also on the cover of the book.

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Chad Batka for The New York Times

#UltimateTruebie Event - Dallas review and Video

The event was great, the theater was full and the fans seemed to love everything they saw.

There were lots of freebies including free soft drinks and a True Blood backpack goodie bag!

My favorite t shirt from last night " Forgive Bill"

True Blood Season 3 Ultimate Fan Experience trailer [HD]">True Blood Season 3 Ultimate Fan Experience trailer

part 1

part 2

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Diary of Jane

"Diary of Jane"
Thanks, Nik4747