Thursday, November 12, 2009

‘True Blood’ Vamp Stephen Moyer Wants You To Get Excited About Recycling

True Blood’s Stephen Moyer may play a vampire with a thirst for the red stuff, but in real life the 40-year-old says its going green that we should be getting excited about.

Moyer recently sat down with the New Zealand Herald to talk about his new network mini-series Ice — which takes place in the year 2020 as the world is being ravaged by the effects of climate change and the dawn of a new ice age. Picture New York City being threatened by massive icebergs and you get the picture. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Has playing this part altered your views of climate change at all?
I’ve been aware of it for quite a long time. Once you’ve got children you start thinking about what they’re going to live with, and their children once you’ve gone, and so I suppose, if anything, it’s just cemented my views in looking after everything.

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'True Blood' blood drive in Orlando!

ORLANDO, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) - What does vampire blood from the HBO series True Blood have in common with blood donations? They both save lives. And so can your donations!

Join stars from the popular series as they officially kick-off the event Friday at 2pm! And then join hundreds of fans in giving true blood donations during the three-day Eyecon Convention!

Florida Hotel, Florida Mall 8001 S. Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL

Friday, Nov. 13 12noon-6pm
Saturday, Nov. 14 10am-6pm
Sunday, Nov. 15 12noon-6pm

During this three-day convention blood donor registrants will be given a commemorative Tru:Blood t-shirt, referring to the Tru Blood beverage which vampires drink as a substitute for human blood. Each shirt can be autographed by the shows stars!

Blood donations help save the lives of trauma patients, premature babies, cancer patients and people needing surgery. Every donation benefits someone in our community. Anyone who is eligible to donate is encouraged to call 1-888-9DONATE for questions about donating blood. Donors can be as young as 16 and should weigh at least 102 pounds. There is no upper age limit.

HBO monthly guide (printable pdf)


True Blood Jewelry 10% discount

Recorded Book's first ever iphone audio book : Dead and Gone, of course !

Recorded Books is happy to announce that we've just released another way for you to listen. If you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, you can now go the App Store and download an app that’ll let you listen to an entire audiobook right on your device. Now you can have instant access to your favorite audiobooks when you’re on the go, and the first chapter even downloads bundled with the app.

Our first title available is Charlaine Harris’ Dead and Gone, but there are more titles coming soon. You can check out details of the app at thefollowing link, and as always, we welcome your feedback!

The end for AS in Zoolander ?

Vampire Myths: How the Big 3 Stack Up

From BuzzSugar

New Moon is steadily approaching amid a vampire trend that's hotter than ever. In addition to the Twilight gang, The Vampire Diaries keeps getting better, and True Blood just wrapped its second amazing season.

I love all three, and have been thinking lately about how they each regard classic vampire mythology, from garlic, to crucifixes, to vampire transitions. Take a look at how they compare. HERE

Q&A: True Blood's Lafayette speaks!

From Digital Spy

Yesterday we checked in with Sam Trammell and today we'reharassing having a nice chat with yet another star of True Blood. Step forward Nelsan Ellis, who plays Bon Temps' flamboyant and feisty chef-cum-dodgy-dealer Lafayette. Armed with our patented True Blood season three scooping devices, we caught up with Nelsan at the recent MCM Expoconvention in London to find out what we could.

Are you hoping Lafayette has a bigger role in season three? He seemed to be a bit on the backburner in season two...
"Yeah, I was! In the book, you had this whole world of Vampire Russell, the King of Mississippi, and I'm hoping I could be in that world. You know, Vampire Russell is gay too, so... hopefully they'll put me in there. But yeah, I was a little bit slighted being on the backburner this season."

Is there any chance of a love interest for Lafayette?
"Yes, there's talk. I don't want a love interest though, because I think Lafayette doesn't have time! He has his businesses to deal with. Plus, it would take a special creature to pin him down."

What about Eric? He's been having sexual dreams about him and that would be a hot story!
"Hahahah! I would love for Eric and Lafayette to get their thing on!"
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True Blood: Killer Accessories

Killer Accessories

When jewelry designer Udi Behr created a collection inspired by 'True Blood,' he wanted to keep the line vampire-friendly, which meant a certain shiny metal was to be avoided ... But as his work progressed, he realized a compromise was in order: "The rings are silver, and the earrings are silver. But there are people who want to protect themselves from vampires, too. Not all vampires are great. But, on a serious note, it's hard to manipulate stainless steel in rings, so all the rings and earrings are silver, and all the chains are stainless steel or leather."


True Blood Music Video of the Day: 9 Crimes by Damien Rice

9 Crimes by Damien Rice LYRICS

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