Saturday, May 29, 2010

True Blood Fan Art : From Sam to Dean !

This made me smile...very cute


True Blood: Sam by *Nine-Tailed-Fox on deviantART

True Blood's Joe " Alcide " Manganiello is Not Your Average Joe

Vampire and werewolf drama "True Blood," HBO's Golden Globe- and Emmy award-winning series, has added some new blood to its cast: Mount Lebanon native—and diehard Pittsburgh Steelers fan—Joe Manganiello, who admits to bleeding a bit of black and gold.

He’s tall (6 feet 5 inches), dark (his jet-black locks have a touch of salt and pepper perfectly accentuating his temple region) and handsome (… and chiseled …and fit). Joe Manganiello also is smart (he has a bachelor’s from Carnegie Mellon University), and he gives back to the community (he supports Until There’s a Cure, a national organization dedicated to eradicating HIV/AIDS by raising awareness and funds through his public service announcements). Add that all up, and you’ll have no problem figuring out why this man is such a hot commodity.

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Gratuitous naked butt photo Alexander ( Eric Northman) Skarsgard #trueblood

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True Blood's Carrie " Arlene " Preston Eases Fans’ Fears About Season 3 Overcrowded Cast

When HBO’s ‘True Blood‘ lets rip with its third season on June 13, viewers should brace for quite the influx of new blood.

The new faces include the werewolf Alcide, to be played by Joe Manganiello (’One Tree Hill’), and his psycho ex, Debbie Pelt (Brittany Morgan, ‘The Middleman’. On the family front, we’ll meet Sam’s mother (J. Smith-Cameron) and younger brother (Marshall Allman, ‘Prison Break’), and reconnect with Bill’s Civil War-era wife, Caroline (recast with Shannon Lucio, ‘Prison Break’).

Colorful newcomers include The King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington (played by Tony winner Denis O’Hare); Sookie’s fairy godmother, Claudine (Lara Pulver, ‘Robin Hood’); Tara’s overprotective beau, Franklin Mott (James Frain, ‘The Tudors’); and Lafayette’s new love interest (Kevin Alejandro, ‘Southland’).

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Pam Sexy Naughty Bitchy

Pam Sexy Naughty Bitchy