Saturday, March 6, 2010

Eric Northman's Dad is cast

It's Hans Tester

[ULFRICK]In his 40s to 50s.. warm, a battle-scarred Swedish Viking king, he is Eric’s (Alex Skarsgård) father, seen in a flashback to 900 A.D. Though they have a good relationship, there is some tension between father and son, because Ulfrick wants Eric to learn responsibility and behave in a manner befitting royalty…GUEST STAR

You might recognize him here are some of his past roles

Alexander Skarsgard is LA Times' Millennium Man

Alexander Skarsgard is heralded as the “Millennium Man” in the latest issue of the LA Times Magazine.

The 33-year-old True Blood actor talked about his ego-free personality. He shared, “I’m not a ‘Hollywood’ actor. I am a social guy, but I’m not one of those actors who will show up to a shoot with 15 agents and managers and publicists. An entourage like that just makes me uncomfortable.”

Watch the video below of Alex talking about growing into his own skin as an actor. And read the full interview at!

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Sweet Emotion

Sweet Emotion