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True Blood Season 3: Sookie's kind of fairies are fierce, powerful and primal creatures

True Blood creator, Alan Ball, has revealed that several guest stars will return for the show’s third season, including Evan Rachel Wood as vampire Queen of Louisiana.

“The Queen is coming back,” Ball told The TV Guide. “Godric is coming back for an appearance, a flashback. There’s some new vampires in town, there are some werewolves. We do have a lot of werewolves coming in, male and female, but we haven’t started casting for the show yet.The new season will also explore Sookie’s identity and powers more deeply.

“Sookie still doesn’t know exactly what she is. She will get closer to figuring out why she has these random powers that show up when they do.

“She is definitely part of a different race. In terms of fairies, like perky fairies with wings, like Tinkerbell, no, they’re not like that. If it is fairies, they’re fierce. They’re not pretty, soft, glamorous, gossamery things. They’re really, really, really powerful and primal creatures.”

New Stephen Moyer photos

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Stephen Moyer on Bill's hair

Real-Life Romances On The Big Screen

Great article with Youtube clips of other actor couples from Cinematical

It's not that strange for two people who work together to fall in love, but it does seem to happen an awful lot in Hollywood (although to be fair, most of us don't spend our days rolling around half-naked with our co-workers). So even though it might be easy to fall in love at work, it isn't as easy for a couple to stay in love once they're spending every waking moment together -- and the latest celebrity couple who will put my theory to the test is Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer (better known as Sookie and Vampire Bill) from HBO's True Blood. The two fell in love (and got engaged) while working on the vampire soap, and now they're heading back to work together in the thriller, Open House.

According to IMDB, the story will center on a couple whose marriage is on the rocks, and are trying to offload their palatial home during a weekend 'open house'. But, things start to get a little weird when it turns out one of the potential buyers never left. The film was written by Paquin's brother Andrew (who will be making his directorial debut), and the cast will include Tricia Helfer (BSG), Rachel Blanchard (Spread), and Brian Geraghty (The Hurt Locker) in unspecified roles while the True Blood stars will play the married couple.

Moyer and Paquin aren't the first real-life couple who like to work together, and over the years plenty of Hollywood power couples have tried and failed to translate that relationship onto the big screen. After the jump: some other famous real-life couples on the big screen...

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Vampire popularity blamed on young women wanting to have sex with gay men

From EW and check out that Damon ( from Vampire Diaries) made the photo

has an interesting theory about the success of Twilight, HBO’s True Blood, and The CW’s Vampire Diaries: “Vampires have overwhelmed pop culture because young straight women want to have sex with gay men,” Stephen Marche writes. “Not all young straight women, of course, but many, if not most, of them.” Among his support statements, the following analysis of Twilight’s Edward: “[He's] a sweet, screwed-up high school kid, and at the beginning of his relationship with Bella, she is attracted to him because he is strange, beautiful, and seemingly repulsed by her. This exact scenario happened several times in my high school between straight girls and gay guys who either hadn’t figured out they were gay or were still in the closet.” Had Marche wanted to, he also could’ve pointed out that on True Blood, telepathic Sookie can only be intimate with a man (Vampire Bill) whose lustful thoughts she cannot hear, and on Vampire Diaries, Elena knows that Stefan has been hiding who he truly is, that he’d sworn off women for quite a while, and that he cooks and journals. (Marche could also have mentioned that True Blood’s Eric gets his hair highlighted and enjoys solo candlelight baths, for that matter.)

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True Blood Church Lady Praying For a Hit

Though she was last seen testifying on TRUE BLOOD as a wannabe Tammy Faye Bakker, Kelli Maroney is best known as the 1980s scream queen who starred in Chopping Mall, Slayground and countless other similarly-titled B-movie thrillers. So maybe it makes sense that she’s now hoping to capitalize on her infamy in that genre with her participation in “Homecoming Queen at the End of the World,” the new Halloween single by one of the few rock bands that’ll leave you rolling on the floor laughing – New Orleans’ humbly named Consortium of Genius (think Dr. Horrible only louder and horrible-er).

“When I got into this business, I wanted to be Meryl Streep,” the Night of the Comet cheerleader — who landed on the cover of People magazine thanks to her role as devilsh drama queen Kimberly on RYAN’S HOPE back in 1980 ” admits to The TV Addict, “but I kept ending up in these campy films! It’s been a comedy of errors. But it’s okay. I’m having way more fun than I was planning on originally. This song was a huge hoot, and it makes me want to do more.”

Which is music to the ears of the C.O.G. “[Her meltdown monologue] really made the song complete,” says the group’s leader, mad scientist Dr. Milo Pinkerton III. “And given our longstanding connection with horror topics and legends [Crescent City freakshow host Morgus the Magnificent contributed to the 2006 track 'Science Fight'], it seemed like a perfect match!”

So do Maroney and The C.O.G. have on their hands the kind of “Monster Mash” that will gain them admittance to The Evil League of Evil? Click here to be transported to iTunes, have a listen — with the lights on, natch! — and judge for yourself!

I wrote about Kelli last year HERE

True Blood Tidbits: What's Ahead For the People of Bon Temps?

From TV Guide

True Blood's Season 3 won't return until next summer, but we can still bring you the scoop on what's happening when the HBO series returns. "It's a crazy season," executive producer Alan Ball tells "It picks up right where we left off and things get weird really fast."

True Blood executive producer: Someone will die

As Ball already spilled, someone is going to die and we'll be pretty happy about it. Find out what else he teases, including the juicy relationship between Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) and Sookie (Anna Paquin), and the addition of some new characters. Also, get a few extra tidbits from your favorite shaggy dog, star Sam Trammell.

Theme of Season 3: "It seems to be that it's about really embracing one's identity," Ball tells us. "Season 2 was more about how religions can make people do things that maybe they wouldn't do otherwise; it gives them the freedom to do things. This season is a lot about what it means to be who you are, or what you are."

Sookie's background: "Sookie still doesn't know exactly what she is. She will get closer to figuring out why she has these random powers that show up when they do," says Ball. (Spoiler alert: In the books, Sookie discovers she has fairy blood running in her.) "She is definitely part of a different race," adds Ball. "In terms of fairies, like perky fairies with wings, like Tinkerbell, no, they're not like that. If it is fairies, they're fierce. They're not pretty, soft, glamorous, gossamery things. They're really, really, really powerful and primal creatures."

Mega Buzz: When will we find out who took Bill on True Blood?

Sookie and Eric: Sookie's been seeing visions of her and Eric getting — ahem — friendly. Will their romance actually progress, not just in her head? "I can definitely tell you [we'll see that] in the show. I don't know if it will necessarily be in Season 3. Of course they're going to come together, it's fated. It's not something that's going to happen right off the bat."

Sam's real family: "There's some new shape-shifters who may be Sam's biological family," teases Ball. Adds Trammell, "As I understand it, I'm going to be trying to find my biological family, who put me up for adoption or abandoned me. I have a feeling they're going to be very creepy, sketchy, weird, shape-shiftery weirdos. They're going to be bad news."

Sam's love life: "Can he ever trust a woman again? I don't know if he can, so he may have to just turn into an animal, stay an animal and seek love that way," jokes Trammell. "I hope he does, in all seriousness, but it could take a season or two for him to build up that confidence again."

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Who's coming back? "The Queen is coming back," Ball reveals. "Godric is coming back for an appearance, a flashback. There's some new vampires in town, there are some werewolves. We do have a lot of werewolves coming in, male and female, but we haven't started casting for the show yet."

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