Monday, May 25, 2009

You can easily buy your own copy of the HBO emmy campaign box on Ebay

The HBO's Emmy campaign box, which includes 2 episodes of True Blood: Episode 1.05 Sparks Fly out and Episode 1.09 Plaisir d'Amour has been on sale on Ebay for the last week or so...

this one is listing for $ 12.90 right now

Here is the whole HBO emmy box with 25 dvds

Loving True Blood in Dallas Blogtalk Bill Compton what we need to know ! ( Episode 24)

Join us TONIGHT for the Bill Compton show on Blogtalk Radio...

We are joined by Bill fans from the HBO wiki , the HBO Forum and True Blood IMDb..for laughs and discussion.

Where is the Bill character as we find him at the beginning of True Blood Season 2 ?

Where is the Bill character as we find him at the end of Book 9, Dead and Gone ? I'll also test them a little with Bill trivia.

Our brand new amazing chatroom opens at 8:45 show at 9:00. We want to hear from you too!

Eric fans welcome !

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HBO and Gawker viral campaign for ‘True Blood’ causes upset

On 05.25.09, In TV, by Paul Larn

A viral campaign to promote the HBO TV series ‘True Blood’ recently drew criticism from The Business Insider, who say there were tricked into running a false story about GAWKER acquiring a fictional blogging site from the ‘True Blood’ universe. Full details and after the break…

Business Insider is more than a little upset with HBO, Gawker and marketing firm CampfireNYC who were running this admittedly clever viral campaign to promote the television show “True Blood”.

A few days ago, The Business Insider received an e-mail announcing that “Gawker” had acquired the blogging website and that it would be a new addition to their network. The e-mail was an invitation to an event to celebrate the faux deal, in which guests are advised that “True Blood” (the ficitional synthetic blood from the show) would be served, and a request that guests “kindly refrain from wearing silver jewelry”. TBI then went on and reported the story - shortly thereafter being advised that the website was indeed a fake and that Gawker were in partnership in HBO with promoting the show.

Now, to us who aware of True Blood, it may seem ridiculous that TBI fell for this in the first place - but they seem to be most upset with the fact that there was no clear indication or disclosure in the privacy/terms on the website that it was a viral campaign or was owned by HBO, etc. (this is usually the case).

This incident does raise some interesting questions though - are there, or should there be any ethics guidelines when dealing with Viral marketing? We often report on information sent to us via press release, so in a different scenario we may well have fallen for the same trick, especially as it was created in partnership with such a recognizable brand name as “Gawker”. And how much research is enough before reporting on such press releases? Still, this is a pretty big one to get caught up in.

Anyhow, we kind of take cruel enjoyment from the whole thing being “True Blood” junkies ourselves, and there was ultimately no real harm caused in the incident.

Head on over to The Business Insider for more detailed information on the incident.

True Blood Season 2 and Michael Papajohn

From Michale Papajohn interview

And, being a huge True Blood fan, I have to ask you about getting a part in that HBO series. Are you playing a vampire?
Michael Papajohn: "I do not die."

Michael Papajohn: "What I can say is my wife treats me totally different now, she loves the show so much. A real quick story, my wife, she locks the door – 'Watch the baby, True Blood's on.' You know, I love the show, I watch it [on Tivo] but my wife watches it when it comes on that night. So when I got the audition, she was giving me notes while I was running lines with her. She's not an actress, which is really refreshing for me, but I run lines with her all the time. But this time she's like, 'No, no, no, Michael. You're playing it all wrong. You're playing it way too fast. You've got to watch the show; they play things slower.' I said, 'Paula, I'm just running lines with you,' and she goes, 'But your accent's not even there.'"

"It was hilarious. And then right before I went out to go on my audition, she goes, 'You have to get this. Now how can I go to the set with you?' Now she's figuring out how she could go to the set."

"But no, it was cool. We went in the audition room to read for Alan Ball and you know the projects that he's been involved with. Working on it, in my experience you walk on a set - even if it's television - you kind of get a vibe of how the crew is and the actors with the crew. You can see why that show is so successful, because the collaboration with everyone and the energy on the set was amazing."

Alexander Skarsgard and Carrie Preston couldn't say enough good things about the production in our interviews.
Michael Papajohn: "Well I actually got to work with him. Everyone was awesome. And I can tell you I don't die."

How many episodes will you be in?
Michael Papajohn: "I don't know. Who knows? They may have me back. That show can turn any moment. I can see watching it how anything can happen and anything can become anything."

And characters you don't know are going to become big can become big all of a sudden. It's an interesting show.
Michael Papajohn: "My wife has been telling me for a year, 'Michael, you have to get on that show,' for a whole year. But I didn’t know it was about her wanting to meet all those good-looking vampires. [Laughing] She loves those vampires. I thought it was more about me and my career... She has an ulterior motive. I found that out later."

Was the set as interesting to be on as it looks? It looks like they're actually filming in Louisiana.
Michael Papajohn: "Well they do go to Louisiana to film but the majority of True Blood is filmed in LA and the set that they picked was, when I was working, was a cemetery. It was a really cool church that they picked, a great location for the scenes we did. [It was] a really cool cemetery outside of LA. I mean I drove up and the sun was going down and I was like, 'Well the vampires are coming out tonight.' What a set. I'm parking my car in the middle of the cemetery and it kind of felt too real. I was like, 'No acting required,' you know? I'm looking over my shoulder with my bag, waiting, just hoping for the van to come pick me up."

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Bon Temps bumperstickers

On a shapeshifter's car: "This vehicle protected by a collie. No, wait, by a doberman. No, wait..."

Sookie's: "I'M NOT PSYCHIC!"

True Blood Music Video of the Day:Just Dance by Lady Gaga

Just Dance by Lady Gaga ~ FANGTASIA True Blood Tribute LYRICS

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