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True Blood Season 2 spoilers

From eonline

Eileen in Menlo Park, Calif.: Spill me some news on True Blood, especially about that gorgeous Jason Stackhouse.
True Blood star Ryan Kwanten tells us that Jason and his sister, Sookie, won't be separated forever: "There will be [a reunion between the Stackhouse siblings] and quite an electric one, too, where we gang up for the greater good."

Tim in Sarasota Springs, Fla.: When do we finally get to see this badass vampire Godric on True Blood?
We've been waiting patiently for this mysterious vampire-of-all-vampires too, and the wait is almost over. Godric (Allan Hyde) pops up in the July 19 episode, along with his lieutenants Stan (Eureka's Ed Quinn) and Isabel (Valerie Cruz). Valerie tells us, "Isabel runs with the Dallas vampires, but she kind of becomes friends with both Bill and Eric. And she likes Sookie. [Isabel] has a penchant for humans, and she's sensitive to this love story they have."

Lee in Terre Haute, Ind.: I need some True Blood info!
Carrie Preston, who plays Arlene, says, "The second-season finale is only two weeks after the end of the first season. Things get crazy in Bon Temps, Louisiana, I'll tell you that." Wait, Arlene doesn't die, does she? "Not so far!"

True Blood and Sam's 'Boggy Bayou Mullet ' tshirt

Thanks so much to Lisa W

I have written about past True Blood t-shirts here

In S2 Episode #3 Scratch My Back, Sam is wearing a t-shirt that says "Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival" - That is a real festival held in Niceville, FL all based around a brackish water fish called a "mullet". It's not about the haircut. That's a real shirt -- I lived in that area for nearly 40 Years (now in Colorado).

Here's a link to the festival web site:

Spooky chic :Vampire mania is taking the fashion scene by storm

THE symptoms are unnerving: a taste for fresh meat — rare, if you please; an aversion to sunlight; and a passion for spectral-looking, fine-boned rakes. All are indications that the sufferer has been bitten by the vampire bug.

Sookie Stackhouse, the feisty young heroine of HBO’s True Blood, risks doom whenever she visits with her otherworldly beau. And Oskar, the adolescent misfit of the Swedish art film Let the Right One In, a favourite in fashion circles, courts extinction each time he ventures out with Eli, the eerily ageless shape-shifter he befriends.

Sookie and Oskar are in the throes of vampire lust, a pop-culture contagion being spread via television, films and fiction. What began with the Twilight Saga, the luridly romantic young-adult series by Stephenie Meyer, followed by Twilight, the movie, has become a pandemic of unholy proportions.

Is it a wonder?
Rarely have monsters looked so sultry — or so camera-ready. No small part of this latest vampire mania seems to stem from the ethereal cool and youthful sexiness with which the demons are portrayed. Bela Lugosi they are not.

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'True Blood': You Ask, I Answer on Lafayette's fate, 'True' love lives & more

HBO staked us with a "True Blood" rerun last night. No good. But today, I'm answering a few of your "TB" questions to keep you satiated 'til next Sunday...

Any scoop on summer scripted shows like "True Blood"? They seem to be dragging out Lafayette's fate. I guess the next episode we get somewhere finally? -kellek
Um, sort of. Seems to me Lafayette wasn't made a Vampire, since he will end up drinking Eric's blood in order to heal his wounds... but I'm still not super clear on the whole Vampire deal. Do Vamp's ever suck on each other for strength? What I know for sure is that Eric's blood brings our boy Lafayette back to fighting form. We'll see the happy-go-lucky guy we loved last season once again.

What's up with Eggs and Tara? Is it over? -Kate
Ha, oh hells no.
From Korbi

I love the idea of Hoyt and Jessica on "True Blood"! -P
Hoyt loves the idea too. Jessica's into it as well, but I don't think she's exactly a one man kind of vampiress... not just yet anyway.

Am I imagining the overwhelming sexual tension between Jason Stackhouse and the preacher's wife on "True Blood"? Is something going to happen with that? -Maria
No to the former. Yes to the latter. Keep watching, you're not waiting for nothing.

Sookie and Eric! Is Alan Ball going to completely ignore that storyline from the book series? -Paula
Nope. When I spoke to Stephen Moyer about what's coming up with S&E, he got a little jealous. I think he was joking... for the most part.

I read on Twitter that you weren't a big fan of last week's "True Blood" episode. It was a little disappointing compared to the first two. -Jan
No worries, they step it back up this coming Sunday...

Psyched for what's on tap? Anything specific you're hoping to see this season?

Oh, I keep forgetting to show you guys a photo of the SAG Foundation's "True Blood" event with Stephen Moyer, which I moderated a couple weeks ago. Great guy. Anna Paquin's a lucky girl. He looks hot with a little color in his face, no?

One Thing Vampires and Humans Can Agree on: Synthetic Blood Would Be Great

From Discover magazine blog

Everyone is enjoying their summer run of HBO’s True Blood, yes? Our team of brooding vampires and charming Louisianans seem to be up to their usual high jinks. For those not into the show, it’s premised on the invention of TruBlood, a synthetic human blood substitute. A few years before the show begins, the Japanese have invented the stuff, and for the first time, vampires can subsist without killing people. They decide that now is the time to come out of the coffin—err, closet—and go mainstream.

But producing synthetic human blood has been a grail of sorts of the medical profession for decades. Imagine, no more public-service messages on the radio, begging for donations, no more blood donor trucks. If synthetic blood came into being, there would be no more searching for exact blood types, or fear of contracting blood-born diseases from transfusions. Heck, the entire blood-for-cookie market would collapse, and I mean that in the best way possible. And it may actually happen, possibly within the next few years.

Last year, scientists working for Advanced Cell Technology (ACT) published results in the journal Blood that showed they could produce functioning, oxygen-carrying red blood cells from stem cells. By selecting stem cells from embryos that produce O-negative blood (universal donor), ACT could theoretically produce synthetic blood that anyone could receive.

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Set-Design Drool: True Blood

from morewaystowastetime blog

Are y'all watching True Blood on HBO? I can't get enough of this soapy, Southern-fried vampire series.

In fact, I'm a sucker -- so to speak -- for pretty much any well-done, intelligent vampire tale. Unlike seemingly half of the adult female population, though, I'm utterly immune to the supposed charms of the Twilight saga and its sparkling (non)bloodsuckers. I like my vampire fables complete with sex and blood, thank you very much. (As for what's behind our collective obsession with the undead, this recent New York Times article attempts to psychoanalyze the fang fixation.)

Anyway, there is plenty of sex and blood in Bon Temps, Louisiana -- the fictional setting for the show, which centers around clairvoyant barmaid Sookie Stackhouse; her 170-year-old vampire boyfriend, Bill Compton; Bill's newly undead "daughter," Jessica; shape-shifting roadhouse proprietor Sam; Sookie's formerly demon-possessed BFF, Tara; mysterious Maenad Maryann; vampire head honcho Eric and his tart-tongued sidekick, Pam; gay and fierce short-order cook, hustler, porn-site entrepreneur, and erstwhile drug dealer Lafayette; Sookie's dumb but sexy brother, Jason; and a collection of other odd -- and often oddly lovable -- characters.

Of course, being the design geek that I am, I'm nearly as fascinated by the physical spaces the show's characters inhabit as I am the steamy storylines they become entangled in. Let's take a little tour, shall we? (Warning: Mild spoilers ahead.)


True Blood Music Video of the Day: Never Say Never by The Fray

Never Say Never by The Fray LYRICS

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