Wednesday, November 25, 2009

100 Free Audio Books You Should Have Read By Now

Carol sends us this fabulous list- if you aren't watching the parades you can listen to one of these while you chop onions at 6 am getting that bird in the oven tomorrow morning.

100 Free Audio Books You Should Have Read By Now

With so much school work to do, it may seem impossible to get any extra reading in, but luckily, there are free audio books available to help you out. Whether you need to catch up on reading that you skipped over in high school or would enjoy expanding your horizons with books you haven’t read but feel you should have, download these books and listen any time.


A Look at Werewolves from WOLF MAN to NEW MOON

From Salon Magazine- it's great that everyone will be ready for Alcide!

My wife and I went to see New Moon yesterday and we both enjoyed the blockbuster sequel to Twilight. It's good to finally see some werewolves getting screen time next to those ubiquitous vampires.

The werewolf has been a popular monster in movies and television for generations. Some look like humans in shape, walking upright and maintaining mostly human faces, while others (like the design from New Moon, seen above) look more like the real animal (in New Moon's case, jumbo-sized.)

Here's a look at some of the werewolves from TV and movie history that I particularly enjoyed.

Happy Birthday to Charlaine Harris and Bill Compton !

Happy Birthday!! We know Charlaine uses names in her books from real- life friends and family members but did you know she always gives the characters in her Sookie novels the same birthdays as family members in her own family?

She decided to share her birthday with the Bill!

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Perfect Day by Lou Reed

Q- Dallas , why do you start every single day with a True Blood Video ?

A- Because everyday Dallas recognizes talented , dedicated fans of True Blood. All the videos aren't top notch and many are the first attempts at video editing but ALL of them take hours and hours of work and I appreciate that and appreciate the fans that make and share them ....we are coming up on a very special anniversary in a few weeks 1 year ( 365 days) of posting a new video every single day !

They are all here

Perfect Day by Lou Reed

Thanks, SanskuRas